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Date: Sun, 19 Dec 99 01:56:05

Long-time readers know about our affection for the lovely and talented Jewel DeNyle. We checked in with her recently just to see what was going on. To see why we like Jewel so much, be sure to visit her site, http://www.jeweldenyle.com

Jewel, what are your newest releases?

My newest releases are North Pole #10 and Intimate Expressions

Cool. Are you and Peter North still an item?

Peter and I are still together going on two years now.

Are you concerned with the big HIV scare in the biz?

I don't worry so much about the HIV scare because I only work every so often and am not in the mix to where I work all the time independently because I'm a contract girl with New Sensations.

So when I do work I don't stress about it.

You got an AVN nomination this year, huh?

I was very excited about the nomination for AVN because they're a tough crowd. I do however plan to be in the business for many more years to come.

What made you get into the biz?

I got into the business because I was a Stripper and sex was more exciting then teasing.

Just curious. What do you think of Luke Ford?

Luke Ford can do what he wants he's never bothered me any.

I thought you were awesome (and awesome looking) on Playboy's Helmet Cam show. Your thoughts on that experience with host Gary Gray?

Gary Gray is cool and the show is totally fun because of the fan interaction that's what really makes it crazy.

It must seem like old hat now for old geezers like me to tell you you are pretty, but when did it start?

I was always told I was beautiful but it wasn't until I got my boob job that I really felt good about myself.

You lost your virginity when?

I was fourteen and it sucked sex at that age is stupid you don't know what the fuck your doing.

And when was your first anal (readers are always asking me this)?

I did my first anal in North Pole #10 and I'm on the boxcover. I loved doing the anal scene I did 25 minutes of hardcore anal and it still wasn't enough.

To get ready for my anal scene I stuck a dildo in my ass I had to since I was going to take Peter North in the ass and he's not small by any means.

Your fave male performer? (he asked kind of knowing the answer).

Peter North is my favorite male performer because he was my first that I ever worked with and we hit it off and have been together ever since. Nacho Vidal I like to work with because he is a crazy and wild performer and with him I can just go to the extreme.

I also like working with Erik Everhard because he lives up to his name which makes my job alot less complicated and I can enjoy myself.

My favorite female actresses are Keri Windsor she is into girls for the sex not for the money and she is a very passionate performer.

Teianna Kai is a hot asian girl that loves to be fucked and I love to fuck her. Serenity is just awesome she is so sexy and has the best ass I've ever licked.

Craziest fan story you can think of?

I once had a fan come up to me with everything I ever did things I didn't even know about and he had me sign everything and then he bought the panties right off my ASS!

You hitting the dance circuit soon?

I start featuring in Jan. after the Ces show in Las Vegas my first stop is New York

Mr. Web Review
December '99


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