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Date: Sun, 19 Dec 99 01:25:21

Mr. Web Review interviews porn director Nicky Starks

How long have you been in the biz? What got you started?

I've actually been in the biz about 8 to 9 years off and on the first couple. I got started at a company K-Beech Video now known as Midnight Video.

I sold B-Movies and some adult movies over the phone. I liked selling the porn but not the B-Movies so I asked the owner, Kevin Beech, if I could move up in his business or did he know any all adult companies who needed someone.

He got me another job in the warehouse of Sin City when they were just starting, about a year old.

After about a year in there warehouse I showed so much interest in learning the other parts of the business that is was only a matter of time till I was running the post-production and publicity.

>From there I met Patrick when he still worked at Evil Angel. I became his personal assistant. He soon decided to leave Evil to take Elegant on his own. It was Patrick Collins, Micheal Kates, Nicky Starks and a guy named Ken Delucia and we all did everything we could to make Elegant Angel a success.

After we got Tom Byron rolling and Rob Black came into the picture we were on top of the game the onlt thing missing was the exact thing I had been talking about since my days at Sin City.

A all-black video line with a hip hop edge. After alot of convincing, I talked Patrick into giving me a shot at filming what I was talking about so I could show him awhat I was talking about. The first scene I shot was Chastity in my recording studio for Sugarwalls #1 from there it's history. I started my own company "DARKSIDE ENTERTAINMENT" and I never stopped filming as long as I had girls who wanted to be shot.

Ever been in front of the camera?

The only times I've been in front of the camera with my dick out, you can't see my face. Like in Bombass Pussy #1 and #2 I did first person scenes and I did a lot of blowjob scenes for a line we had at Elegant Angel called Interracial Fellatio.

What got you into the sistas over at Elegant Angel? Do you think black porn has a seriously profitable future or do you think it's just a niche "different" kind of thing right now?

The reason I got into the sistas over at Elegant was because thats what I always watched as a fan, and I didn't see anyone doing the stuff I wanted to do with black girls. As far as black porn having a profitable future, I think it is safe to say that sex in general will always be profitable, now is just the beginning of black porn's turn in the business as the new thing, when everybody jumps off the bandwagon, the people who do it cause they love it will still be here making the good stuff.

What's behind your leave at EA? And it seems that your "Bomb" (Bomb Ass Pussy) and Sugar (Sugar Walls) are almost taking shots at their continuing series. Why did you name your new product the way you did?

The reason I let Elegant was simple. I was fired. After about 4 years of working with Patrick to build Elegant, he would not reason with me on some royalty type issues and instead of working it out, I guess he felt it better to fire me.

The simple reason I named my series "SUGAR" was not to take a shot at Elegant but to try to keep the fans aware of the series. When I was fired I had already shot Sugarwalls #11 and some new scenes for Just Don't Bite It so instead of calling my series something new like "Bootyfull Bottoms" or what ever I just called it "SUGAR" because that's how I always refered to the line when I spoke about it anyway.

Patrick actually told me when I left that he had no intention of continuing my series for at least a year or so and Dale Jordan was a friend of mine who looked me in the face and said "If Patrick asked me to do your series there's no way I will dog, me and you are homies and besides, I got no interest in sistas at all, why the would I do your shit anyway, I'd just be riding on your coat tails."

That was about a week before I found out Dale was in charge of shooting Sugarwalls now and they already had it on the schedule for release in a month and a half. I basically felt like I was robbed of my series over trivial money issues.

So it's not like I'm bitter with Patrick or Elegant but the simple reason I kept my first couple of lines close in name to the old one's was because I had already spent the money out of my pocket shooting these movies with the intention of releasing them on the old lines, so the if I tried to change the name and style too much, people wouldn't of known that it was still me and the product is the same. Does that make sense?

A lot of people ask me about Janet Jacme and you. they always say when is Starks gonna bring Jacme back? Any plans?

I would like to say I already have plans of bringing back Janet Jacme but I'm just like the rest of us, a fan hoping that she returns. I would love to do something with her, she was just getting out of the business when I started shooting so I missed my chance.

Speaking of starlets, who are your favorites to work with? Who do you think brings the most heat to the screen and why?

When it comes to favorites it's so hard to say. I'm the type of guy who likes a variety of things for a variety of reasons. I like Monique because of the heat she bring to a scene and also I think slim girls with a bubble butt are sexy.

On the other hand, I like thick sistas a lot so Champagne and Menage will always be favorites, But my favorite thing of all is the variety of new sistas out there now to shoot and see. We get it all, in Sugar #2 I have a girl named Kandi who is unbelievable. Cute as fuck with a great body and brings mad heat to her scene. So that's my favorite, new girls with a sexual attitude.

Who haven't you worked with that you want to work with now?

The only people out there that I've alway wanted to work with are Janet Jacme, Persia, Lana Sands, Purple Passion and Angel Kelly. Who do you think are just the hottest stars going right now, working for any director?

I'm not real up on on the hot stars out right now, since I shoot mostly new girls, I guess my choices would be Obsession, Midori and Cinnabunz.

Tell me who's work, porn or non-porn that you admire and why?

I really like how Tom Byron shoots his movies. He approaches it as a fan and you can't go wrong like that. I like some of Westcoast Prod. stuff, it's a little on the soft edge sometime but it's clean. Nate Woodburn's stuff is ok, you can tell he loves black women for real and that counts a lot.

I also like John Leslie and believe it or not Patrick Collins movies, they get into the mind a little and that's not easy to do in low-budget porn.

Any hard feelings between you and the folks at EA?

At first me and Patrick weren't able to speak very kindly to each other, but now it's all behind us. I had my chance to say my peace to him and him to me and I wish him the best of luck, with my ideas or not.

I understand you're new to the web, but do you have any favorite sites to visit? tell us about them.

The web is crazy to me, some nights I've spent hour looking at picture after picture and what's funny is I end up knowing a lot of the people I see, but I still look.

I would have to say my favorite places are your site (http://www.mrwebreview.com) and rogreviews because they get me as close to the fans response as possible and the web sites with all the escort and massage girls, I just love women who are freaky and the web has a bunch.

Where are you from originally? Where are you living now?

I'm originally from Canton, Ohio. I came out to Los Angeles in 1991 to record a rap demo and never went home. I live in the San Fernando Valley in L.A. California.

What are your goals now that you're working on your own stuff. Do you want to sign up with another major label?

My goals now with my own company (Darkside Entertainment) are to build a company equivalnt to the Ruthless Records of the porn industry. What that means is release quality black product from a variety of producers all under the Darkside Label.

I don't want to end up having to go to another big distributer so as long as I keep getting the support from the fans it will only be a matter of time until Darkside is a major in itself.

Your thoughts on the HIV scares in the biz lately and the use of condoms in videos? So many customers don't like them in videos yet without them too many stars seem to be at risk.

The risk involved with HIV are there and nobody can say there not, however the steps we take in this industry are there to protect everyone involved.

People on the street everyday are not getting tested once ever 3 weeks like most of our talent, plus the few scares that have been here are proof that are system works. The people were being tested on the regular and therefor when they did get infected they found out asap and alerted everyone they were suppose to and the system works, if everyone in America did what the porno industry does regarding HIV tests, there would be alot of suprised people and maybe we could slow it down.

Is there any genre of porn that hasn't been explored that could be interesting?

I think there are a few acspects of porn to explore yet, I'm just waiting until my company is stable enough for me to branch off and try a few different ideas for the fans of black porn.

Do you have any new projects coming soon?

The only projects I have in the back burner is a all-anal line called "Slippin into Darkness" which should be out by Febuary 2000 and a movie project with a hip hop type script, it should be out by June of 2000.

What about solo masturbation videos, are those in your plans (girl solos, I mean).

I would love to do masturbation videos but I don't know if the market is there for them. There are a lot of girls I meet that don't want to do hardcore but would do that. If the fans think that I whole line dedicated to masturbation or maybe 3 hardcore scenes with 3 masturbations would be good, let know, the only way I can know what to make for the fans is if the let me know what they like.

Can people buy your films directly from you? How? And are you doing any DVD prints?

Right now my videos aren't sold directly however I'm in the process of getting up DARKSIDEENTERTAINMENT.COM, until then my video are either at your local store hopefully or you can check NARDELVIDEO.COM or call us if your distributor doesn't carry Darkside videos (888)407-2289 or email me at NickyStarks@aol.com. My DVD's will be ready by Feburary 2000 also, and make sure to check them out because I'm gonna add any footage that I couldn't fit on on videotape because of tape length. SUGAR #1 has about 25 minutes of extra footage.



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