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From: fabiog@neptunenet.com (L. Blisset)

Subject: E-MAIL INTERVIEW with Asia Carrera

Here's another interview; today's star is Asia Carrera, one of my favorite girls!

okay... here we go!

Date: November 17th 1996

Your appearance in porn : is it a result of an own decision, or was it pressure (money, men, ...)?

I don't do anything anyone tells me to do - i'm too stubborn. It's all my doing.

When did you start your porn carreer? How old were you at that moment?

I danced at eighteen. Did movies at nineteen.

How many films have you made up to now?

About 150

How many new films have you been in in 1996?

Beats me!

Do you have an idea how many tapes have been sold with Asia Carrera in it?

Beats me!

For the lovers of statistics : how many facials have you done and how many anal penetrations?

Two anals, four facials, all in "A is for Asia"

Have you been doing lesbian scenes?

I do lesbian in almost all of my movies. Obviously you've never seen any.

What sexual acts you refuse to do on film? Where are your limits?

No anal, no facials (i own "A is for Asia") no interracial, no toys, no gangbangs, no more than one guy, no double penetrations, etc etc. just boy/girl and girl/girl.

Which female pornstars you know personally?

Everybody that's working. It's a small business.

What will you be doing within 10 years?

I'm going to be a stock analyst.

Is it possible to have a normal familylife after you have been a succesfull pornstar?

What is normal? Who can define normal? The people on Oprah and Donahue are not "normal" and they don't do porn. I think my life is normal.

Is it true that XXX adult films are becoming the more and more bizarre? In the 80's we saw the boom of anal sex. Now it's fistfucking, golden shower, and so on. Do you agree with that?

Fistfucking is illegal. Golden showers are too. Everything is stricter now.

What are the new tendencies in hardcore pornography?

Just anal reaming. That's the hardest.

Is there a significant difference between American and European porn?

Yeah, they can do 'most anything.

What percentage of porn actresses are doing porn completely by free will?

All of us. Don't believe the hype. If we don't want to be here, we'd do a lousy scene and no one would hire us.

How many girls are active in the professional porn business at the moment, you think?

There's hundreds that pass thru every year. No one can keep track.

Is the porn business linked with criminal activities like drug dealing?


Why anal sex is so popular in adult film?

Because guys at home have a hard time convincing their girlfriends to do it.

Are women getting an enema before doing anal sex?


Is it true sometimes ejaculations are faked?

Rarely, but they will if the guy can't come.

Do production schemes give women vacation when they are having their period?

No. We insert a sponge before sex.

How come we see always the same male actors (think about Ron Jeremy)?

Because it's a very difficult job, and most guys can't do it.

Addiction to pornography : does it exist?

Addiction to the dough, yes. It beats working at McDonalds.

Is hardcore porn just a tough commercial business or do it have idealists (fighters for freedom of speech, for instance)?

Yeah there's tons of free speech stuff here. We have the free speech coalition, and lots of other groups. They're protecting our job.

Are there any famous couples in the porn business : I mean a well-known female pornstar married or living together with a well-known male pornstar?

Many of the girls only do their husbands or boyfriends. Like Racquel Darrian. The guys don't get as famous, because nobody cares about the guys.

What percentage of pornstars are gay or lesbian in real life?

95%(of the women).

Will hardcore pornography survive the new moral rigidities all over the world?

Porno will always be around, whether it's legal or not. There's too many guys that enjoy it.


More Asia Carrera :


And now I'd like to do some considerations about some Asia's answers:

1) Why does Asia refuse to do anal or facial scenes if she says she's done 'em in her own movie "A is for Asia"?? Maybe because if we want to see her doing that we gotta buy her movie so that all the money go directly to her? Or just because she didn't like it?? (guess it!!)

2) I agree with Asia that maybe none can define what's normal but to deny that a concept of normal exist................. I guess people consider "normal" something that the most of the population of a certain place do; having breakfast in the morning is normal, walking backwards is not. Then: is it normal to be a porn star? and what's the difference with a prostitute?? the amount of the money? the places where sex is done? the freedom of choice about "customers"?? what? Please comment!

3) She says that all of the girls that do porn are free, they do it because they want it, otherwise they'd do a bad scene so that nobody would hire 'em again right?! Well, that sounds strange to me!!! Let's say that I am a criminal that has a nice girl and I want her to make porn movies to make money for me ok?! What do you think I'd do her if I'd see her doing a bad scene? Let's say that I got a gun too and yes, I can even beat her if I want her to do something. So this girl lives in a terror state, she doesn't want me to make her suffer...........she doesn't like pain, doesn't she?? And so what?? She does what I tell her to do! She does a lousy scene?? That's not worthwhile for her!! She gotta do what I want. It's the same thing with many whores in the streets you know?! They are constricted to do it!! Then why should the porn biz be the happy island where all girls are free to do it only if they want to?! This is planet Earth Asia!! .........and that's the way things work (even if we don't like it!)

Okay guys, you're all invited to express your ideas!!


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