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From: faceman911@aol.com (Faceman911)
Subject: Extra! Vivid Girls to Take Over Planet!
Date: Sat, 17 May 97 18:17:15
Organization: AOL http://www.aol.com

The following is a story I received Friday over the AP wire. The writer's name is Templeton Peck, and I assume he retains his copyright.

New York, NY - The opening pages of the July issue of mainstream SPY Magazine feature a two-page spread advertisement for FreshJive clothing. The ad stars popular porn performers Chasey Lain, Janine, Jen Teal, and Kobe Tai, known collectively as "Vivid Girls" because of their exclusive contracts with porn giant Vivid Video. Industry trendspotters point to this ad as a major salvo in what promises to be an interesting battle for supremecy between porn stars and traditional sexual ethos.

Citing increased Q ratings, postfeminist attitudes regarding sex, and a widespread acceptance of pornography among younger Americans, some analysts feel that a mainstream embrace of porn may be as little as a few years away. This public approval may spark a "gold rush" mentality, as citizens presently employed in more mundane occupations are drawn in large numbers to an industry built entirely on the promise of young, eager female flesh. Such an influx of new people would produce a ripple effect, resulting in ever greater respect and admiration for those willing to align themselves with "X". School-age children will add "pornstar" to the list of things they want to be when they grow up, and Chasey (Lain) will replace Chelsea (Clinton) as the number one role model for young girls. Boys, who all secretly want to be pornstars anyway, will stop trying to "Be Like Mike" and start trying to "Cum Like Pete".

Is such a scenario feasible? Many say yes, it is. The new zeitgist has at its core an intensifying male fascination with beautiful young girls willing to fuck on film. Men, it appears, are powerless in the face of such raw carnality and will do anything to associate themselves with it, even if only vicariously, through celluloid. We are perhaps not far from a world where porn starlets are worshipped as goddesses, men wait in line for years to service them, and desirable women everywhere use the power inherent in their own pussies to seize control of the New World Order. The Vivid girls are poised at the cutting edge of this revolution and, by all accounts, seem to be winning.


"I love it when a plan comes together."
John "Hannibal" Smith
The A - Team


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