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Subject: Re: New Kimi Lixx Interview - Preview!
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Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001 03:57:31 EDT

On Thu, 11 Oct 2001 21:22:30 EDT, Snowman <snowman872@mail.com> wrote:

Here's a preview taken from Kimi Lixx's interview:

[SNOWMAN] Q4. I've seen where you stated that you enjoy anal sex. If you had to choose one of the following features to star in, which one would you pick and why? (1) Jean-Yves Le Castel's Assman #25, (2) Max Hardcore's Extreme #25, or Rocco's True Anal Stories #25? Any chance you might actually appear in an production by one of these directors, who seem to push the actresses to their sexual limit?

[KIMI] A. If I HAD to pick any of these titles I just might leave the industry. I've spoken with Max Hardcore a few times, and while he always is a perfect gentleman, I've heard about and scene enough of his work that I've already told him I'm not interested in working with him. I haven't seen any of Rocco's work, although I've read plenty about it, I've read a couple interviews he's done as well. I don't think I'm inclined to work with him. I didn't know anything at all about the Assman series until I just now went and looked it up on the net. I don't mind a good anal workout, but I really am not interested in being sexually battered.

[SNOWMAN] Q6. If you had to name the greatest sexual advantage that women have over men, what would it be?

[KIMI] A. Oh now this is just silly. We have the pussy! Seriously, the penis, as a sexual tool, is fairly easy to mimic. The vagina isn't that particular (doesn't have all that many nerve endings wired for pleasure and texture). The clitoris is a bit more fussy, but generally speaking, it has to be manipulated outside of copulation in order for a woman to achieve orgasm ANYWAY. Men, though, you guys are stuck. If you don't want to use your hands, there really isn't a good substitute out there for you. You want the pussy! We have it! Not only do we have it, but we can use it over and over and over, pretty much as long as we want to. Don't have to worry about erections, ejaculations, nothing! No worries, well, except maybe getting a tad sore after a bit.

[SNOWMAN] Q7. I believe you have mentioned that you like watch your sex scenes on video or DVD after the feature is completed. What kind of thoughts go through you head when you see yourself on the silver screen? Do you critique your performance or appearance? Do you critique the director or editor on how the final cut looks? Which scene so far has surprised you most when you viewed it and why?

[KIMI] A. .I think the only scene that has actually ever surprised me was from Panty Hoes 3, I had such a fantastic time shooting it, and I was completely knock-kneed when it was over. I expected it to be broiling hot. To me it seemed fairly standard when I watched it. I was disappointed.

Again, the full 21Q+ interview can be found at:




>Hello everybody!
>Just a brief announcement to let you guys know that I posted a new in
>depth interview with starlet Kimi Lixx. Kimi is relatively new to the
>adult industry and has recently appeared in installments of Cumback
>Pussy, Buttslammers, Panty Hoes and others.
>The questions cover a lot of ground -- everything from anal sex to bio
>engineered vegetables! Plus, Kimi comments on the two most popular
>RAME topics of this year: "How can they let 18 year old girls star in
>porn?" and "Has porn become a disgusting horror show?". I'm sure
>everyone here remembers these popular threads inspired by Ridley99.
>If you want to check it out, the interview can be found here:
>Comments and suggestions and interview requests are welcome!

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