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Do you guys like Kaitlyn?? Well, here's what she thinks. Now you know what not to do in case you meet her! ;)


With fame comes annoyance. Just ask porn superstar Kaitlyn Ashley. This one-time winner of Adult Video News's "Starlet of the Year" award now gets recognized in public. Sometimes this is a good thing; sometimes it isn't.

Sitting at the bar of a TGI Friday's restaurant in the LA's San Fernando Valley, Kaitlyn is recognized by an older guy named Bill. She gives Bill an autographed photo, but instead of taking his gift and going back to his seat like good goober, he takes this as an invitation to let loose with a barrage of crappy jokes, all of which feature some lame sexual pun. When he realizes his bad humor isn't turning Kaitlyn on, Bill switches tactics, telling Ms. Ashley about all the cool places he's lived. His stature as a loser is fully cemented at this point; so I tell him to take a hike and he slinks off to the end of the bar from where he keeps a hopeful eye on Kaitlyn. A word to the wise guy: You can't score with porn chicks, so don't bother. Get your souvenir, go home, and jack off like a normal person, okay? Kaitlyn would prefer it that way

You've been in the business for a while now. Do you remember your firsttime before the cameras?

KAITLYN ASHLEY; I was at Jim South's [World Modeling porn agency] and [director] Paul Thomas came into the office and said, "I like your look; would you read for me?"

A cold reading?

Yes! I got so nervous. I was shaking; so we went into the back room, and he gives me a script. He was reading one part, and I did the other. We did that for a while, and he looks at me and says, "You got it."

What was the movie?

American Blonde. That was my first co-lead role for film.

What did you do in that movie?

I did Janine with a strap-on. I love her so much! That was my first major role. After that I started doing some others.

You have very recognizable breasts. Why did you get the boob job?

I've always had this thing where I think I'm fat. My biggest way to lose weight was to starve myself. The first place I lose weight is my boobs -- especially if I starve myself. Because of that, my boobs looked like empty wallets. I was losing work, because my boobs weren't perky like they used to be. So, in December of 1993, I got them done. After I got them done, I went to the CES show, [the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada] and people were coming up to me and recognizing me. I thought that was really cool. That's when my career really start to take off.

So life was better after the boob job?

After I got it done, work kept pouring in.

What's your acting technique for these movies? A lot of girls aren't really trained to act.

I do emotional recall. It's sort of like method acting. I associate myself with a situation that might have happened ten or 15 years ago. I do that, and I'm right there.

What's it like working in the same business as your husband Jay Ashley?

Jay has always picked my wardrobe. He has always picked my CES dresses. He has always picked every outfit that I've worn. And they've all been successful. That's one thing that I can say about Jay. He knows clothes.

Who picks Jay's clothes?

I do.

Now that you've been doing this for a while, how do you see yourself?

I don't see myself as some sort of big star. I think of myself as me. Kaitlyn Ashley is someone else. Some people see me, and they think I'm going to be a bitch That's so untrue! That sort of gets to me.

Any plans to go into mainstream?

Well, I took four years of drama in high school. That was all the training I've had. People ask me, "Who did you train with?" So, I've thought about it. [Fellow XXX star] Leena has had a hard time tying to break through. I see how hard people in adult have it trying to crossover. I don't handle rejection very well. Everybody gets it, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. So I went to a couple of agents and did some head shots. I haven't really pursued it as much as I could have.

What's the story about Kaitlyn Ashley, contract girl?

After CES, I started looking for a contract. I had box covers, but I didn't want to go on the road yet. I talked to VCA Pictures, I had done a bunch of movies for them when they offered my a contract. I was so happy! I was ecstatic. Finally, I thought I was getting a contract with a company I respect. We worked out a deal and everything was cool. But Jay had some problems [with drugs] at the time, and so VCA put the contract on hold until Jay went to rehab. So he went, and I later found out that VCA decided not to sign me because of Jay's problems.

Were you pretty upset?

Oh! I'm Italian and German, and I have the temper of both. I had this big wicker shelf set. I had all my figurines on it. I took it, picked it up and threw it across the room. When my adrenaline gets pumping -- remember The Incredible Hulk on television? I basically destroyed the room.

Do you lose your temper a lot?

I don't lose it that often. I usually keep things inside of me until they build up, and then there's an explosion. I guess it's because my sign is Cancer.

What did you say to Jay about causing you to lose your contract?

He came home, and I told him, "Hey, you fucked my world up. You totally ruined my life."

You did a wild scene last year with Shelby Stevens in Takin' It To the Limit 4.

Oh, my God! That was a good scene. Shelby and I have this attraction. We really do. Our first movie together was Clockwork Orgy. I did her first anal in that movie.

You did a fine job.

I did it very well. With girl/girl scenes, you have to feel out what the other girl likes, what she doesn't like. You need to know if they like it rough or if they like it soft. You never know, but that scene with Shelby was one of the best times I've ever had doing a movie. It was heaven.

The only thing I didn't like about that scene was the analpart

with Nick East. I mean I love Nick, but I don't think it went with the action between me and Shelby. Unfortunately, Bruce Seven wanted to include some boy/girl stuff. But the stuff I did with Shelby? I must have had orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.

You're very nasty in your movies.

Yeah, but I've always been cast as sort of the girl-next-door.

Your performance in Wicked Ways 3, with the triple-anal penetration followed by you biting the tops off the dildos you used on yourself, was pretty intense.

Well, I washed them off first.

Does your butt ever get sore from all the anal stuff that you do?

Yeah, it does sometimes.

---------==========THE END!!==========-----------


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