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Subject: Mr. Web Review interviews starlet Cherry Lee
Date: Sat, 05 Feb 2000 00:03:54
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We sat down with an up and coming star, Cherry Lee who's got a lot of skills and spunk. We talked about her likes and dislikes and how she got that sexy name. As you can see by the pictures she gave us, she's a sexy girl.

The name Cherry Lee, where does that come from?

The name Cherry Lee comes from my tattoo on my behind and I just added the Lee to it

What got you into this biz? How much longer are you planning to stay?

I got in the biz by an friend of mine who was in the biz a while back. He took me down to Jim South's office where I took pics, and that is how it started. I plan on staying in the biz for a while, I will eventually go behind the scenes.

Do you worry about HIV infection? What special precautions do you take, if any?

No I do not worry to much about the infection. I use condoms in my private life and I make sure that the person always have an current test

Your ideal boyfriend would be what?

My ideal mate would be someone who is very understanding and supportive, intelligent, a sense of humor, considerate to others, and someone that can cook. He also have to be romantic at times.

How do guys/fans handle you in person? Are they in awe, just horny?

The male fans have been so sweet to me. They are not always horny men

When you masturbate, what are you looking at or thinking about?

When I masturbate, I think about being on an island all alone while drinking a long island ice tea

You know fellas want to know: is it the length of the wand that counts or is it "the motion in the ocean"? Be honest.

Size does not matter as long as he can satisfy me and work me over

What is your favorite all time porn film? Why?

Anything that has Vanessa Del Rio in it. She is a nasty lady and I like that.

You got any love for old school black stars like Persia, Heather Hunter, Janet Jacme? Why?

I have much respect for the women that was in the biz before me. They are the ones that paved the rode for me and the other women.

What's the kinkiest thing you have NOT done on film?

I walked across the street naked in downtown LA in daylight. That was fun.

You know this was coming: What was the kinkiest thing you did ON film and what's that film called?

I would say an dp on Super Freaks 1

X star you want to bone most?

I would say it would have to be Ray Victory for sure.

You into girls much at all in real life?

Oh, yes i am very much into women in my personal life

How much do big-time celebrities and athletes kick it with porno stars?

They kick it very often

Why do you think there are not more black directors in the biz?

There has been only a few so far but there will be plenty in the near future

You dancing anywhere soon? Any new movies coming out?

I will be in Texas in April for the Kappa beach week

Where are you from? Siblings?

I am from the midwest, in Indiana. I have an sister and a brother

When you're done with porn, what would you like to do? We never really know much of what happens to girls after they get out.

I will open up my own lingerie shop

Is this a lucrative biz for you? can you retire on what you're making now if you're smart?

If you invest and handle your money wisely, I do not see why not. You have to handle your business.

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