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Some highlights from Part 1 of my recent interview with Patrick Collins.
For the entire interview, please read

Rog: You were telling me before we turned the tape on that you were a fan when you got into the business. What about life before porn, what was your background?

PC: Mostly sales. I sold everything, cars, washers and dryers, you name it.

Rog: And you were a big fan of porn?

PC: Absolutely. I was a fan of porn since I was a kid. I watched it on eight millimeter and I used to go into the city to watch it. Once, in the early seventies, I went to Mitchell Brothers. I figured I wanted to be an actor in the business. They took a couple of Polaroid's of me, but they never called me back. (He laughs.) What the hell, I tried.

Rog: So you were a salesman and porn fan, how did you make the jump into the business?

PC: My wife at the time, the former Tianna, was an exhibitionist. We had a girlfriend, Raven Richards, who was in the business. Tianna asked her if she thought she had the right make up for this business. Raven said "I've never met anyone in my life who is more perfect for this than you." I took a leave of absence to see what was going on. Obviously, I was really curious, and I also wanted to make sure she was safe and didn't get taken advantage of. Through that, I met John Stagliano. That was in January of 1989. By July or August of that year, I was working for John selling his tapes.

Rog: How did the Sodomania series come about?

PC: Very quickly. Mike Cates and I got together on that. He was editing and doing camera for me. We were talking about what it was that we liked about porn. I had just been watching some loops and there would be three or four little vignettes on a tape. We agreed that this stuff was great because it gave different little fantasies to work with. In a magazine, I saw the name 'Sodomaniaque' in a French magazine and that's how I came up with the title. Mike has really been an integral part of everything that I have done. He is my friend, but he is also a very talented guy, extremely creative and hard working. He is always in the background, but I can't say enough about how much he contributes to what I do. His idea was to introduce it like "Tales from the Crypt" and that was how we came up with it. The rest, as they say, is history.

Rog: Where has Mr. Fazano been?

PC: Mrs. Collins took issue with Mr. Fazano, so he has been out of the loop for a while. Mrs. Collins is getting ready to give birth to twins any day now and I think that may be part of it. It's interesting for me, from a self disciplinary standpoint to say no to these things. I am a real emotional person. If I think it's good, do it, now! That's not to say that he won't be back.

Rog: What's the story behind the split between Elegant Angel, John and Bruce?

PC: The way it started was Bruce was directing for John and I. We owned Elegant Angel. It was all-girl movies with Bruce directing for us. Then John helped Bruce start his company. There was never any split with Bruce like that. He just decided that he wanted to have his own offices. Bruce was a great guy. He didn't always listen to good advice and he let people take advantage of him. He was a hard headed son of a bitch, but he didn't give a fuck. Bruce was a great director and a lousy business man. It was not a good move for him to leave John. John is a good businessman and has a very anal way of doing things that benefits people who are not so attentive to those things. So, Bruce stayed in the same complex, but got his own offices.

Rog: Why did you leave?

PC: I left basically because I didn't feel that I was being treated fairly. We had made a lot of adjustments to my income throughout the years which were always in the favor of John. It wasn't even really about that. I just felt that maybe I was in someone's shadow. I wanted to see if I could do this on my own, it's a big commitment and a lot of work. I think that unintentionally, through John's attitude towards me at a particular time, where I said I wasn't going to take it any more. Then one time, he said something like 'you can't make it without me.' Like I said, I'm an emotional guy and I just wasn't going to spend the rest of my life wondering. That was it.

Rog: 1997 was a really big year for Elegant Angel. You swept just about every award possible. What do you think made that year special?

PC: I'm not really known for being politically correct, so why start now? I think part of it had to do with critics wanting Elegant Angel's newer venture to be successful. It ensures the flow of advertising dollars. I think that the publicness of the individuals at Elegant Angel at the time contributed. In Tom Byron's case, the quality of the work contributed.

Rog: Shortly after the success at the CES show, everything sort of came apart. The split was loud and ugly. What happened? All at once, you lost a hand full of award winning directors.

PC: These award winning directors, by the way, did not win nearly as many awards as I had won cumulatively prior to that, making a lot less movies. I only made one movie a month for about six years. This is going to be a long answer, but the bottom line is that they started to believe their own press. Rob has a much higher impression of himself than anyone else. He's a good bull shitter and a bright guy.

Rog: What about the internet, and the people out here in cyberspace?

PC: I have to say something about the internet and you're really involved in this. There are more spineless, punk mother-fuckers on the internet than I have ever seen in my life. These mother fuckers, and you tell them this, have no spine. They run their fucking mouths. They are the same mother fuckers who used to eat sand on the beach and cower in school. They never had a date with a girl.


OK, I'm going to try this one more time. I do encourage people to take a few minutes to read the whole thing, but it's damn long.


Rog: What do you think is the importance of contract girls? Or do you think that for what you do, they just aren't that relevant?

PC: Good question. It's not important to me for the movies alone. It doesn't' really work for gonzo. It is important to me on the level of representation to the fans and to the retailers. So, if I have a responsible girl who answers her fan mail and is on time for her appointments, it can be very good in customer relations, but I can't possibly justify it any other way.

Rog: You talked a little bit about what a risk it was to do "The Fist" and you covered why you did it. With that in mind, did you follow the Anabolic "Rough Sex" situation at all?

PC: I hated that shit. I had a girl come in here, Regan Starr, and I asked her about it. She said that they beat the shit out of her. That she asked them to stop, but they wouldn't stop. I told Chris "Kahn Tusion is a fucking punk." This ain't about fucking sex, it's about hurting girls and lying to them. As far as I'm concerned, Anabolic has zero integrity with me. These fucking guys are misogynists. They will do anything to a girl that makes them money, no matter what happens to the girl. Then they sugar coat it with that bull shit about consentuality. Both of them have daughters, I'd like to see them do that to their fucking daughters or their wives. Or to somebody I fucking know. These guys are spineless, no fucking spine at all. Anybody who likes to beat the shit out of women and do things when a woman tells you no, and then say it's OK because it's REAL? Well, I'll show you a fucking real forty five up to your fucking head and we'll see you shit your pants when I cock that mother fucker. That's real too. Fucking punks.

Rog: How do you think that differs from the charges of misogyny leveled at Elegant Angel over the years? Particularly in Rob's movies.

PC: You don't see Rob here, do you? This, as I said before, was a period of time when I had Greg Alves running this thing. Between him, Rob and the rest of them, I damn near ended up out of business. I can tell you this, that spitting in Stephanie Swift's face, you will never find that in my videos now. I wasn't even aware it was there. Guess where I saw it? I saw it on my site. When I saw it, it was gone. So, the accusations in that case, were well founded, and they have been taken care of. You never saw that before and you won't see it from my company again. There was an example of my stupidity. When you try and get out of doing your own work, you get burned.

Rog: Elegant is a condom optional company correct?

PC: Yes. If people want to use them, I don't care.

Rog: Have you found that it hurts sales at all?

PC: Nah, not a bit.

Rog: There is a lot of talk that it kills sales?

PC: That's bull shit. These are people who are always looking for an excuse as to why they aren't selling more product. Instead of bitching, they ought to hire people to shoot who actually like sex. It's real fucking simple.

Rog: Are there any themes or types of you movies that you won't go near?

PC: Yes. I think that the objective has to be eroticism. I don't find girls crying because they are in pain erotic. I don't find religion and sex together erotic. I think that the source of these things is the individual director's issues with either women or religion and that in their efforts to deal with their own demons, they are shooting what they are most afraid of. I don't have those conflicts or issues to the degree that other people seem to have.

Rog: Fans are always asking what ever happened to Tianna. Do you have any insight to offer them?

PC: She has been married for a few years and as far as I know, lives in Australia. I haven't heard from her in quite a long time.

Rog:So we won't see her back in the business any time soon.

PC: I don't think so.

Rog: Who would say is making good product?

PC: John Leslie. For the same reasons I keep saying, John is a pervert. He loves doing this. He's an extremely talented guy and he cares about what he does. Rocco, because Rocco loves fucking and loves pussy. He will never change. You can take Rocco and put him with the deadest fucking girl in the world and still get a great scene.

Rog: Does interracial sex in your movies hurt sales in any way?

PC:Never hurt them for me. Look at Sean Michaels. He's great. He's a good looking guy and a nice guy.

Rog: If you could pick one movie that you have directed and say I am most proud of this one, what would it be?

PC: "Theory of Relativity"

Rog: Why?

PC: Because eighty percent of the eroticism in that movie comes from the performances and the dialog. To get those kinds of performances from people who aren't really known for their acting is something that I am proud of. And again, I had help. Not only did I have Cates, but I had Joey Silvera who is a really good actor.

Rog: OK, you've covered a lot these people, but I a list of names I'd like to run by you and have you just give me your first impression of them.

PC: Shoot.

Rog: Bruce Seven

PC: One of a Kind

Rog: John Stagliano

PC: One of a kind.

Rog: Max Hardcore.

PC: (Patrick takes a long pause, choosing his words carefully.) A boil on the ass of pornography.

Rog: Care to elaborate?

For the rest... http://rogreviews.com/Interviews/PCollins2.htm



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