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Date: Fri, 24 Dec 99 03:16:16
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OK, first things first, Andy is not a guy. Oh no. Guys don't have asses like this. Oh no. She's caused a lot of controversy with her chiseled physique, not unlike Chyna, the WWF's resident bodybuilding queen (and real cutie, if you ask us).

Andy was working in a local department store when an XXX business person approached her and said "you oughta be in pictures."

She said OK and as of December, 1999, Lace had appeared in more than 20 films. She recently sat down to interview with the House Of Truth.

You are a rarity in porn, a bodybuilding woman. How long have you worked at that body? It's incredible.

I have been training now for about 10 years. Also, I don't consider myself a bodybuilding woman. I am more of a fitness girl. I don't have any of the big muscles bodybuilders have. I don't want to look like that.

I don't do any bodybuilding drugs. I don't drink or smoke. My body is very important to me and I would never take the risks that so-called bodybuilding girls take. I just want to be in very good shape with very little body fat.

Give me your workout schedule. What do you do specifically?

I train five days per week, one body part per day. I try to push myself everyday because it gives me confidence and it shows results. I do four sets of 10 to 15 reps per movement. I don't go really heavy because I don't want to build muscle. I just want to stay tight.

If you were going to train girls in the biz, what advice would you give them? To train intelligently and to have a goal: do not lift heavy to gain muscle and to always have a trainer who is competent. And to not use any sort of supplements -- just good ol' vitamin C.

I see a lot of the girls in the business who don't take care of themselves. I would encourage them to value their body. They only go around once.

What about the average person, training wise?

I would have them increase cardio and to train with light weights to increase their strength and stamina. And to also remove excess body fat.

Do you run into any "she looks like a man" type stereotypes?

I occasionally have heard that comment, but very rarely (and mostly it comes from guys who are very insecure because they are in poor condition).

I am in very good shape and I have a woman's voice, body and demeanor. I am probably the most in shape woman in porn and I find that 95 percent of the people I deal with love my body.

Is it tough for you to get work because of your physique?

Actually not at all. I could work six days a week if I wanted to, but I choose not to. I want to do quality work, not just lots of videos for the sake of doing lots of videos.

Also I have features booked all the way til August 2000, so I have no problem getting work. But most of all, I do one hell of a fuck scene, I have been told that for raw energy, I am hard to beat. I am a woman that truly loves to fuck and I really get into it.

Since I talked about her earlier, what do you think of Chyna, the WWF female star?

I think that in the beginning she was too muscular, but not that she has softened up, she looks a lot better

Agreed. Let's talk about your film career. How did you get started in the biz and how long have you been in it?

I was working at Nordstrom's and a guy who I can't name came to me and said, "With a body like that you need to be in adult videos." I said, "Are you sure?" He said, "yes." He said to come see him and he would take care of it.

At that time, I was dating a very well-known football player. He said, "Go ahead. It may be fun." So I did. This was in April 1999.

How many movies have you done?

I have done I think 20 regular videos and about 20 cat fight and I don't know how many bondage, but quite a few.

Do you have any porn faves or people you loved working with?

My two favorites, without a doubt, are Santino Lee and Cuba. They are two great guys and I love them both.

Anyone you'd like to work with?

Well I would love to fuck two guys: the first is Ron Jeremy. He is my best friend in the business and a real good guy. I think he is one in a million. He is my buddy. And for the pure sake of sex, it's got to be Lexington Steele. I think he and I would look good together.

I would love to take him for the ride of his life. I think he and I together in a video would be a scene people would talk about for a long time.

Tell me about your first X-rated experience? A movie with a boyfriend? A girlfriend?

It was a three-way girl-girl scene. I really had a good time and it opened my eyes to the business. I got to work with Cherry Mirage and she is truly a great person.

Are you into girls?

Sort of, but not really. I don't mind bi-scenes but I have certain types of women I like to work with and if I can't get them, I am not into it. I do however want to work with Nancy Yee (girl where are you?). We did some other things together and she is really nasty, but mostly I am a woman who loves men.

How tough is it to have a private live socially and be in this biz?

It is real hard. I used to date a football player. He just couldn't handle me having sex with other guys (ED NOTE: This is the guy who Andy said encouraged her to join. Funny how they change colors, huh?). And it was because of him that I came into the business.

Recently, I have been dating an actor. He is OK, but at times I have to give him special treatment to show him he is No. 1.

I see you do personal tapes for fans. Tell us some of things fans have asked for in those movies?

Oh my gosh, it is so funny. My website, which has only been up two months (since October, 1999) gets about 5,000 hits per day, so I am really busy fielding requests. But the best one I have agreed to do is to have sex with another girl using a double dildo in Venice Beach at the basketball courts at 12 noon on a Sunday....while holding a sign with his name on it.

One other unusual request was to have my boyfriend use a straw to drink beer out of my pussy while I'm laying on my back.

I'm curious to know where you're from and how > old are you (about) and do you have any sibs?

I am from New York City and I am less than 30 and older than 25. And I have no brothers or sisters and my birthday is September 2.

Why the name Andy Lace? You know folks will think you're a stud and not a female. Is that intentional?

You know, I never even thought of that until recently...like last week. Someone mentioned that to me and I was like "Really? Why would that ever come to anyone's mind?"

My boyfriend said that since you are in better shape than 95 percent of the guys in the business that someone might say that. I was so surprised that anyone would even think that. Andy is a combination of letters from my Mom and Dad's names. It was not really meant to symbolize anything.

On your page, it says you will go on a date with someone. How much is it? And you know folks will ask, is there any touching?

My dates are $600 per hour and so far I have agreed to 10 of them. There is touching but no sex. That is a definite no-no.

What's the wildest date you've been on so far?

None of them are really wild. Most of the guys are real nice. One guy took me to Magic Mountain and then for a carriage ride (Ed's note: Awww).

Most of the guys are from the midwest and they just want to have the time to talk and they are aware up front that I will give them a private show but there is no sex.

Weirdest place you've done the nasty?

In front of the Staples Center at 3 a.m. in front of the Staples sign. It is for a promotion of a show I am giving in New York. And once when I was very young I gave three guys a blowjob in front of the White House because if a dare one of them gave me.

Do you cruise the 'net much? What sites do you stop at?

I like playing on the 'net. It is fun some nights when I can't sleep. I just look at different things. I sometimes look at sex sites, but mostly I like travel sites. My favorites are the Jamaica sites.

Any last words?

In closing, I would like to say thanks and I want everybody to know that I love what I do. It is the best job in the world. I see so many people being critical of this business, but all in all, it is a good job with the opportunity to meet and associate with many good people.

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