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Subject: IAFD Interview: Layla-Jade
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Date: Tue, 07 Oct 2003 17:56:03 EDT

In an industry where a year can be considered an OK career, and 100 movies is a good run -- someone who's been around for half a decade and for over 300 movies (or is it 400?) might have something to say...

So, we present the first in a probably never-again series of interviews... without further ado, Layla-Jade.

This was conducted via e-mail between Oct 4 and 7, 2003.

- - -

How have you seen the industry change in the 5 years since you started?

Well actually not as much as one might think, when I started in the USA in 1999 the USA buiss was already geared up for all the young girl, college co-ed, dp, anal stuff already....which was why I was so readily accepted when I got in over here, I loved all that stuff anyway, I still do....

I do think that the business has become more readily accepted by people, the biggest change that I have seen though is the change of law in the UK. When I first got into the business and for the first couple of years it wasn't legal to sell hardcore in England, then they changed the law, and for me I was in exactly the right place at exactly the right time. I remeber Seymour pointing it out to everyone on the way to a personal appearance at The Tampa show. It was a great day. Now its legal to sell hardcore in licensed sex shops in the UK, that was an incredible law change for everyone involved in the UK market. Overdue but incredible at the same time.

Are there sexual acts that 5 years ago seemed odd (for lack of a better term) to you that are now commonplace? Things you thought you'd never do that you have?

I always knew that I would do everything (except for squirt paint out of my ass onto a canvas boy that fucked me up afterwards) because thats the kinda girl that I am, the first ever shoot that I did was an anal scene and although I was nervous I was very happy to be doing it... but the paint thing, I'm not gonna be repeating that....

In catching up on some of the variety of your work, I watched your turn with Max Hardcore in Max Extreme 11. Is this kind of work something you sought out, or did it just come along and you took the gig?

Max in particular just kinda came along and I took the gig.

Well actually the truth of the matter is that I the first time I worked for him I had no idea what I was getting myself into, Dick Nasty booked me the job for me, on my first ever trip to the USA, it was my second gig, he failed to tell me what the deal was until we were in the car on the way to the shoot, and that was only because I asked him. I had heard stuff.

I did the scene but it didn't phase me, in fact actually a couple of years later I went back and worked for Max again.... He took me out afterwards coz it was my birthday... Brought me chocolate cake, he was cool, we later went onto get a nomination at the AVNs for best anal sex scene for the second scene that I did for him.

You said it was your second scene. Would you do a similar scene at this point in your career?

It all depends, I'm not going to say no, never, because I may change my mind in the future, but right now that's not somewhere I am interested in going again as a performer, at this point in my career. I prefer sucking dick right now, not being choked by it ;-)

It's great that I shot for Max because he taught me my limitations and as a performer it's really important to know exactly what those are. You need to know your boundaries in this industry because you need to know when to say no.

Max interests me quite a bit with the dichotomy between role- play fantasy and what seems to be real-life brutality. In Hollywood movies, the brutality is faked (Stallone never makes contact with the people he hits), but in porn it is almost always real. (You took the hits, it wasn't a camera angle and a sound effect.

Yeah I did, and I'm glad of it as well, like I said you need to know your limits and I discovered them very early on. Because of that, and that alone I have never found myself in a situation where I have accepted a job and then can't do the scene. I know my capabilities and that's extremely important.

I know you've been hitching rides to and/or from Vegas for AEE with Rog. Is he a good driver? ;-)

Uhhh, Roger's good at EVERYTHING! ;-)

What's the funniest thing you had happen while on a set?

I was doing an anal scene with Mark Davis and we were outside, he was fucking me in the ass and going "Uhh, Ohh, Uhh" and this fly went into his mouth. It hit the back of his throat and he started coughing and choking, I thought he was gonna throw up and found it hilarious. Shit like that makes me laugh.

I laugh when people fall over, I have one of those senses of humor...

Not related to being on set, but definely related to this business, Mark Speigler burnt his hand when he was checking brake fluid a couple of years ago because Bamboo leant forward and hit the horn when he was under the car, Speigler shot up so fast, I've never seen him move so quickly. He was furious. For a year he just had to mention it and I would be laughing to near tears...

You've worked with a lot of different companies and directors in the business, from Ed Powers to Paul Thomas, had an "anal destruction" foisted upon you... what lies ahead for Layla-Jade? Your own company? Directing? Producing? Feature Dancing?

I have so many different plans for the future, so many things that I'm gonna do, It has always been an intention of mine to head up my own production company but thats not gonna be for a while yet. Right now I am taking my first steps into producing and directing my own material for release by myself at a later date. I'm shooting a lot of stuff for myself right now, doing a lot of work with my website http://www.laylajade.com and I'm thinking about featuring sometime next year.

I've been traveling a lot recently though so I'm not gonna leap into that whole thing too fast. I am still happy to continue to shoot for other production companies as a performer, and would love to land myself a deal directing for one of the big companies...

Whatever I do, though, one thing is certain and that is simply that I am not going anywhere, I've always been in it for the long run and I'm here to stay...

Now for the stupid questions... Name one thing that's always in your fridge.

Hot choclate, but its never hot for some reason!

Your favorite Beatle.

Pete Best !

CD or tape that's in your stereo right now.

My latest erotic audio cd, you can buy them via my website http://www.laylajade.com they go like warm apple pie !!!

Shill! C'mon...

Awww... you gotta have fun with it LOL Ok... U2 Beautiful day

However, that CD sounds intriguing. Details?

It's me using my abilities to talk dirty. Each cd is at least 45 mins long. I have two available right now, and they all contain me telling erotic naughty stories. In Volume 1, the focus is myself and the guy who purchased the CD alone in the room together, we get very naughty by the end. Volume 2 is 5 or 6 of my favorite sexual experiences ranging from solo exhibition to DP... I am also gonna do a repeat of volume 1 but for the ladies.

Back to the silliness. Last book you read.

Photoshop for Pornstars !

Favorite cocktail (or soft drink, if you're a tea-totler)

Sperm, thats a drink ... right ? Well that's what he said LOL

Ha ha. But seriously folks...

Kaluha and Milk

Windows or Mac?

Windows coz I'm caught into it; but Mac in an ideal world.

Soup or salad?

I only eat sperm !

Do I spot a trend? Fess up.

Soup, cos of all those cold, rainy nights in England

Speaking of England... Manchester United or Manchester City?

Man U of course !

Last movie you saw in a theater.

Didn't. I have extensive cable and a 65 inch screen with full dolby 6.1 surround sound

Must be nice... but just because you have a big home theatre doesn't mean you haven't ever seen a movie in a theatre... so would "The Little Mermaid" be too long ago or was it something slighlty more recent?

Oh OK, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider 2 but ONLY cos I had family here. They made me ! LOL

Own or lease your car?

Borrow, Beg and/or steal ! I could rent or buy one but its much more fun that way !

Our own little felon! I guess that's why Rog drives!

That's why Rog drives lol, lets keep that in ;-)

That's enough silliness. :-) Thanks for your time.

- - -

Info on Layla-Jade can be found at:

IAFD: http://www.iafd.com/person.asp?perfid=LaylaJade&gender=f

BGAFD: http://www.bgafd.co.uk/girls/l/l0005.shtml

Official Site: http://www.laylajade.com


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