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Here is a summary of the suggested behavior when dealing with Usenet News. If you consider that mailing lists are somewhat akin to newsgroups, you may find the absence of any caveats about "privacy" of some value.

Summary of Things to Remember

  • Never forget that the person on the other side is human.
  • Don't blame system admins for their users' behavior.
  • Never assume that a person is speaking for their organization.
  • Be careful what you say about others.
  • Be brief.
  • Your postings reflect upon you; be proud of them.
  • Use descriptive titles
  • Think about your audience.
  • Be careful with humor and sarcasm.
  • Only post a message once.
  • Please rotate material with questionable content.
  • Summarize what you are following up.
  • Use mail, don't post a follow-up.
  • Read all follow-ups and don't repeat what has already been said.
  • Check your return e-mail address and expect responses.
  • Double-check follow-up newsgroups and distributions.
  • Be careful about copyrights and licenses.
  • Cite appropriate references.
  • When summarizing, summarize.
  • Mark or rotate answers or spoilers.
  • Spelling flames considered harmful.
  • Don't overdo signatures.
  • Limit line length and avoid control characters.
  • Do not use Usenet as a resource for homework assignments.
  • Do not use Usenet as an advertising medium.
  • Avoid posting to multiple newsgroups.


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Questions about adult movies should be posted or mailed to the newsgroup rec.arts.movies.erotica. The staff at the above addresses cannot answer your questions; the folks in the newsgroup probably can.