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Subject: AIMLESS's Spring 2000 Newsletter
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Date: Sat, 01 Apr 2000 08:50:16

AIMLESS Newsletter
Spring 2000

A popular and growing website company, who aren't shisters, have asked me to respond to the most common questions asked of AIMLESS Health Care and myself as a fully accreddited counselor for HIV, chemical dependency and a minor in social studies. I love to pass on the necessary information from AIMLESS Health Care as we continue our tireless efforts to educate the adult entertainment industry and the general population. I want to take this opportunity to share some of our very, very special correspondence. This has all been my pleasure. Thank you for letting us be your choice for help.

AIMLESS - watch us grow!

Q: I'm a top actress in the industry that wishes to remain anonymous and I've noticed more and more meth and cocaine use among the male talent in the industry. I'm also concerned about the amount of Viagra I've been seeing the men take. It's so bad that I have even considered going to the police with the names of some of the dealers/pushers allowed on the sets, but I don't want to be a rat.

Signed, Girl Watching

Dear Girl Watching, There is no drug use on sets in the industry, it absolutely isn't tolerated, so your concerns our misguided. And when I say there is no drug use in this industry, of course I mean there is some. As far as Viagra, it's a perfectly legal drug. If any of the male actors aren't getting Viagra and need some, I can put you into contact with the right doctors. By not going to the police, you did the right thing. Keep your nose out of other people's business and take care of your own. You are a wonderful person, a true saint. And nobody likes a dirty snitch.

Q: I'm an actress in the industry and I'm not comfortable with some of the men I work with. I also don't like certain sexual activities. What should I do?.

Signed, Has Standards

Dear Has Standards, Make sure you put a clause in your contract on these things. Sure you won't get much work and what little you get will be from directors pushing you to do these same things and you will get shittier and shittier work and face some vindictiveness. Eventually you will either comply or be an outcast...but stand tall!.

Q: I am new to the business, but concerned. I heard that Marc Wallice infected several actresses in the industry. Is this true?.

A: That never happened. Marc Wallice is a saint that had some unpleasantness happen and needs our undivided love and support. You seem mean spirited, are you on drugs?. Let me remind you we have counseling, you need to come in and see me right away.

Q:I am perfectly comfortable with my body, but my agent Mr. South and some directors keep telling me I should get implants. I've noticed the more I resist, the less work I am getting. I see some of the other girls in the industry and their boobs look awful, what with those horrible scars. The ones I've felt were hard and look like they hurt. Some of the other girls have told me it's no big deal and keep telling me I should go get them, but I really, really, really don't want to get breast implants. I'm perfectly happy with them the way they are. What do I do?.

Signed, Scared Ms. Natural

Scared Ms. Natural, apparently you haven't been paying attention to the news... breast implants are perfectly safe and cause no problems. Your agent and these directors are only thinking of you. Please listen to these men as they know what is best for you. You need to come by our AIMLESS Cosmetic Surgery Seminar featuring Dr. Peter Cheski, he's a true implant innovator. And if (or when) you need any work on your face, the man to see is Dr. Marc Kerner. He can fix your nose, your lips, do dermabrasions and peels and fix your sinuses to boot!. He is a true genius!.

Q: I picked up HIV while working in the industry, many of the most powerful people in the industry talked to me and showed me the right way to deal with my problem, and I thank them and love them for their caring. The problem is, I'm down here in Mexico now and the money they said they'd send me to keep quiet hasn't come and

oops!...how did that letter get in here?...moving along to our next correspondence...

Q: My boyfriend and I do videos, and I'm concerned because he's been shooting up meth and I think even heroin. He's also a switch hitter (if you know what I mean!). I'm very concerned that he may already have HIV and I'm worried that he might have passed it on to other girls he's worked with, but even more so, I'm worried that I may already have it. I haven't taken a blood test in a while because I'm afraid, what do I do?.

Signed, Cold & Trembling

Dear C&T, Just mail your blood in to AIMLESS. I'm sure you have nothing to worry about. As a reminder to everyone out there, please don't put the blood directly into the envelope without placing in another container. There have been some very messy letters in our office!. Thank you.

new improved AIMLESS - now with clean needles and vials!.

AIMLESS Health Care is please to announce the homeless man found in the alley behind our building is now being trained by us in Fleb, no, Flub, no Phelbotomy (had to look that one up!...tee hee) and will soon be taking blood for us. He's a very nice man.

AIMLESS's Next Fundraiser!!!!!

AIMLESS will have an event at the Long Beach Grand Prix involving your favorite starlets!. It will be topless volleyball!. A lot of girls with really big tits will be there!, maybe even the coming out party of Scared Ms. Natural with her new set of DD's!!! (Note: The event isn't any formal part of the Long Beach Grand Prix festivities and legal reasons force me to mention that it is in no way affiliated with the LBGP committee, but we want to make it sound like it is because it gives us a better appearance, better publicity and greater credibility). We will let you know the next major event we glom onto when we figure it out.

Keep your feet on the ground, but keep reaching for the stars,

Love is like oxygen, get too much, you get too high...

If you know what's good for you, you'll keep your mouth shut, and remember you didn't see nothing

Love Witchy

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