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From: justmrt@aol.com (Just Mr T)
Subject: Re: What's with the shoes !?!
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 97 14:24:03
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Chris Marlowe wrote:

Why not shoot a scene where the actress has one shoe on and one shoe off?

Chris has put his finger on what I believe will be the Next Big Thing. Anal is over, pro-am is over, gonzo is over, eastern Europe exploitation is over.

Greg Dark will release videos featuring women with one bare foot and one clown shoe. Rob Black will release videos featuring women with one bruised, blistered foot and one filthy sneaker with dog shit on the sole. Rodney Moore will release one line of videos in which he ejaculates on the bare foot and another in which he ejaculates on the shod foot. Randy West will attempt to do the same, but will be unable to produce any visible ejaculate. Seymore Butts will find a contortionist who can shove her own feet (one bare, one shod) up her ass, then lick them. Ed Powers' videos will feature women who solemnly promise that this is the first time that they have *ever* been filmed wearing only one shoe. Bruce Seven will tie up and flog women who have big hair, ugly tattoos, and, yes, one shoe. Joey Silvera will produce single-shoe videos with incomprehensible story lines and non sequitur dialog. John Leslie will do the same, but they will be beautifully lit and photographed. Andrew Blake will make a video in which all of the actresses have one bare foot , on the sole of which is written in phosphorescent paint, "for the love of God, will someone let me direct a music video."

Porn actresses will flock to Tijuana medical clinics to have their feet "enhanced" with implants that make their toes six inches long.

RAME will split into two factions, one which favors bare left feet and shod right feet, the other which favors shod left feet and bare right feet.

Remember, you heard it here first.


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