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Initially, I had hoped to place browasable archives on the web... but as it turned out, the archives were HUGE; and it wasn't close to being everything.

How much is too much? The threads I selected (and I was pretty picky) would have taken up around 40 MB of server space... and I just don't have that much bandwidth to spare. maybe someday...

Besides, Deja.com, altavista.com and remarq.com have pretty extensive archives, so I feel less guilty as the days go on :-)

However, their archives don't go back to the early days, I have come up with a compromise, and I think it is fair.

The Archives

The archives are HUGE text files in MBX format. The MBX format is the format many Unix-based programs use to store their message stores (like Usenet or Mail. I believe the extension stands for MailBox Xtension or Xfer... but I digress). Happily some Windows based programs also use the MBX format for storing their files, so it seemed like a pretty good format to use.

Also, since they're just text files, in a worst case scenario your favorite text editor should open them.


Nowadays, I use XNews by Luu Tran. It is inspired by NewsXpress which I used in both in 16 and 32 bit incarnations until its developer dropped off the Net.


  • Open XNews Y2K-SE or later.
  • Click on Window, Folders
  • Click on Folder, New, Archive
  • Give the archive a name like RAME 1996
  • Hit Escape to close the folder you just created
  • Highlight the folder you just created and select Organize, Change File (or hit F4)
  • Change the file to where you unzipped the rame96.mbx archive.
  • Double click on the folder and start reading.


  • Open NewsXpress
  • Due to a design issue, you can't just create a folder. You need to go into a newsgroup first. So go into a newsgroup and open an article.
  • Click Transfer, New
  • For Folder Name, pick what you want (RAME96)
  • For filename, do NOT choose the name of the MBX file you unzipped
  • Close the articles window.
  • Click on the Folder tab
  • Click on the folder you just created (RAME96)
  • Choose Edit, Properties
  • Rename the folder path to where you unzipped the MBX file and click OK
  • Double click on the folder and start reading.

If people have instructions for other newsreaders, please forward them to us so we can add them here.

Happy Catching-up!


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