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The NO-FI "MAGAZINE interview with former porn star Madison. Originally printed in NO-FI "MAGAZINE" #4 ("The Violent Summer Issue") June, 1996.

Who is Madison? Well she's a former adult film star turned rock star. She's the lead singer of her new band FOUR UGLY GIRLS and I caught up with her last May at GLAMOURCON SPRING 96. Here's what she had to say:

C = Chris Beyond (NO-FI creator/interviewer/Lead guitar vocals for EAR BEYOND)

M = Madison (Lead singer of FOUR UGLY GIRLS/Former Porn star)

Here I am with Madison...former adult film star...rock star in FOUR UGLY WOMEN.

I was in a band called KISS THE MONKEY that had a record deal, but it fell through with the independent record company, so I started a new band called FOUR UGLY WOMEN which you can read about in the latest issue of DiRTY MAGAZINE that has me and Lemmy from MOTORHEAD on the cover.

Do you put it out?

No I don't put out this magazine, but you can get it at magazine stands and Lemmy and I are good friends because my last band recorded it's album at the same time that Lemmy and MOTORHEAD recorded their album so when FOUR UGLY WOMEN is ready, Lemmy said he had no problem with us going on the road with him.

So is it, like, a metal band that you're in?

No, I wouldn't say it's metal. I would say it's more KROQ. You know; commercial.

(Chris frowns at the word commercial)

Well, ok...it's more radio playable.

Favorite ice cream?

Black cherry!

What do you think of all the weird people you've met here?

I'm probobly the weirdest one. No, I think they're all quite boring.

If Mr. T and Godzilla fought, who would win?

Godzilla, cuz he's cool...and he breathes fire!

Don't you think that Mr. T could beat the fire back with his fists and gold chains?

I think Mr. T is ugly, obnoxious, arrogant, and wears too much gold.

(Baffled!) Awwwwwww! Have you MET him?!?

NO! But you asked me a question! I think that Godzilla would light him on fire and that would be it.

I think Mr. T was a gentleman when I interviewed him. What is your best piece of advice for our NO-FI readers?

Do onto others as they would do onto you.Make yourself happy. Make yourself smile. If somebody doesn't do it with you, that's their own f*ckin' problem. As long as you aren't stepping on their toes...then you're not stepping on thier toes. They step on your toes, then you have to cut those toes off so they're not on your foot anymore...and the moral of the story is...as long as you don't hurt anybody and you're smiling and nobody is hurting you and they're smiling, then everybody is getting along pretty damn good, I think.

Do you read BEN IS DEAD magazine?

No. Do you read FAUST comic books?

I have heard of them.

I know them personally. They sign everything they do to me, personally and they give me their cover art. That's what I'm into. It's banned in a lot of countries because it's too violent and sexy. A lot of the characters are made after me. In fact, they watch some of my movies and take some of my...um...um...script,...supposedly, and used it in their comic books.

Your script?

Like words I say? Script...words?

Well, there you go. How about a Madison cartoon in the future?

Um, they talked to me about doing a comic book, but I'll wait until my band comes out. Well, the NEW band...and then I'll think about letting them do that. Cause then there will be more to, um, entertain people with, I think. The band getting into trouble...which you know we will.

Ok, well, let's wrap up the interview. Let's leave with two words that describe you.

I'm gonna' be a bigbig rock star so make sure that you remumber that.

So is it "Rock Star?" Two words?

I'm gonna' be a star. TWO WORDS!!

Uh, I can make it up for you if you want.

heh heh! Don't do that to me!

We take a few promotional pictures for the issue (including one in which without my knowledge as she was in front of me, lifted up her dress to reveal her...her...well, you know. Right? I'm sure you've come across one sometime.

(No pun intended you sick bastards!)

Check out Madison's Filmography at the Internet Adult Film Database.

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