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OK OK, here we go again!! Another interview with a famous porn star. This time it's Nici's turn!


1. Name

Nici Sterling.

2. Measurements


3. How would you describe yourself?

Easy going, in love with life with a wild and wicked streak for sexual adventure.

4. Where were you born and where did you grow up?

I was born in Essex, England. I lived and grew up in the southern commuter belts of London. I still have my home in Epsom, Surrey. Although it is currently for sale so I can buy and permanently relocate to California.

5. Why did you come to the states?

I had visited Colorado on a couple of occasions for a holiday. I fell in love with it and bought 50 acres of mountain paradise to build my retirement home on. It was later that I decided to pursue living in the States before my retirement and the hub of the XXX industry is here in California so here I am and loving it. I still feel that eventually I will move to Colorado.

6. What are your thoughts on American men?

There are a lot of handsome, fit men out here. And I certainly intend taking a few more for a test drive.

7. Did you do adult films in Britain?

I filmed a couple of scenes for American producers, they were my first experience of making real hard-core movies where I actually had other guys and girls in front of the camera. Before that I had done one or two strip, masturbation type videos.

8. Are you married?

Yes, happily. I guess I am quite fortunate to be married to a man who not only excepts what I do but enjoys it. I could never be monogamous sexually, but in terms of my love I am a one man woman.

9. What did you do before making films?

I was a keen horse rider and entered two or three day events. I still ride horses but don't seem to have the time to put in to take competition seriously.

10. Who would you most like to work with on camera?

I would like to work with Rocco Siffredi again. We worked together in one of my early films but never since. I have never taken him up my ass yet and would like to.

11. What sexual position do you like best?

I like to be in control on top, I can get the best grinding action against my clit and it often makes me squirt that way.

12. What was your favorite movie to make? Favorite movie to watch

(Adult & non adult).

My favorite to make was Starbangers 8, the video does not do what happened justice unfortunately. I had eighteen guys in it, they each did my mouth, pussy and ass at least once, then I did nine double penetrations (which I love doing) before I had a massive cum shower, it was really wild! My favorite to watch is still John Leslie's, The Voyeur #3, he is truly a gifted director of XXX. My favorite non adult movie is Silence of the Lambs, and I would not mind to find myself in bed with Jodie Foster.

13. Do you go on the dance circuit?

Not at the moment, although I will not rule it out for the future. Doing the movies is my first passion and at the moment that takes up a lot of my time.

14. Would you tell us of your tour schedule so we could pass the info

along to your fans? I have a secretary who runs my fan club for me called Jane. She writes to all the fans on the fan club roster to inform them if I am doing a personal appearance in their area. Fans can write to me or to Jane at 14622 Ventura Blvd. #320, Sherman Oaks, CA. 91403.

15. What was the most interesting place you've ever made love?

I love finding new and exciting places to have sex so I have done it in a fair few interesting places. One of the most exciting was a three way I had with two guys in a cubical of the men's toilet in LA Airport. I loved the thrill of hearing all the other guys come in as I was being done.

16. Favorite place to be kissed?

I liked to be kissed all over, I love good deep tongue kissing. I like my neck, ears and toes nuzzled.

17. What did you think of your scene in Dream Machine 2?

I think there was some good energy during the scene and should make for some great hard-core action, I can't wait to see it.

18. What kind of men turn you on?

I like men without over inflated ego's, intelligence and humor is very important to me. Physically my ideal man is fit without being pumped up like a flotation devise. I like men of all age groups. But most of all I like men who really know how to make love.

19. Where do you like to take it?

I love to take a mans penis in my mouth till it cums and I love to have both my pussy and ass fucked (preferably at the same time.).

20. What was your most outrageous group sex experience?

On camera, Starbangers 8. Off camera, I had five Royal marine soldiers round at my house in England after they just got back from Bosnia. We had a spectacular weekend. I intend to repeat the experience with some willing American soldiers.

21. Do you like sex more with men or with women?

Men come first for me. I love the sensuousness of making love to another women but real hard cock comes first.

22. What's your favorite thing to do to a man? To (or with) a woman?

I love to give a man oral, nothing quite beats the thrill of having a man shoot his cream into the back of my mouth. Long sessions of mutual oral with another women is pretty hard to beat too.



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