Barbra Streisand DIDN'T Do Porn...

From: (Dark Man)
Subject: ***Streisand In Hardcore For Sale***

The Buffalo News

May 9, 1993, Sunday, Final Edition

Nose size usually doesn't figure in the popularity of an adult film, but recently a passel of porn-film connoisseurs have been freezing the frames of one crudely made videotape to determine if the skin starlet with an unusually large proboscis is a prefame Streisand.

Erlichman, her manager, says speculation about the poorly made and oft-duplicated skin flick first surfaced in the 1970s. The controversial flick is covered in a new book titled "Biggest Secrets." Author William Poundstone writes about it in a chapter of the William Morrow tome titled "Blue Movies of the Famous."

The grainy quality of the footage -- taken at a time when miniskirts were in fashion -- doesn't help solve the mystery, and, Poundstone writes, the film's origin "is lost in a farrago of repeated duplication. The actress' face is not visible all the time, partly because of the filmmaker's obsession with other parts of her body... While it's not the sharpest film ever shot ... it's someone who looks like Streisand, and actresses with noses that could be mistaken for hers are not common in blue movies."

Though Streisand did not respond to Poundstone's letter asking her to confirm or deny her participation in the film, Erlichman, via his staffers, faxed us a statement: "This is totally fallacious. Barbra has never been in any pornographic film. For anyone to print it, or believe it, is ludicrous."

Streisand reportedly did do a nude scene in the 1970 film "The Owl and the Pussycat," but the scene was deliberately obscured when she objected to its use. And she successfully sued High Society when the skin mag printed crystal-clear shots of the scenes.

I do not know what the status of that issue of High Society is. The pictures show up upon occasion in alt.binaries.nude.celebrities

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