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Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2000 13:13:31

buckowens2@aol.com (Buckowens2) wrote in <rame.964411219p9418@bash>:

>Why bash him for pointing us to this. It's mildly entertaining and the
>kind of stuff that porn fans have fun with.

Because it's self-serving -- and is it really all that "entertaining?" What have we learned from this interview? What light has been shown on this personality?

If you found that entertaining, then this should have you rolling on the floor:

An Interview with Suzy Superslut by FAQBoy:

Q. Thanks for (sitting down with / e-mailing) me.

My pleasure! I love to (talk / type) to my fans!

Why did you join the adult business?

I love to fuck! I figured, I do it a lot in my private life, why not get paid for it? Besides, knowing all those horny guys (and gals!) out there are jerking off to me gets me hot.

How did you get into the jizz biz?

I was (stripping / working at the Bunny Ranch) and I met (famous pornstar) and she told me how great the industry was and if I wanted to make a lot of money, I should go with her to LA. So I did, and she introduced me to some people, and the next thing I know, I'm signed by Jim South and making fucking for my fans!

Do you like phone sex?

Yes! You can actually set up appointments with me on my website.

How about custom videos?

Sure! You can actually order them on my website.


Sure! You can actually see them set up in my apartment on my website.

Are you married?

No. I stay single so I can pick one lucky fans from one of my feature dancing stops and fuck them like crazy!


No, I'm married.


No, I'm just fuckin with ya.

I wish.


What do you do in your spare time?

I like to rollerblade, or sit and read sometimes. Nothing beats laying out on the beach getting a tan. (oh, and fucking of course!)

What was your favorite film you did?

'Citizen Cock' was my favorite. I deep throated Jack Hughson to the point where I almost puked! And I had sushi for lunch! Twice!

Yeah, you were great in that. Do you remember that movie you did, 'Anal Spitball'?


That was awesome.

Um, thanks.

The way you, you know, like, fucked in that movie.


Great stuff. Great stuff. Do you have a favorite roll [sic] you played?

I loved playing Holly Go-Horny in 'Tiffany for Breakfast.' I ate out Kimberly Chen differently than I did Morgan LaCheste since my character was at a different stage of her sexual awakening in the story. I even had different books on the table in the hotel where we filmed the scene! Same goes for taking Jack Hughson up the ass -- in the first scene I did with him, I pretended my ass was really tight and I acted liked it hurt. I said "Ow! That hurts!" a lot. Then in our second scene at the end of the film, I really relaxed my sphincter. That's a good secret for anal sex girls (and guys!) relax your sphincter! (laughs). And also in that scene, I said "Mmmm. That feels so good, baby" and "Fuck my round pooper" a lot. I hope I get nominated for an AVN award. I know I'll never win since Jenna will for her portrayal of a nerd with implants and tattoos in "Freaks & Geeks & Gashes & Asses."

I think you should win.

You're so sweet!

Thanks. Do you have a fan club?

Yep. For $25 you can get an autographed 8x10 glossy of me, some promo slicks from my latest movies, and a newsletter detailing my dance schedule, and a diary telling you what it's *really* like to be a pornstar; and what its like to be Suzy.

Lots of hardcore raunch?

Sure! There's nothing I like better than hanging around the house, reading some John LeCarre spy novels, in my sweats, with my dog, Sunshine, while gracefully sliding a dildo in and out of my pussy.

Sounds hot!

It is; John LeCarre is such a great writer.

Will we see that kind of stuff on your webcam?

Who knows? For a recurring charge of $29.95 a month, you can join my members only section of my website and you can see me or my horny friends frolic around a house. I love walking around naked, so you'll never know what you might see! You like my titties?

Sure, who doesn't? Do you have implants?

Funny story. I came into this business as a natural D cup; but you know, nature has its way with you and at 20 years old, I had had enough of mother nature, so I had my tits done. I only went up to a DD, but I felt better about myself. Then, I had some trouble, so I had to have the implants removed, and have a reduction as well, so in the movie "Blowjob Fuckpants #22" you'll see me with B cups. Then, when I finally did that bukkake for Jim Powers and got the money together, I brought my tits back up to a D cup like I had to begin with ... and the ironic part -- is they sag too!

Well, I still love them. Can I touch them?

(Sure! / Sure! Or at least if we were in the same room and not emailing !)

Well, thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule.

My pleasure. It's been fun.

What are you off to now?

Into the bathrom for a quick enema, and then I need to stick a few dozen little green army men up my ass to beat Bridgette Kerkove to the record.


Yeah, its the centerpiece of my upcoming movie "Anal Toy Story 2" Luv ya!

Right back at'cha.


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