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Date: Sat, 25 Jul 98 13:40:08
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This week, I got lucky enough to sit down with Jessica Darlin the day after she made a rather big decision. She was very friendly, forthcoming and just plain gorgeous.

Hope you all find it entertaining and informative.

You say your former company. I understand you aren't with Elegant Angel any more.

Yes, I have parted ways with Elegant for good!

As of when?

What time is it? Just kidding. As of yesterday afternoon.

Fresh news. What were the reasons for you parting ways?

How long have we got? I can run down a thousand reasons for me leaving but I'll just sum it up. First, and I guess the official reason is contractual differences. They wanted me to do 8 scenes a month, but since I was the only contract girl at the time I spent most of my time on the road promoting the company. I only did two scenes a month because of this schedule and because most of the quality directors left earlier this year.

You mean when Tom, Van and Rob left?

Yes. None of the remaining directors called me, so what was I supposed to do? It's hard to do eight scenes when the phone isn't ringing.

That left Marc Wallice as one of the only high profile directors. Did you work for him?

No. Thank God that Marc and I disliked each other. Luck and his rotten looks saved my life! I never worked with him. I'm picky, and it paid off! Anyway, Elegant ended up turning camera guys and editors into directors to fill the gaps! I was trying to promote us and get our sales back up to the level they were before Rob, Tom and Tiffany left and all the while I was getting no work from the new crop of Elegant directors.

Were there other problems as well?

Oh yeah, I'm just getting started. You got me fresh off this decision to leave, so I have plenty to say. Do you need to get a fresh tape?

I think we're good for a while, thanks.

OK, in addition to the contractual problems, there were artistic differences. Patrick Collins didn't feel that I should be represented on the box covers as their contract girl. To say the least, this pissed me off from the start. I happened to take lower wages instead of working at my normal rates for all the other companies.

You took less money to work exclusively for Elegant? Why?

To be contracted is to be one of the elite in the business. It should mean that the performer is promoted as a company representative.

Not putting you on boxcovers is a funny way of using you to represent the company.

Exactly. They not promote me for months and, when they did decide to, it was too little too late. He, Patrick Collins, did a lot more when Tiffany was there. It paid off for his company. She did a lot for Elegant. I could have done a lot as well, but he wouldn't let me. Maybe he just doesn't see his company dissolving.

So the Elegant contract didn't help your career as much is should have?

That is another part of it. There were a number of career differences Patrick has ruined a pretty fair portion of my career. When you consider that careers usually aren't long for women in this business, the time I spent there has really been a set back. He decided, only God knows why, to cut all my hair off and dye it red. Not only did I lose a lot of my fans, but it really took a lot of my confidence away! It will take years to grow back to that length.

I happen to like the new length, but I always wondered about the change in color. You were so striking as a blonde.

See? I would of done anything for that company That was just an example of how committed I was to making it work. I did it because the contract meant that much to me.

The haircut was a while ago. Did things get worse near the end?

Hell yeah. They knew I was on the way out and they tried something that really pissed me off. They asked me if I'd like to do a gang bang, knowing damn well that they could get the gang bang and send me on my way.

Sort of like the gang bang Stephanie Swift did?

I really didn't want to mention her by name because I have heard her say she doesn't regret doing her gang bang. It's just that with her timely departure everyone puts two and two together to see that they could have easily fired her before the gang bang! She is a good actress so it doesn't affect her like it would me. She did a gang bang and a couple days later came in to ask for a raise, instead of the raise they basically fired her telling her that she wasn't the right girl for promoting the company. When they asked me to do a gang bang, knowing we were parting ways it enraged me. I didn't want people to think they got me too.

You're not opposed to doing a gang bang, you just didn't want them to have you do one and then use it against you?

Right. I want to do one, but only for a company that respects me and will do it right. I just didn't feel comfortable enough to let it all go for them before they proved to me that they were serious about backing me and supporting me.

And you don't think they were?

As you see I'm gone! I'll let you figure that one out.

Touche... Any other factors leading to this move?

Sure. This is all still really fresh, so I can go on all day. You won't get bored will you?

I'll just sit and stare at your legs if I do. Take as long as you like.

There, like that view better. Other reasons? OK, lies. There were plenty of lies. Look at how they treated Stephanie. Even though she did the best movies of the year for Elegant and along with Tiffany brought them to the level they were at, they got what they wanted and let her go. It worked out for her because she swept up at the AVN awards. I'm not as fortunate because I depend on my sexual performances. I'm not as good as an actress as she is. I have to be able to hold on to the gang bang so I have something to offer companies that I have never done at the end of my career. Girls who use the gang bang at the beginning of their career aren't leaving anything for the end. It makes it harder.

How is that a lie on their part?

They knew that the gang bang would be the big one for me, and they acted as if it was just another movie in a long line of titles I would do for them. I'm not stupid. They wanted that and then would have tossed me aside with not much left to offer a new company.

I see your point, but I also think you underestimate your own popularity.

There was also a total lack of respect shown towards me. Patrick, flat out lied to me over and over. When my husband would leave the room during meetings, Pat would yell at me like I was his kid, but he'd never try that in front of my husband. I was warned that he never goes through with anything he says. He sent me on Howard Stern to promote "Darlin's Derriers." When I came back, he had shredded the movie and decided to make it a low budget quickie project. They were all mad at me because I didn't blab 'oh Elegant, oh Elegant' and mention their names.. Sorry the motivation wasn't there. The movie he wanted to do now was nothing like what my husband got on national radio and promoted. Now that it's not going to happen, I look like an idiot.

So, what happens to the project now?

Just watch and see. We'll see who's the idiot when my husband and I make "Darlin's Derriers" and it pops up at #1. We'll do it the way it should be done. To the consumers likings; not Patrick's fetishes.

He wanted you to make a movie that catered to him?

How many times have you seen an Elegant movie where the guy is plowing the girl's ass and pulls out to cum on her feet. Plenty, because all the directors shoot scenes to please Pat's fetish instead of shooting what is sexy to them. My company will listen to the porn consumer to understand what they would like to see, not assume they like what we like.

It sounds like the vision got a little blurred on that project.

It was a mess. I went over to Budapest to do "Darlin's Derrieres". Supposedly it was mine to direct, but when I got there he made me sit around and watch him direct like he was some visionary. He ended up letting me go back home early because of the AIDS scare. The Hungarian actors didn't want to work with the Americans from Elegant because of Marc Wallice. I didn't want condoms in my video, so Patrick pushed me aside and filmed everything else. I didn't want to shoot my scenes with condoms. For one thing, I'm allergic to them, and for another, the viewers would wonder why condoms were not there all the time. I want to be consistent. He called me as a hassle because I wanted the video to be a quality production. Now it's not going to get done. He blames it on me that the video didn't get finished. Patrick actually looked me in the face and said that it was just chaotic since everyone else had left and he'd get around to shooting it soon. He said, looking me right in the face, to relax and understand that "Darlin's Derriers" was priority around there. He said if I wasn't so important to Elegant he would of already hired another contract girl. Guess what happened three days later? He hired Roxanne Hall. I guess I wasn't laying my holes on the line enough for him or something. That's fine because I'm just not the ass kissing type.

You are really pissed right now, I wish the readers could see the anger in your eyes. You're scaring me a little.

Trust me this is tame compared to what I could be saying. Let's just say I know too much. If they dare to fuck with my reputation I'll destroy theirs.

So, does that about cover the problems at Elegant?

Pretty much, just a few final thoughts. I still trusted everyone there until my final days. I wondered why everyone left under bad terms, but I don't wonder anymore. I just wish I knew then what I know now! The problem wasn't the way I was treated face to face it was the way I as treated when I left the office. There are only a couple people who had anything nice to say, or really said what they felt. I can't stand cowards! There is one person there and the ass kisser knows who he is!

Roger, there are stories I could tell you about that place, and believe me I will. If they decide to spread lies about me, I'll them all come out. You know, the good personal behind the scenes stuff. God save them if they do! Otherwise I'll just let it go from here and move on.

Thanks for listening and for letting me have my say. People can take what they want from this interview, but the truth is that I'm disappointed that I couldn't stay there for longer. I believed in them and wanted to make things better than ever. I'm pissed at the way we parted, but I had to go. It was the only way I could have kept my sanity in this business.

It sounds like you got out of a bad situation the best way you knew how.

No one there likes each other. They would all knife each other in the back if it could help their own careers. I wanted to come on board originally because I was told people there treat each other like family. If that's what they call family then physiologists are doing good business these days! I just wish I could have understood when the others went out that is was a premonition for how I'd feel now!

Enough of the bad news. Last night you told me you were thinking of dancing for a while and coming back to videos in a year or so. But there is a second announcement I believe?

My days at Elegant are over but my contract days aren't. My plans have changed due to my offer from Extreme Associates. I just signed a one year deal with Extreme and my worries are over. The hostile takeover has one more weapon and her name is Jessica Darlin.

You were a free agent for less than a day. How did this contract come about?

I was in picking up a DNA test, and Van Damage came in. He said to me, "You know, the last good box cover you had was a movie I made." He was right, and told me I should tell Patrick off. I told him I wasn't with Elegant any more and guess what? I was signed a few hours later.

So there will be many new videos in the future, this time, with you featured. Any existing titles particularly proud of? Ones readers should watch out for?

As far as sex goes I really love what I do so just about any of them you'll see me cumming! There have been the few times that I might have just come off the road or had been over worked that the sex wasn't as intense as I wanted it to be, but I'm lucky enough not to have to fake things. I think "Bunghole Harlots" from Elegant will be my best, but so far, but anything I do now at Extreme will shred that. I'm finally happy!

Any favorite males to work with?

My favorite male has to be between the guys over at Extreme, Van Damage and Tom Byron. Mark Davis, and Julian at Metro are a close second! His cock is worthy of worship!

Who's cock Julian's?

Yes, oh yes.

What make a cock worthy of worship?

Julian has one of the most beautiful cocks I've ever sat on. I love it. It's worth total mouth, pussy and ass worship.

How would you like to worship his cock?

With everything I have. He can stick it wherever he wants.

Any favorite females?

My favorite girls are Davia Ardell and Janine!

Anyone you haven't worked with yet, but want to?

Rocco just for his cock and I really want to take Julian up the ass. Tiffany Mynx as far as the girls go. One on one! I would kill for Jeanna Fine too but she's hard to get! She's my all time favorite performer to watch!

Any adult video critics ever get on that list of people you want to work with?

Well, I have to tell you, if you keep giving me these great reviews we both know your working your way right up the glory hole.

How tall are you?

I'm 5'3"

What are your measurements?

36/24/32 and my tits are real!

Real tits? I don't know if I should believe you or not.

You know the only way I've ever been able to prove it is by...go ahead squeeze...anymore questions?

If I can think of some does that mean I get to keep squeezing? How big did you say these are?

They are a 36d around my period but 36c otherwise.

They are spectacular to say the least. I have to ask. Are you going to keep them real?

I've said that I'll never get my tits done, but when I see how great Tiffany Mynx's are it makes me think a little. Truly, until something goes wrong with them I'm not going to touch them. I'm very proud of them aren't you?

Proud? I'd say I'm in love when them.

OK, Rog, can I have my tits back now please, people are starting to stare.

Do you watch your own movies? What do you look for?

Yes. my husband and I always watch the finished product. I'm very critical of my performance. I want to see that I'm turned on, giving off heat, and that I take a great cumshot! The cumshot makes or breaks a scene! I want my energy to show how much I love getting fucked!

It shows, oh it shows. What do you think of the business?

I love the fact that here amongst the industry it's like a world away from the norm.. People can't understand how we live like this but here people understand!! Come on I got the chance to go on Howard Stern. How cool is that? And that's just a little taste of some of the cool things I've gotten to do! Also I love the monster cocks.

What about the recent HIV scare? Does it worry you?

Of course, it worries me. That's why I am very careful who I work with.

Will you be going all condom?

I don't like condoms. I never have. I admit I will not use a condom until they become absolutely mandatory, and even then I would probably just quit. I love bareback sex, and I got into the business knowing the risk. I have always been willing to take the good with the bad. I got into this business because until lately there record regarding HIV was close to perfect. I believe that the fans are smarter than the industry gives them credit for being. The fans know that unprotected sex is a death sentence in today's society. We aren't immortal. We are fantasy. If we weren't providing fantasy a lot more cases of rape and AIDS would pop up due to sexual frustration. Sex can be fun, but sex can be dangerous. A lot of things are both of those things. If we stopped doing everything that was dangerous our lives wouldn't be worth living.

Do you think the industry is doing all it can to encourage performers to be safe both on screen and off?

We have a current aids test when we walk on a set, but we still understand that whatever our co-worker did last night could kill us today. It's the reality of living in the sex business. We are supposed to be the outlaws of society.

What would you like to see done differently?

If I could change anything about the business I'd try to weed out the drug use and beg performers to lead a social life that doesn't put the people they work with in jeopardy.

Do people recognize you now from your movies?

Since my OLD company cut and dyed my hair so much I don't look the same, but when people do notice, they are usually very cool about it!

Any favorite thing to do on camera?

ANAL...ANAL. I was nicknamed the queen of anal.

Who gave you that nickname?

When I was at Elegant some of the directors couldn't believe how well I could take the big guys considering how small I am. I did whatever positions they needed without a break or giving them a hassle. I have no complaints when a nice big dick is up my ass. Actually you could do whatever you wanted right about then. They called me their little anal queen because I was actually enjoying it and not doing it for the money!

When did you first try anal sex?

The first time I did it was when I was 17 with my fiancee, who is now my husband.

Did you love it from the start?

The first couple of times he just fucked me with the head. Once we really found a lube I enjoyed, it's since been an almost everyday thing for us.

So it is part of your off screen sex life as well?

Actually most nights it's all we do. I love it up the crapper!

Is there anything you won't do on camera?

I won't do anything that I wouldn't do in my private life. Nothing that I feel degrades what my thoughts of sexy are! I'm really open to whatever feels good to me. I'll probably do everything you can do with a hole before I'm done!

How does your on screen personality reflect or differ from you real life?

People freaked out when they found out that I did porn. I'm really a girl next door type, but sexually I'm a damn freak. I don't do drugs or drink, so sex is my addiction, my vice. I like to go to the movies and play video games as well as fuck around on the computer. I don't like to get messed up in the industry gatherings. It keeps me out of the rumor mill!

Any unfulfilled fantasies?

I would like to get gang banged from my selection of tremendously hung industry studs as well as do a d.p in front of the camera. I've done one in my private life but it sucked because we were all drunk. It was 4 years ago. I was never a heavy drinker and have stopped cold turkey since. That was a blur of a night!

Who would you pick for that magical big cock gang bang and where I can sign up?

When I do my gang bang it's going to be special. It will be the big finale for me. I want to be remembered for it! You just keep up with the nice comments and you'll start the train. Choo-choo!

Do you have a fan club? Web site? How can fans get a hold of you?

If they want to get in touch with me as easy as possible just e-mail me at darlinsway@aol.com. I could give my fan club address but that's at my old company. You can write to Extreme Associates for my new fan club info!

Do you do any feature dancing?

I will be dancing soon but no dates set yet. I have won dancing awards and when I do go out it will be a performance that very few porn stars can touch!! I'm proud of my dancing skills!! As you can see!

Any tattoos or body piercing?

I have a tattoo that is easy to notice if your holding my hips while your fucking me or watching it at home. It runs along my bikini line. It's all black and is formed as tribal art. I also have a colorful dragon around my ankle. I have my tongue pierced and my belly pierced. I just want the old fashioned or the weak of heart to know that a tattoo is just art. It doesn't make a woman less feminine, just more colorful. I didn't do it to be cool. It was something I always wanted. I'm more of a woman now than I've ever been. It made me flow free into the porn slut you just might jack off watching. You weren't complaining then were ya!!

Who me? No. I've heard plenty of things about pierced tongues. Are they true?

Don't get caught up in the pierced tongue, cock sucking rumors. My husband says the throat feels much better than the tongue anyway. Good hands, deep throats and an ample amount of spit will get the juice flying!

Any plans for more?

Nope. I'm all done. These are the ones I wanted and I'm happy with them. It hurts me as far as doing magazines and featuring but they'll just have to work around them!!

What are you career goals within the adult biz?

I really want the best new starlet this year and someday performer of the year!! I'd give anything to one day be called a legend, but that's takes a long time. I just want to enjoy and soak in every bit till it's my time to go! Who knows what tomorrow brings?

What are your outside interests?

I love to go to the movies, go to concerts, shopping, riding horses, and love video games. I'm a fucking video game junkie. I can't forget that gambling is my favorite thing besides sex, but the thought of loosing all the money I've earned scares the CRAPS out of me!

What kind of music do you listen to?

I love disco, funk, classic rock, and country. I know, a weird mix!!!

Tell me a little about your husband.

I'm married to a very cool guy. My husband is my best lover and my best friend. We've been together for 5 years. He's trying to get on the hostile takeover at Extreme Associates and be a director. He's also a musician who's recorded various cds with various bands.

What do you look for in a man/woman?

I've found what I looked for. A great lover and a great friend. A sense of humor and a whole lot of strength. No one could ever hurt me and get away with it as long as my husband is alive. He makes me feel safe.

Anything you would like to add/say to the fans?

I'd like people to know that I do the job I do not for the money but more for the experience. You got to live and breath the industry to know how good or bad it can be. Otherwise you can't understand the ups and downs. Please support the people who bring fantasy into your homes!! they're not perfect but they're damn close. I love all my fans, and thanks for the support!

Thanks so much Jessica. Let me know when that gang bang list starts up.

You got it Rog. Just remember the hostile takeover has begun. Extreme Associates!


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