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Subject: Mr. Web Review interviews Lori Michaels
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2000 23:33:47
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Mr. Web Review (http://www.mrwebreview.com) recently sat down with the stunning Lori Michaels, she of the natural 36Cs. Here is an excerpt. For the entire interview please visit the webpage:Before we begin, a bit of a admission: some porn stars aren't exactly forthcoming in interviews. Not surprised?

So many girls are having boob jobs these days and you are naturally blessed. Does that help you much in the biz?

YES! Guys love natural boobs. That's all I hear when I do personal appearances...about how they are getting tired of the fake-looking boobs.

Do you think girls can really squirt? There's been some debate over the years and I like to ask the starlets. Is it pee or real?

I have no idea, probably some gal peeing on film. I sure never had anything squirt out of me (laughs).

Is it hard to maintain a relationship with anyone outside the biz? Are you in a serious relationship now?

I haven't dated for 11 years now. i just don't want some jealous husband or boyfriend while I'm in the business. Don't get me wrong. I love men and get so horny I could climb the walls sometimes. But I just think it's better to belong to my fans while I'm in the business. I give them a workout of my website (http://lorilive.com), sometimes in the chat room.

Look into your crystal ball and tell me what porno looks like in five years. Do we still watch it on TV? Is it more interactive? Can we "feel" it, "smell" it?

I think you'll see everything going to DVDs. The quality is so much better. I don't think you will ever see it on free TV. I just hope they make it more like I try to do: I like natural, passionate scenes with lots of kissing and hugging.

To me, that is much sexier than some guy spitting in some girls butthole. I think someone could get rich if they put out a book with the titles of some of these adult movies. Did you ever look at the names of some of them? It would be great at a party. Amazon Buttslammers (laughs). That's why I love Vivid. They try to add a little class to the business.

What is the biggest misconception your fans have about you and about porn stars in general?

I think they think we just go out and screw anyone we can get our hands on. I am lucky that in most of my fans know what I'm like and therefore don't hassle me so much or send rude emails.

I get between 140-160 emails a day now and I doubt if I get over two rude ones a week. There are a lot of really nice fans out there. I think they like it that I'm just so down home.

Wildest encounter with a fan?

I had a fan give me his underwear at the CES Show in Vegas. Used underwear. (laughs).

OK, too much information (but I asked)...Moving on, do you run lorilive.com? How much work is that?

I do it all myself. i made the website, do all the web cams, scan all the pics, etc. It is a lot of work. I'm staying home the next two months to work on it, make new web cams, videos and do some digital photo shots.

When you surf the net, what sites do you visit often?

I honestly don't surf the web. I try not to copy anything. I make my site fast loading and stay away from all the little gimmicks, that cause a site to download slow. There are still a bunch of fans out there with slow connections. Real Video is a joke to me...very poor quality and uses a ton of bandwidth. That's why my web cam is a slower frame rate but very good quality. The guys love it.

. I read where you said the on-camera sex is just a job and that you never get off on camera?

That's a lie. I don't know who makes things up like that. When I made Cheap Shots for Vivid, Mark Davis had me on the desk. I was so embarrassed to cum on film. I kept trying to hide it. If you watch my hands in that scene, you can tell that I was cumming constantly.

I do hate the fake moaning and acting from girls trying to overdo it. When I cum, I don't scream or anything. It's just a personal thing inside to me. Just watch my hands and don't dare kiss me when I start to cum or I'll suck your tongue out of your mouth.

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