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From: "Andre Bilan" <ajbilan@home.com>
Subject: Davia Ardell -- strip show review and my interview with the Anal Princess
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.erotica
Date: Sat, 03 Jun 2000 15:06:35

(Strip show review first, interview in middle section of this text.)

It's been a while since we've had a real nasty butt fucking high profile porn starlet up here. There was an awful drought of no porn stars at all during the winter; and lately there's been a good number of stars but they've mainly been pretty Vivid type girls. But I don't want super-stars. I want pooper-stars. Porn babes that are pretty yet take it up the poop chute with love and enthusiasm. Enter Davia Ardell.

Davia hasn't done any porn movies in a bit over 2 years but she did a couple hundred XXX flicks and there's always the hope for more. I've always had a fetish for her: I love her petite body and her seemingly innocent farmer's daughter kind of face. It floats my boat to know that this tiny little maiden has corrupted and mutated herself into a bolt-on hooters anal porn slut taking loads of cream on that cutie-pie face. So when I heard she was in town, she put the "go" into my gonads. I went to see her strip show at the Whiskey A Go Go in northern Toronto Wednesday night and Friday night. Might even see her again this weekend.

The first show I saw she came out dressed like a ghetto tramp, a girl from the hood: cotton pull-over toque, nylon track pants, halter top. The music was appropriately rap / rock type tunes by Kid Rock and others. Her hair is still blonde but has a mauve coloured tinge to it now and she had sparkles over her hair, face, chest.

There was a tremendous roar from the crowd when she finally whipped out her torpedo tits. I'm usually not into huge breast implants but I make an exception for Davia Ardell. She should have been born with these tits. Big power boobs on a girl only a little larger than a cabbage patch doll tells us: "my purpose in life is to make your cock stiff".

With Davia it doesn't stop with big boobs. She also surrendered her asshole for the pleasure of millions of strokers. And I got a good look at her asshole both during the show and especially later when I got a private dance from her. (More on that in a bit...) Davia stuck her buns into the faces of some guys sitting in pervert's row. I was close enough to see her flex her butt cheeks and I swear her anus winked at me.

She had one prop that I've never seen before. It was a pair of what looked like party noise makers -- like those rattle sounding gizmos people shake at New Year's Eve parties. But these toys didn't make noise; instead they had red light emitting diodes that were programmed in such a way that as she rotated the rattle you could see messages spelled out in mid-air. Her left hand's rattle read "PORN STAR" and the right hand's rattle read "DAVIA ARDELL". I guess the way these gizmos work is that the LEDs change their pixel on/off status once every 30th of a second so the illusion of a solid line of pixels in the horizontal plane is made. Excuse me, I'm a tech geek so can't help but wonder about stuff like this...

Davia molested a few patrons but nothing mind blowing happened. There were several boobie avalanches on the faces of a select dude's faces. The DJ made a microphone "thud" sound effect each time one of Davia's huge boobs smacked a patron's face.

After her show was over, she didn't come out for photos. This, of course, is my prime fun at a porn star strip show. So I was getting worried. However, about an hour after her show I noticed her walking towards the back of the club. So I jumped out of my seat and hastened to the rear (so to speak) and was lucky enough to "accidently" intercept her. I asked politely if there was any chance she was doing polaroids or whether I was interrupting her meal or something. She smiled and said, "no problem". We agreed to meet at the front of the club.

A few minutes later she was there in all her porn star glory. I was surprised at just how short she really is. Probably not even 5 feet tall. And the contrast between her bust size and her waist plus the science fiction style hair colour made me suspect whether she too is part of the alien race of beings who have been infiltrating the human race for the last three decades in the guise of porn stars. I've covered this theory of mine before on RAME in the context of the "mysterious anal glop" sightings noticed by many posters. But that's a discussion for another time...

I pulled out a couple of porno mags I have of Davia. She was shocked by one hard core mag I had because she had never seen it before and certainly hadn't been paid for it. It was a series of pics lifted from a video she did with Alex Sanders and some floozy named Shawna. She checked out the publisher's info and I almost saw her reaching for a cell phone call to a lawyer. But of course, she knew that it was just another instance of a rip off in the porn industry. These girls are robbed blind for their work all the time and I think they all assume there's no chance to get their due. Anyway, I didn't ask her to autograph the porn mags because it would be like her condoning herself getting ripped off. (I'm oh so "sensitive".)

Got a half decent polaroid of me and Davia done. Shows me barely able to wrap me hands around her enormous tits. Real sweet smile on her face. Didn't take her pants off though. I'm still hoping I can get a second pic done with her: nice and close up, maybe with my face resting against her thigh, fairly close to her pussy. I'll have to see if it's possible or not.

Now here's the good part. I asked her for a lap dance and an interview and she said yes. Yum.

So we went to the private lounge and she started to do me. All her clothes came off quick thank gawd. She slid her knockers over my face a couple times. Ground her ass into my lap as well. Think about: anal princess porn fuck queen Davia Ardell working me over. She slid down the entire length of my body at one point, her face grazing over my crotch and then she ended up with her knees on the floor and her face lovingly gazing up from my crotch into my lust glazed eyes. Damn me for wearing tight underwear. I wish I could have let my flag pole show for Davia. The best, and I mean BEST part of it all was when I asked her for a second dance. (BTW, $50 per dance. Totally worth it though.)

She spent about two minutes of the second dance with her sweet bare shaven pussy about two inches from my face. Her labia are super meaty and large. I just stared at her juicy pork chop like labia as she worked herself over with her fingers. She went out of her way to spread her vagina wide open for me and she exposed her pink clit meat over and over. Oh man was it hot. She did this cute thing where she'd rub her pussy and then flick the fingers at my face as if to shoot some pussy juice droplets at my tongue. I was tempted many a time to wiggle my tongue out and slurp that pink meaty pussy. She must of sensed that because she showed me her pierced tongue sliding over one of her fingers.

And was ass control! She positioned herself so I had a super close view of her asshole. Then she flexed her sphincter so I could see it opening and closing. Davia Ardell truly is an anal princess. You just know that if you ever slipped your dick into that sweet chocolate hole of hers, she could work her ass muscles to massage you prick as you're ass fucking her. That's my kind of woman.

After the dance was over and Davia licked the cum stains off my pants --- oops! that was a slight exageration, strike that. She let me interview her. Of course it was just an amateur thing, I didn't even have a way of transcribing it. But I'll try to re-create the interview as best I can. I think what's below is fairly close to verbatim, including some of my own and Davia's personal style of speaking.

AJB: So how many more years do you think you'll be in the adult industry?

Davia Ardell: Well, I haven't done any films in about two and a half years.

AJB: Right, I was aware of that. But I'm saying in terms of the larger adult industry with strip clubs and porn fans related stuff. How long do you think you'll keep that up? Do you picture yourself settling down soon?

Davia Ardell: I think that once I'm about 35 and I've saved up enough money for a nice house in Las Vegas I retire then. I'll keep on going as long as it's fun.

AJB: What do you think about the whole condom vs. no condom issue in the porn industry?

Davia Ardell: Well, there's a few things to think about. They changed the way AIDS testing was done to PCR and that's really quick. You do the test one day and get the results soon after. And it's accurate. So with everyone getting tested it's really as safe as if the guys had condoms on. Of course, the testing has to be more than just AIDS, it has to be for clamidyia, syphillis and all the rest. BUT if, let's say, I was going to fuck a guy at this club. Well then I'd definitely have him use a condom.

(AJB internal monologue: "hmmm... could Davia be telling me I have a chance to fuck her?)

AJB: And there was that big scare in the industry awhile back.

Davia Ardell: Oh yeah. What was that guy's name that got it? It was...

AJB: Marc Wallace.

Davia Ardell: That's it. Marc. And you know, I was scheduled to do a scene with him in just a few days before the news came out. But I just had this feeling I shouldn't do a scene with him. So I didn't luckily.

AJB: Yes, Christina Angel was telling me something similar. She was going to work with him but then the news came out. But there were some girl's who got it like Brook Ashley and...

Davia Ardell: And Tricia Devereaux! I did a scene with her maybe a year before she got infected. So I didn't get anything. But still, it's scary.

AJB: Let me ask you some goofy questions for the fans on Rec Arts Movies Erotica. Uh... first of all, do you know that Peter North was originally Canadian?

Davia Ardell: No way! Really?

AJB: Yup. From Newfoundland or somewheres on the east coast. Anyway, seeing as how Peter North is pretty good looking and a hot performer but guys like Max and Ron Jeremy are prototypical Americans, which bunch of guys looks better and fucks better: Canadian boys or American boys?

Davia Ardell (contemplates the question deeply, diplomatically): Well it really depends on the person. I can't really say. It's like when people ask if I like girls better than guys. It just depends.

AJB: Depends on their personality.

Davia Ardell: Exactly.

(AJB internal monologue: "oh I've got lots of personality for you honey".)

AJB: I'm wondering which porn studs have the best tasting cum and the worst tasting cum. Or is it all the same?

Davia Ardell: It all depends on diet. Some men have cum that's sweet, some that's kind of bitter.

AJB: Sweet?!

Davia Ardell: Oh yeah. You mentioned Peter North. He takes good care of himself. His cum is good.

AJB: I've gotta get a list of his diet habits. You seem to take good care of yourself. You're drinking a tea and you mentioned before the dance you wish you had some Echinshea to put in it.

Davia Ardell: Definitely, I take care of myself. I always put some herb in my tea to prevent getting sick.

(AJB internal monologue: "my cum in your tea cup would be curative too sweetie".)

AJB: There's a lot of debate over natural tits versus breast enhancements. I think yours are great. Do you have any regrets? Any problems with the implants?

Davia Ardell: Oh no, I've had them five years and no problems. And their silicon. I love my tits. They made me feel more confident, I feel better looking. There are 4 or 5 films of me before my breast job. But I like what I've got right now.

AJB: Silicon eh? I thought those were the type that girl's worried about the most.

Davia Ardell: No problems. It was funny: there was this one guy here at the club whose eyes were popping out and he asked how I keep my breasts up. I told him I don't even have to wear a bra. They just stay nice and stacked.

AJB: Related to the natural tits thing... the adult industry is always into young women of course, but more so I think in the last couple of years. You see some many titles with the word "teen" in it.

Davia Ardell: Yeah, I hate that. I saw some links on my web site to teenage girl sites. I'm going to ask to have those links taken off. I did some films with themes where I was dressed youngish but never anything that made me look like a child. I don't like that stuff.

AJB: And what about gang bangs, inter-racial, fisting and all that.

Davia Ardell: There's always someone trying to get you to do more and more. I just wasn't interested in gang bangs, they don't look good. I controlled exactly what I wanted to do.

AJB: If you compared the end of your film career with your early films, would you say you had more control later on or were you taking charge from the beginning?

Davia Ardell: Definitely right from the beginning.

AJB: Cool. I was reading Bianca Trump on RAME once and she was saying how early in her career she was not totally confident and doing what she wanted. Then, when she made her comeback in the last couple years or so, she felt super in-control. She said she had a grudge fuck with TT Boy and fucked him into submission. (I show her my polaroid pics of me and Bianca Trump.)

Davia Ardell: That's great!

AJB: What about Max Hardcore? He's viewed as being very rough and nasty.

Davia Ardell: Yes but he's a nice guy in person, behind the scenes. But some girls would get pissed off with him if they didn't know where to draw the line.

AJB: Oh really? Like Nikki Brantz maybe.

Davia Ardell: I think she got tired of it. And he was spreading rumours about me at one time. He was saying he got me into the industry and he was dating me. Not true. I phoned him up and wrung him out for that. But still, he's generally an okay guy.

AJB: So then, who did get you into the industry?

Davia Ardell: I was dancing at a club ((AJB's note: can't recall which club Davia said)) and I met Danyel Cheeks. So like, she came on to me. I told her I'd never done it with a girl before and stuff. But we became friends and two days later she asked if I wanted to look into porn films. I spent a couple weeks just looking at productions behind the scenes, not doing scenes. I liked it and went ahead and did some films. Danyel was kind of leaving the industry around the time I was just starting.

AJB: Do you see yourself as kind of a feminist?

Davia Ardell: Feminine what? ((AJB's note: maybe she didn't hear me or maybe she didn't know what a feminist is. Not sure I do for that matter.))

AJB: A femininst? A strong woman that lives life by her own rules. Maybe, dare I say, a role model for other women?

Davia Ardell: Kind of. I meet young girls at the strip clubs and they're all curious about making money in porn. I sit them down and tell them to think it through. If you get into porn it stays with you forever. I ask the girls: "do you have children?" And if they say yes, I tell them that one day their kids might see you in a porn film. Because that porn keeps getting recycled for years and years. And also, there might be nice guys who won't marry you or jobs you can't hold because you have a past in porn.

AJB: And you're never going to become President of the United States.

Davia Ardell (laughs): Well, Clinton's pretty horny. But that's the thing. All those fucking judges and politicians and religious leaders are so against porn. But what do they really do? They're whacking off to porn films like everyone else. Total liars.

AJB: I think that kind of hypocritical attitude runs through our entire civilization. People have all these rules and morals about sex to keep it restricted but meanwhile everyone wants to get fucked. One more question, for my personal interest. Do you remember a performer named Shonna Lynn? I know you did one scene at least where you were beside a pool pretending to be the camera girl and Shonna Lynn was getting double penetrated right on front of you. Do you know who I'm talking about?

Davia Ardell: I'm not sure. I wonder if that was Venom?

AJB: No, don't think so. Shonna Lynn was this mulatto girl with a high forehead and big floppy tits. I was hoping you'd have some clue for me but I guess not.

Davia Ardell: No, sorry. Most of the girls I never really get to know but I did make friends with a few.

AJB: Oh well... guess I'll have to continue the search for Shonna Lynn elsewhere. Thanks for the interview.

Davia Ardell: You're sweet! (Gives me a kiss on the cheek. Left huge lip stick mark.)

On Friday night I checked out two more instances of Davia Ardell's show. There were even better. One show she came out in an elaborate costume with angel wings and an angel halo over her head. One of the most inventive outfits I've ever seen a porn queen wear. She played more Kid Rock tunes. I begin to wonder if she has a thing for him or has fucked Kid Rock. She spotted me in pervert's show and paid extra attention to me by wrapping her legs around my shoulders and shoving her pussy close to my face. And this one dude got on stage, she reached down his underwear, stuffed a rolled up poster into his undies and then proceeded to jack it off and suck on it as if it were a cock. Pretty funny. Another guy got on stage and she rubbed her tits against his nipples for half a minute. He was into it.

Anyway, I could go into lots more detail but I've already written too much. If you get a chance to see Davia Ardell, check her out. Definitely one of the most friendly, approachable porn girls I've ever met and a solid dance show.


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