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Mail Order

Are there reputable mail order houses?


Video Gold Club

Video Age

What US mail order options are available from Europe?

How can I watch US porn if I am in Europe?

Where can I get "classic" porn?

Where can I get "classic" porn soundtracks?

Where can I locate "difficult to find" porn movies?

Where can I locate a good source for japanese Bukkake videos?


Can I really get 100 movies for 5 bucks? Wh ere would I put all the videotapes?

What are those annoying black dots for?

The Web

Is there a Web based House of Smut?

Your Hometown

Hi, do you carry "A Cum Sucking Whore Named Vanessa?"

So tell me more about this Blockbuster v ideo chain...

Why are some of the movies I rent at Blockbuster different from the same movie I rent at "Joe's House of Video"? Is Mommy Blockbuster editing them?

Two versions?

Why multiple versions?

Once again, does Blockbuster pay the studios to cut out all the bad stuff?

Okay, okay, we've left porn to discuss mainstream films. I've seen a director's cut of The Color of Night at Blockbuster. Explain that one...

You mean that Blockbuster doesn't get special versions of videos?

So I guess I have to rely upon my local Big Bob's House of Smut(tm)?

What if I live in Atlanta, Georgia?

Fantastic Video

Video 2010

9 1/2 Weeks

XXX Adult Video Showcase

Why was hardcore gone so long from Atlanta? I know I saw a bunch of peep shows and theatres there several years ago, and Atlanta is full of titty bars.

Formats or How to Watch Porn

Can I get porn on laserdisc?

Can I get porn on CD-ROM?

What about DVD?

Satellites and Cable

I can get smut on my TV?!?

Where can I find porn in Europe?

Where can I fin d porn in Australia?

Where can I find porn in North America?

Snuff Flicks are real, right?

Mail Order

Are there reputable mail order houses?

The following companies come recommended by members of the Usenet community. I have had no personal experience with any of them, so I am unable to make a personal endorsement. As with any mail order business, your mileage may vary.

Non-Tables Version


Excalibur is a touchy subject among RAME readers; most of the people who have used Excalibur praise them; but there are some that are quick to damn them (and us as moderators since they feel we're puppets of Excalibur.)

Anyway, Excalibur claims over 60,000+ movies in their catalog. Their catalog is up on the World Wide Web now at http://excaliburfilms.com (See below for website criticisms)

I suggest you poke around their site and get a feel for their offerings yourself.

Their company is broken into two parts, the "new" purchases and the "trade-in" department. The new purchases are always brand new, never viewed tapes.

The trade-in department operates with a $3.00 return policy where you can return a movie or CD and exchange it for any other video or CD of the same price or lower for three bucks. You can also do trade-ups by paying the difference in cost plus the 3 buck exchange fee. Check out their web site for full details.

When asked about their exchange policy, Virginia Beaver wrote:

When a customer is exchanging a movie those movies come from the exchange library which is now 'fed' and expanded by the movies being exchanged by existing and new customers. All of these movies have been 'pre-viewed' (to steal a term from the Cadillac dealers!) but are guaranteed to be the same as new movies. The exchange movies are re-boxed in the full color Excalibur box. If any Excalibur customer ever receives a defective movie from us we will replace it absolutely FREE (no Return Authorization is necessary -- just send it back with a short note and we will replace it immediately!). We also will pay for the shipping charges BOTH ways!

We prefer, in the case of exchanges only, that the customer give us up to five alternative selections -- especially if he is ordering a movie that no one else in the world has ever ordered -- so that his order can be expedited with alacrity. If the customer insists on a specific title, we will hold his exchange until that movie does come in. But, because this usually causes a time delay in his return shipments, we don't look as 'speedy' as we would like to. We as a company strive for a quick turn-around. And, we always strive to be a customer oriented business.

Frans Postma offers his perception of Excalibur's service from outside the United States:

A little more about Excalibur since I bought most my movies there. As mentioned before they do not have a searchable database, dunno why. You can browse through their list by selecting on alphabet, several sections are split in sub- sections...("S" is pretty big:)

They take Mastercard and Visa and will charge those card under "EF Distributors". Orders are charged when they actually ship.

Defective tapes get replaced without problems.

Now for the not-so-good part;

  • they won't email you unless you ask them something first. When in doubt mail them, Virginia (who does most of the mail) usually responds within two days or so
  • in general you will not be notified about items being put on backorder unless you *ask* about them.
  • though they claim to have 92% of most orders on stock and can therefore send orders within 24 hrs that's simply not the case. Order anything which is not a current release and be prepared to wait at least a week before they have it in stock. Mind you, that's not slow...it's just a bit more closer to the truth
  • all orders are shipped in discrete envelopes, and the tapes are also put in discrete boxes (which happen to fit neatly in the envelope, hmm) This comes down to the fact that you'll never get the "real" box with any movie you order from Excalibur, be prepared for that.
Excalibur also guarantees that the movies they send to you actually arrive. I assume that they will not send porn to the UK (unless you tell them you'll take the risk) even though it's a part of the Global Priority Mail network.

The main complaints about Excalibur:

Those red boxes

Excalibur often ships catalog titles out in generic red boxes. This upsets some collectors because they want the original box. As I understand it, when Excalibur has the original box, they will ship it, otherwise you get a red box. If y ou desire an original box, you should ask them if they have them in stock. (Often they don't on older movies since the original boxes were only produced in a limited run, and are sold "while supplies last") More details here.


Like many catalog houses, Excalibur does not keep all tapes on hand. Sometimes they need to contact a distibutor and sometimes the distributopr doesn;t have a copy anymore, or they don't sell it anymore, or they just don't return calls as quickly as one would like... so Excalibur has to find the title, and that could take some time. Titles they have in stock usually ship very quickly.

The non-free website

The majority of the website is free for everyone. there are certain hardcore areas that are open only to Excalibur's customers. With each order or mailing, a customer number which unlocks the riches in excaliburfilms.com is enclosed. If you do not order from Excalibur, you can sign up for their website for a fee which is then credited against your first order, so really, as long as your buy movies from them, you can enjoy their webste. If you don't buy movies from them, you have to pay for the privilege of the naughty bits of their website.

Video Gold Club

Brad Williams passes this along:
Video Gold Club ads, which sometimes are in AFW/AVN and Hustler, are legit and not a rip-off. VGC doesn't put more than one movie per tape either. Their deal is like Columbia House, you buy 2 tapes in two years at $39.99 to fulfill your membership. I'm a member, they carry some good movies that are recent, as well as past hits. They are a division of Adam and Eve, Inc.

Leisure Time, Video Age and Private Entertainment sometimes cram all the movies onto one tape (this is legal if you receive a license from the mfg's to reproduce), making for less-than great quality, but at a cheap enough price that many here feel it's worth it. Personally, I don't, I don't like keeping my hands on the Tracking button throughout the films. I'd rather put my hands on my wife... :>

But, remember, you don't always have to buy porn to see porn (unless you live in some restricted area, and even then, ask around...) You can often rent porn flicks, and it is often the most economical way to see it. I hesitate to say that renting gives you more bang for your buck...

Video Age

Video Age offers the consumer the opportunity to buy 4 movies on one tape for $19.95. At one time these movies may have been heavily edited, but their catalog repeatedly states that the movies are *uncut*. It makes sense. With porn movies clocking in these days at around 85 mins each, 4 movies is still well under 6 hours...

I have heard mixed things about them. Some people like them because while they're not the *best* quality, they can be used as "preview" tapes. Some others have complained of poor tape quality. Video Age does also offer full length, in the original package, versions of some tapes at $39.95 each.

they have a website at http://www.videoage.com

What US mail order options are available from Europe?

Frans Postma forwards this along:

Well, I got plenty of experience with Excalibur. Most of it is pretty good too. They're (IMO) also the best place to order movies if you live outside the USA. I checked few other stores;

  • Gamelink (http://www.gamelink.com) Good database, search options limited; No membership hassles **Very expensive** (easily $10 above Excalibur-price)
  • Excalibur (http://excaliburfilms.com) No database, only lists sort alphabetically. They do have a porn-star-mall which has list by-actress. Lowest prices I've found so far, low shipping prices too ($8.95 for foreign shipping per two units).
Also check out RAD Video's site, http://www.radvideo.com; home of a few r.a.m.e reviewers.

How can I watch US porn if I am in Europe?

I suggest you check out the rec.arts.video FAQ for more in-depth coverage of this issue, but in the meantime, Frans Postma passes this along:

For viewing NTSC tapes on a PAL-TV you only need a vcr capable of NTSc-playback, those are around $700 over here in the Netherlands and cheaper when you buy them in the US.

If you want to actually *convert* NTSC to PAL, well that's more expensive depending on what quality you want. (well, and your budget of course)

Cheapest setup would be a NTSC-vcr and a PAL-vcr and a low-quality convertor (LifePac UK, around $200 - but you're better of with an NTSC playback for that money)

Since I went shopping for one about a year ago I can give a pretty good overview.

Stand alone convertors (non-studio use)
Sharp 200SC or 300SC product discontinued in the US $499 (in austria)
Tenlab TR-10b *requires* 15V power supply which is hard to come by in Europe, be prepared $599
Converting vcr's
Panasonic WX1 (or W1 depending on which country you but it) fully multi-standard. You still need a recording PAL-vcr though $4000 in the USA, $5100 in the Netherlands
Aiwa 350 or MX1 The MX1 is the replacement for the 350, both are really multistandard vcr's which use a *very* crude method of converting NTSC to PAL (insert/replace frame).
Samsung (darn! forgot the model number, well they have only 1) around $3000 last I saw it (which is years ago)

Take your pick, but remember that NTSC-playback does just that. You can NOT record output of an NTSC-playback on a PAL-vcr. (since the vcr just dumps a raw converted 525 line signal

Legal stuff; converting a movie from one format to another requires permission from the copyright-owner, that's also the reason (at least partly) why firms don't convert movies for their foreign customers.

Where can I get "classic" porn?

Stag films from the 20s on up can be found by contacting Blue Vanities (1-800-344-2992) and Something Weird (1-206-361-3759). Patrick Riley says that "both have large collections of smokers from the seventies and earlier and, if you believe their publicity, are continuously adding to them." You can get their catalogs for free or a nominal fee. Just call and ask.

Another poster reports: "I've ordered several tapes from Blue Vanities, and their stuff is pretty good. The only down side is that they frame the transfer for full-screen tv and thereby lose 10-15% of the 8mm frame. They offer several tapes of both Collection and Golden Girls loops as well as Swedish Erotica, Pretty Girls, and other classic series. Also, Cabellero used to offer some Collection compilation tapes. These were beautiful professionally-done transfers of the 16mm masters complete with "segue-girls" like Ginger Lynn and Bridgett Monet to introduce each loop. There were at least six tapes in the series--each one with 8 or so loops. Although the particular loops seem to have been rather randomly selected, they are more or less grouped chronologically. Last I knew, Collection had about 140-50 consecutively numbered films, and the tapes span this entire period with the earlier volumes featuring earlier loops, etc. I know that Caballero went bankrupt a couple of years ago, but maybe by now someone has bought up their catalogue. I suggest getting hold of a trade-publication "annual" (like the one AVN publishes) which lists manufacturers and distributors. There are dozens of reputable distributors which stock virtually every adult title available. I used to deal a lot with "Price Busters" in Vegas, but there are many others."

Patrick Riley adds:

This probably won't interest our European friends but I recently received a full theatrical version (transferred from a 16mm print) of the subject movie. It's--ahem--complete and uncensored and isn't a bad transfer to boot. The company also sells other otherwise unobtainable movies from the early seventies (also, according to the publicity, complete and uncensored) such as Defiance, Femmes de Sade, Hardgore, Teenage Cowgirls and Teenage Dessert. Unfortunately no Nanci Blue, Whip And The Chain, nor Dogarama.

I actually paid ($20) for Candy Stripers (well worth it--the Amber Hunt scene is delicious) and have no connection with the company other than as a customer.

Alpha Blue Archives
PO Box 16072
Oakland CA 94610
(510) 268-0811

They have a catalog (12pgs) and take Visa and M/C.

There's a more complete posting regarding classic porn in the r.a.m.e reading room. Check there, since it will more than likely be more up to date than this.

Blue Vanities are available from:

Filmfare Video Labs
401 NE Ravenna Blvd.
Suite 156
Seattle, WA 98115
(800) 344-2992

There's also a website at http://www.bluevanities.com.

Where can I get "classic" porn soundtracks?

TxDeeJay passes this along:
While in San Francisco this past week satisfying my CD fix at the Virgin Megastore, I stumbled onto a newly released disc by a small company out of Redondo Beach, CA called Oglio Records. The CD is called "SEX-O-RAMA" and features Jenna Jameson on the cover dressed in the "Debbie Does Dallas" Dallas Cow Girl costume. As the liner notes in the booklet state, "This album represents a collection of the best music we could find from vintage adult films made in the 1970's and early 1980's. The original recordings were carefully duplicated using vintage instruments and recording techniques in an effort to closely duplicate the classic sound."

Music from twelve films is on the disc...Debbie Does Dallas, I Like to Watch, Taboo, Behind the Green Door, Sex World, The Jade Pussycat, The Legend of Lady Blue, Eruption, Seka's Fantasies, Misty Beethoven, Amanda By Night and Deep Throat. There are liner notes from Robert Rimmer as well.

As near as I can tell, volume one is out of print, since it does not appear on the company's website.

However, there's a follow up disc called "SEX-O-RAMA 2" which features Jenna on the cover in bell bottoms and bikini top. The comments at Amazon from Oglio Records state:

Oglio Records has graciously brought adult movie fans that special background music on CD that they've been craving to hear. SEX-O-RAMA 2 embraces the classic adult sound of the 70s. The funky smooth jazz tunes were inspired by the infam ous sound that helped define an era of adult film. This album is the follow up to the extremely rare first Sex-O-Rama. You may recognize track 5, Love Muscle, from the high school sex comedy American Pie. Nothing quite sets the mood like this album does. Other song titles include Blow Me Down, Sexercise, Private Dick and Pearl Necklace. Now you can bring these classic songs into your bedroom, along with the album art of porn star Jenna Jameson.

You can buy this album thru Amazon.com

Yeah, the music's kinda cheesy (sorry, the appropriate sex sounds are not included in this soundtrack) but I thought it was a fun little disc to have. Perhaps you'll feel likewise. The record company does have e-mail (info@oglio.com) and a website (www.oglio.com) if you can't find the disc in your town.

Oglio also offers the soundtrack to Devil In Miss Jones, on which they comment:

At The Time Critics Were Ecstatic... The media used such terms as "Unique, Surprising, Provocative." Reviewers sang the film's praises with flowery phrases such as, "The first ten minutes achieve Modigliani tones-makes a mark on your emotions."

In short, the consensus was, "The Devil In Miss Jones is quite simply one of the best erotic films ever made and represents a breakthrough where eroticism and art finally merge -- and the music is exceptionally scored."

Oglio Records felt compelled to release this lost treasure (previously available only on vinyl) for the first time on CD. President Carl Caprioglio adds, "After reading the reviews for the music from this film, we felt it deserved a place in the CD Col lection of fans of the genre -- and all movie fans, alike."

You can buy this album thru Amazon.com

Where can I locate "difficult to find" porn movies?

For difficult to find golden age films that some of the major distributors consider a little too hot to handle, check out Pudgy's list in the r.a.m.e. reading room. The reading room has all sorts of interesting pointers, tidbits and such in its lists section.

Where can I locate a good source for japanese Bukkake videos?

SlouchPotato sez:

Shoichi has a US address in New York through which you can also order them. The Japanese web site now has some English language sections, although they don't all seem to work. Check out http://www.shuttle-japan.com/html-e/main.html for jpegs and brief descriptions in broken English. the tapes are pretty expensive through these guys, but some promising looking series (e.g., HP and CV) are listed there.

I wish some US video company would make a deal with the Japanese to release these titles over here, but without the censoring. They'd be cheaper that way, too.

You can also look at Mark's list of Japanese video retailers in the reading room.


Can I really get 100 movies for 5 bucks? Where would I put all the videotapes?

People often ask about the ads that appear in the back of magazines offering "100 movies for $5", or something along those lines.

The common consensus seems to be that it is mostly a gimmick, and that once you order from them, your name is put on a mailing list for all sorts of companies to send junk mail to.

Often, the tapes received are of poor quality, and do not give exactly what is advertised. (For example, you may receive one tape with a certain number of scenes, all recorded at extended-play.)

Usuallty the stuff comes from Leisure Time video; it's recorded on crappy tape; and the 100 "movies" are all crammed onto one tape, meaning the movie is about 5 minutes long... and usually there are no performer identification.

On the other hand, the occasional poster has found the tape that *has* performer identification (Raunch-o-Rama usually does a decent job in this area) and he'll buy on every so often, just to keep up on who is who.

What are those annoying black dots for?

Ads for movies in the back of Hustler and things like that are often plagued by the need for black dots covering the "naughty bits"

Advertisements for porn movies have to use a black dot to block out any penetration. All excretory fluid must be blocked out, and no oral to vaginal or oral to penile contact can be shown without a black dot appearing.

Often, the "black dot effect" is there 1) to make you think something really kinky or erotic is shown; 2) is there because advertisers worry about lawsuits when their ad is sold in states such as Utah or Georgia; or 3) is a lousy ad taken from another source, which required the black dot. Anyway, erect penises may be shown most of the time...

Adult Video News has some very odd restrictions placed on it. They have two things that are restricted in their pages: one, they have advertisements, and two, they have scenes from the movies. The advertisements are under one set of restrictions -- mail order restrictions -- and the pictures are under another set of rules and regulations.

Movie scene restrictions are different. Erect penises and vaginas can be shown; so can oral to vaginal or oral to penile contact. But no excretory fluids or actual penetration can be shown.

In magazines that are not sent via the mail -- magazines that can be sold in porn shops only -- there are no restrictions.

The Web

Is there a Web based House of Smut?

Is the Pope Catholic? At this time, you can't swing a dead cat on the Web without hitting a new cyberhouse of smut. A comprehensive list is far beyond the scope of this document. A quick trip to Yahoo will get you a damned near canonical list of sex video merchandisers on the net. Check out Yahoo for the list. (Around 400 merchants at last check...)

Your Hometown

Hi, do you carry "A Cum Sucking Whore Named Vanessa?"

Best place to look for X-rated videos are your "Mom-and-Pop" video stores. More often than not, the large chain stores -- such as Blockbuster (see below) -- have decided that they would rather project a "family" image than carry adult videos. The Mom-and-Pop shops usually stock the adult vids because they are often low cost, rent well, and offer a decent return on the investment.

Some people prefer mail order or porn shops because of the embarrassment factor when bringing 1001 Cumshots or The Little Spermaid to the counter.

All we can suggest is don't be nervous. These people are in business, you're conducting a simple transaction. The kids behind the counter won't be laughing at you after you leave. Really.

So tell me more about this Blockbuster video chain...

Well, this is from our good friend Harris Minter who has contributed quite a bit to this document on the subject of Blockbuster...

Why are some of the movies I rent at Blockbuster different from the same movie I rent at "Joe's House of Video"? Is Mommy Blockbuster editing them?

Okay - you rented "The Getaway" at Joe's, and saw some pretty hot scenes of Alec Baldwin porking and muff-munching on Kim Basinger. That turned you on, so when you and your buds decided to down a few brews and watch it again, you went to Blockbuster for it. No muff-munching, he just played with her tits a little, your friends were bummed out, and they won't ever trust your judgment again. What happened? Were you imagining things? Blockbuster didn't want you to see the delectable Ms. Basinger get snacked out, and trimmed the flick?

Here's what happens: Blockbuster has a long-standing policy of not stocking anything any feature that hasn't been rated by the MPAA (Motion Picture Arts Association - the industry trade group for the movie studios). Therefore, when a studio wants to put out a video, if they can't put an "R" or lower rating on the box, Blockbuster won't buy it. (For what it's worth, BB isn't the only chain with this policy.)

In the case of "The Getaway", what you didn't notice was that the copy you rented at Blockbuster was in a black box with "rated "R"" underneath the title. Meanwhile, the one you got at Joe's was in a red box with, the special


prominently displayed on the box.

I tend to regard the theatrical version of a film as canon, the movie you rent at Blockbuster is almost invariably the exact same version of the movie that you saw at the theatres, so technically the Blockbuster version is the unedited version, and the Joe's version is the (re)edited version.

Two versions?

Yep, and it's quite common. Virtually anything that's even remotely steamy will have two versions, with the second version being even steamier and called something like "extended edition", "Unrated version", "European version", "Director's cut", and assorted others.

I think the record is "Whore", with five different versions. My catalog shows them as:

  1. Whore (rated R)
  2. Whore (rated NC-17)
  3. Whore (unrated)
  4. (Whore) If You Can't say the Name
  5. Whore (Spanish subtitled)
From what I can determine, numbers 4 and 5 above are identical in content to number 1. Number 4 merely has an alternate title on the box, as there really are some people who have trouble saying the word "whore" in public. As the name implies, number 5 just has Spanish subtitles at the bottom of the screen. (little footnote here - sometimes the Spanish subtitled version has all the wording on the box, even the title, in Spanish. Thus The Witches of Eastwick became Las Brujas de Eastwick. I wonder if Whore became Puta? I think I got the Spanish titles right. My Spanish sucks rocks.)

Why multiple versions?

It was discovered way back that sometimes when a movie is submitted to the MPAA for a rating, that the MPAA would give the film an 'X' (or NC-17 - same thing) rating. That's unacceptable to the studios (for reasons explained elsewhere in this FAQ), so it would have to be re-edited and re-submitted. In an attempt to milk the same cow twice, the original version would be released as a director's cut, and would do well on video, plus there would be virtually no additional promotional costs. Pure gravy. Nowadays, the pre-release promotional flyers the video stores or chains receive will have an little blurb at the bottom: "Unrated version also available".

Once again, does Blockbuster pay the studios to cut out all the bad stuff?

Nope. Blockbuster didn't commission anything. They didn't need to. Recently, the video trade magazine "Video Software Magazine" published a listing of the top 95 video chains. Not surprisingly, Blockbuster was number one. What was surprising was the size of their lead. Blockbuster is over FIVE times the size of the next largest chain. I didn't total it up, but it appears that Blockbuster, at nearly 3000 stores, is bigger than all the other 94 chains combined.

With a market that size, you find out what their rules are, and beg for a chance to play by them. If the only version of your movie has no rating, then you've excluded a HUGE portion of your market. Since all the studios want to play by Blockbuster's rules, they'll take their box art to BB for approval, and sometimes even go so far as to pay the MPAA to rate their movie even though they have no plans to ever release it in theatres. All so they can play by BB's rules.

An example of BB's clout: About a month prior to this writing, Live Home Video released the mainstream film, Stargate. The theatrical artwork, posters, etc. featured a ring over a pyramid. This was to also appear as the box art. Blockbuster requested that the artwork be changed to also feature the faces of the two principal actors, Kurt Russell and James Spader. Live agreed to do this, but cautioned BB that their alternate artwork would not be supported by Live's publicity campaign. When word of this hit the rest of the video chains, Live received so many requests for the alternate box art, they dropped the original art, making the BB alternate art the only box art. Next time you're in any video store, look at the box, then at the poster. You'll see what I mean.

Here's another example of Blockbuster's clout: There is a mainstream director named "Gregory Hippolyte". Hippolyte produces and directs such grade 'B' erotic potboilers as Animal Instinct 1 and 2, and Undercover. From reports in a.s.m., Hippolyte is none other than porn's Greg Dark, of the infamous Dark Brothers. The Hippolyte films are released direct to video, and never see the inside of a movie theatre. Therefore there is no need for him to spend good money just to have the MPAA Ratings Board rate his movie.

But if you'll check, you'll see that his films come in the two traditional flavors - "R" rated, and unrated. Why is this? It's simple - if he doesn't edit his movie down to an "R" rating, then Blockbuster won't buy it. Nearly 3000 (2700 at last report) stores, buying maybe a dozen copies each at $65 apiece - that turns into over two million dollars from BB alone.... That's a pretty good price for selling your integrity, if that's the way you want to look at it. So who cut Hippolyte's film? Not Blockbuster - Hippolyte/Dark did it himself.

Okay, okay, we've left porn to discuss mainstream films. I've seen a director's cut of The Color of Night at Blockbuster. Explain that one...

Actually, we're discussing Blockbuster. Look on the box, and you'll see an "R" rating. Here's what happened - When "Color of Night" was first rated by the MPAA, it received an "NC-17" rating. Studios hate it when that happens, so they lopped out a 20 minute swimming pool fuck and grope session between Bruce Willis and Jane March. The director, Richard Rush, screamed like a raped ape at his work being violated. When the video release was announced, it was advertised that the missing footage would be restored for the video release.


Not all the missing footage was restored. Ten seconds worth of Willis' dick waving around in the swimming pool was omitted, this new cut of the movie was re-rated, and it received an "R" rating. It doesn't matter what this version is called, the important part is that it IS rated "R". Why go to all this hassle? So Blockbuster would buy it.

You mean that Blockbuster doesn't get special versions of videos?

I can think of exactly ONE video of which BB has an exclusive edition - a Barbra Streisand concert video. The BB version of this video has one EXTRA song. More stuff, not less. As a result, Blockbuster, the tape's distributor, and Streisand herself have all been sued by a smaller video chain, and although there was discussion of the suit being raised to class-action status, it was recently dismissed in Federal court.

At the beginning of this, I pointed out that Blockbuster has a policy of not stocking unrated features. A couple or so years ago, Champagne Video, a mom 'n pop single-store operation in New York, had a Blockbuster open up across the street from them. One would think that would spell the end for Champagne Video, but Champagne is still open for business, and Blockbuster has closed up shop. The single stated reason for this was that Champagne rented adult videos and Blockbuster didn't.

Bottom line - Blockbuster has clout - tremendous clout. What BB wants, BB gets - and they don't even have to ask.

So I guess I have to rely upon my local Big Bob's House of Smut(tm)?

Depends on you and how you feel. Some people feel that in large cities crime surrounds porn shops. Witness New York's "Quality of Life" cleansing of porn shops out of most of the city. People don't "care" about your "average" porn watcher, the argument goes, so no one cares if the shop is in a high crime area (except the employees!).

In suburban areas, you may find an adult shop along a state highway in an industrial part of town. Chances are these shops are safe. They were built away from neighborhoods so residents could not complain, and along well travelled roads since advertising is hard to come by. Basically, scout out the area. If you feel safe there, go nuts... enjoy the store. If you're scared to death, there's always mail order.

It's important to remember that chances are, your local deviants are not hanging out at the porn store. They're by the school angling the best views for sniper fire. (Oh come on, it's just a joke!) The people I have met at porn shops are generally pretty normal people looking for smut like some people look for wallets.

What if I live in Atlanta, Georgia?

According my correspondents from Atlanta -- Brad Williams, Harris Minter and Chopped Liver -- you can get porn in Atlanta, no sweat. For starters, there are no law or laws per se that prohibit adult movies in Georgia. There are quite a few that pertain to providing adult material to minors, or providing adult material containing sexual depictions of minors. Laws prohibiting the sale or rental of adult tapes are typically municipal (county or city) ordinances.

Fantastic Video

Brad Williams says that for starters, try Fantastic Video, 5900 Bells Ferry Rd., Acworth Ga. (770-924-6528). This is actually way north of Atlanta, about 35 miles from downtown. Take Interstate 75 north to I-575, get off at Bells Ferry Road, take Bells Ferry road north to just past state road 92. On your right. This place is in Cherokee county, and there's an unusual loophole in Cherokee County law: They can rent XXX, but they can't sell it. They have no way to dispose of surplus inventory - I'm told that the owner simply takes it home. If this is in fact the case, the owner must have a sizable library. I have been told that a sister store in Cartersville, Ga that rents hardcore. Their Marietta (fair- sized city immediately north of Atlanta) store has been sold to a chain and no longer rents hardcore due to the legal risk. (Big thanks to Harris for the directions, anecdote and Marietta update).

Video 2010

If you're interested in leaving town, try Video 2010 in Riverdale, GA (about 1/2 mile outside the "city limits"). Take I-85 south to I-285 (this Interstate is also known as "The Perimeter", as it circles Atlanta). Take I-285 East to Riverdale Road. Go about 1/4 mile south, and you'll see the Windjammer Shopping Center. Video 2010 is in that shopping center. Their phone number is 770-996-7103.

A word to the wise: if you go to Video 2010, make sure you are "cool" about finding the porn section. Ask and ye shall receive... as long as you're not reeking of righteousness...

9 1/2 Weeks

Harris mentions that a recent addition to the Atlanta Adult scene is a store named "9 1/2 Weeks". They now have three locations. Midtown - 1023 West Peachtree Street (404-815- 9622); Buckhead - 2628 Piedmont Road (404-262-9113); and finally what they refer to as their "Super Store": 505 Peachtree Street (404-888-0878). They have valet parking and an Automated Teller Machine is available on the premises.

9 1/2 Weeks charges $4.50 a night for rentals, and a major credit card is required to establish an account. Without the plastic, one can still rent tapes, but a $60.00 per tape deposit is required. Harris (being General Manager of a small video chain himself) tells me that those tapes cost them less than $10.00 apiece in any kind of quantity. What a mark-up!

Brad says that the owner has several porn stores throughout the north, and seems to have very deep pockets for any legal challenges. It was only a matter of time before porn returned to Atlanta proper.

Upstairs, they have a snack bar, private viewing booths, and live nude dancers. Funny thing - the security guard, Tex, tells me that on-duty police officers are not welcome there. He'll meet them at the door and tell them that they'll need a warrant to enter.

Harris won't say they have 10,000 tapes, but they do have a lot. They sell assorted sex toys, including one nasty little device that stimulates by a variable electric shock, with assorted attachments available for either dicks or twats. Not for me, thanks.

Brad says that 9 1/2 Weeks got raided by Vice for selling blow-up love dolls with motorized orifices. After paying the fine, the owner stated he would keep selling these and "anything else I want." His parents own a few dozen stores like 9 1/2 Weeks in NY, and he owns a few in CA. This happened around the end of September 95, and he hasn't been raided again for selling mannequins. Now, he's advertising lap-dances by the female staff in private rooms. He's either a genius or completely stupid:)

This place is discreet, so discreet it's easy to miss. You'll drive by it at least once.

Harris Minter tells me that the Buckhead location is having some minor legal problems. They're attempting to add viewing booths at that location, but the problem is that it's in a wealthy location - some really expensive houses - very trendy place for rich yuppies to live, and the locals are fighting the booths in court.

XXX Adult Video Showcase

The poster known as Chopped Liver tells me that "another good store to consider is the XXX Adult Video Showcase, located at Piedmont Rd. and Interstate 85. They have the largest selection in town, and have decent prices both on sale tapes and rentals. There is a rumor going around that they will be getting a web page soon."

Why was hardcore gone so long from Atlanta? I know I saw a bunch of peep shows and theatres there several years ago, and Atlanta is full of titty bars.

The short answer is that in a bizarre turn of events, the Baptists rented space to an adult bookshop. After being made fun of for a while, one of their own, Fulton County Solicitor Henson McAuliffe, went around making cases against all the bookshops in town. he gave them an ultimatum, "close up shop or go to court." They chose the former.

For the long answer, check out the article in the support section: http://www.rame.net/faq/support/no-porn-atlanta.html.

Formats or How to Watch Porn

Can I get porn on laserdisc?

Sure. No sweat. Any large town or city should have a video store that rents laserdiscs, and I am sure that among the titles available are the naughty ones...

If you're not so lucky to have one of these stores in your town, Frederick Bernard submits these leads for your consideration:

Ken Crane LaserDisks
Westminster, CA 92683
800 624 3078

Laser X
Box 28130
Las Vegas, NV
800 223 8244

Sign & Sound Laser Disks
Waltham, MA

Give 'em a try & ask for the latest LaserDisc Entertainment catalog

Can I get porn on CD-ROM?

Sure, but I don't know why you'd want to. I'll let Brad Williams make the point for me:

I have a 17" monitor that cost more than my 27" television, and that doesn't include a 4meg VRAM card/4x-speed CD/etc.etc. CD-Rom, Mpeg's, and QT-movies really suck as far as picture and sound quality, not to mention "load-times" of CD's that are ridiculous. A videotape that's been viewed a zillion times has a lot better quality. Why someone thinks they can get $50 for a CD of a flick I can buy on VHS new for $20 is beyond me, unless the average porn-consumer is as stupid as I think.

...and that goes double for MPEGs, AVIs and other "movies" you can download from the Internet...

Tim Evanson offers some history of this rapidly changing market: "Although initially most studios put films on CD-ROMs, AVN reports that the bottom fell out of that market in 1996 for exactly the reasons Brad outlines. Today, although a few titles still show up on CD-ROM, what you are most likely to find on CD-ROM are "interactive" titles. Most often, this simply means that the CD prompts you along a story line, and you are able to pick and choose among various performers and sex acts at various intervals. Increasingly, many of these interactive CD-ROMs contain sex scenes never seen on video. About 150 new interactive titles come out a year in het porn, and only 15 or so in gay porn."

What about DVD?

No other technology has swept the porn world by storm like DVD has. The old version of the FAQ actually had to definve DVD, but now you can;t miss any number of adult dvd retailers on the Web.

there are a number of reviews sites dedicated solely to DVD reviews: the two that spring to mind at dvdpornreviews.com and adultdvdreviews.com

The newest site (at least it's new considering I so rarely update this FAQ anymore, is adultdvdtalk.com. They have a great forum, frequent shopper programs, reviews (they're part of the AMRI) and they're focus ed exclusively on DVDs. Check them out.

The porn DVDs offer a great many benefits over the videotape cousins: ability to jump from scene to scene instantly without rewinding; crystal clear picture (usually, unless the trasfer is crappy); crystal clear slo-mo and freeze-frame; multiple angles , director commentaries and more.

Satellites and Cable

I can get smut on my TV?!?

Well, maybe not your TV . . . It depends on where you are and how your TV programs are delivered.

TV has traditionally been a somewhat limited source of adult entertainment. There are still restrictions on what is politcally tolerable on cable and satellite in many areas. Consequently, the majority of "adult" channels are showing somethi ng other than what you get when you rent or buy DVD or VHS. Many are either butchered up versions of hardcore vids, or made-for-cable creations made up mostly of facial close-ups, bobbing heads, backsides, and tease - cutaways just as the camera starts to pan to genital activity.

Today's hardcore is often originally shot in anticpation of the "special" cable/satellite audience, and is edited in multiple versions with varying degrees of explicitness. If you compare the hard and cable versions, you may occasionally notice this kind of editing as what otherwise looks like a soft cable version but with a smattering of hardcore closeups crudely added in.

There is fully explicit hardcore on satellite. Again, whether you can get it depends not only on where you live, but also on the satellite equipment you have or would like to have. Enough satellites carry it now that the odds are good that these electron s are raining down on your area. Adult satellite programming is always scrambled or otherwise restricted. If you live in the wrong states in the US: Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, or Utah, the programmers won't sell it to you .

Where can I find porn in Europe?

Some European friends were kind enough to forward me this and later revise it for me:


previously mentioned here is now defunct due to pressure form the authorities, and widespread piracy of their signal, that it was no longer worth it for them to be in business.

Here in Denmark we have a couple of hardcore channels.

FilmNet1 - broadcasted via ASTRA Satellite (encoded)

FilmNet is mainly a movie channel, you can get it either via satellite or through the cable network, if you are connected to one. It is a paychannel, about 30 dollars a month for both of the Filmnet channels (together). They started in the nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland) in the 80s. Now I think they can be seen in several countries in central Europe.

FilmNet has two channels the other one was called MovieChannel and that is now called FilmNet2. They have essentially the same films. FilmNet1 shows films, sporting events, live pop concerts and children's programs, while FilmNet2 only shows films. The films are never dubbed (except films for children), they use subtitling instead. Now over to the porno details. The hardcore films are the same in both channels, the difference is that FilmNet1 has a hostess who presents the films. Tori Welles was the hostess for a couple of years, but from September 95 they have a new hostess each month. Recently, Shayla LaVeaux was hosting.

They show as said american films 1990 and newer, mainly from Vivid and VCA, also the Pussyman films up to No. 7. They show more and more european films, now it is about 50 per cent european (from Germany, France, Italy and Belgium). It is about 6 new films each month. The newest films are about a year old. This months new films are Nylon, New Wave Hookers 4, On Her Back and the european Le Parfum de Mathilde, Girls Girls Girls and Les Menteuses.

Filmnet1 shows hardcore on Monday, Friday and Saturday nights. On Wednesday nights they show softcore, censored films, Playboy Late Night, Penthouse Centerfolds i.e.

Filmnet2 shows hardcore on Tuesday and Thursday nights (ca 01:00 am)

TV1000 - broadcasted via ASTRA Satellite (encoded)

Hardcore films - also manly new american films past 1990 - on Wednesday and Saturday nights. And Wednesdays 30 min. of amateur videos. Monday nights they show censored films.

TV1000 is the main competitor to FilmNet in the Nordic market. They also have a second channel called TV1000 Cinema. The programming is very similar to FilmNet. They show porno every night with one night of censored (soft) films. I don't think they show the amateur videos now, which was mainly episodes from Ed Powers' Dirty Deb series.

They also show 50/50 of American and European films. It is not the same films as Filmnet shows. They are mainly from Wicked and Evil Angel, I think. They have a Swedish hostess, she is not a porno actress. On Saturday night, she has a 30 minute show before the film, where she invites guests to discuss a sex-related topic.

Finally we have the Copenhagen Channel - broadcasted via antenna to the northern part of the Sealand (not encoded and free of charge): shows a bit older films pre-1990 friday and saturday nights.

Here's a handy chart courtesy of G.Y.B to help sort it out:

Channel Lang. Hours Sample Titles
TV Erotica multi daily 0000-0500 White Chicks Can't Hump
When The Postman Spurts Twice
Wet Fists In Docs Place
My Anal Valentine
Super Hornio Bros
Wednesday Amateur night (hard core)
TV1000 multi Fri, Sat, Mon The Creasemasters Wife
Shades of Blue (hard core)
TV1000 Cinema multi Fri, Sat, Mon and sometimesmore often The Best of Andrew Blake
Andrew Blake's Girls
Filmnet+ multi Fri, Sat, Mon(hard core)
Wednesday (soft core)
Nurse Tails Babewatch
The Adult Channel multi daily 0000-0500 (soft core) 1 day/week 1.5 hrs gay programming  
Eurotica multi daily 0000-0500 supposedly hard core  
TV-X multi daily 0000-0500 (soft core)  
Cine Cinemas French various same sort of films as Canal Plus (hard core)
FilmMax multi various translate the titles again! (hard core)
Canal Plus French Sat not only do they dub the films into French, but they change the titles too. Show a mix of recent films plus classics like "A Scent of Heather". (hard core)


Alain Bourassa passes this along:

The french Canadian Pay tv network "Super Ecran" shows hard core movies on Friday and Saturday night

Mostly french videos from Marc Dorcel and american porn movies dubbed in French. (mostly stuff 2 to 5 years old)

The scenes are shorted, no cum shots are visible. The rest of the sex is there, including close-up

I don't know anything about which satellite they use to carry their signals but I do know that they cover all Canada and parts of the USA

Where can I find porn in Australia?

As discussed in Part 11, porn is legal throughout Australia, but you can only purchase it from two states. Here are some addresses courtesy of our pal John:

AXIS Members
GPO Box 3000,
Darwin, NT 0900
1800 891 183 Toll Free, Orders Only.
1800 624 382 Toll Free Fax, Orders Only.
089 412 822 Enquiries
089 411 055 More Inquiries

AXIS are the people I use (when I mail order), as they have a huge range and are helpful and friendly. They occasionally have outrageous prices for some tapes (Sorority Sex Kittens for au$99! Ha! I got mine for au$15). On the other hand, they have sales, two movies on one tape deals (not all crap, either), are discreet, will remove you from the mailing list no questions if asked, offer bulk discounts for 3, 5, 10, 20 tapes and offer an exchange service.

What's amusing about their exchange service is that you can exchange ANY commercially recorded tape for an X-film. Yes, you can send your child's copy of the Lion King to them and pay only $15 for the latest installment of The Gangbang Girl!

Might be worth getting hold of a bunch of cheap Ex-Rental video library tapes for next to nothing, though...

They now offer a free Themes/Stars/Titles Listing service that sounds a LOT like what Videosan used to do.

Axis has a web site at http://www.axis.net.au

Adult World
Mail Order Direct
127-129 Wollongong St
Fyshwick, ACT 2609
1800 658 677 Orders (Inquiries?)
06 239 1788 24 Hours
018 467 747 Wholesale

I haven't used these people, but I haven't ordered by mail in a long time anyway. They offer a money-back guarantee for faulty copies, discreet packaging and billing, a 1000 sq.feet showroom (if you're in the neighborhood), and a buy four get the fifth free discount scheme. I'll have to ring them for a full(er) catalogue.

Gallery Entertainment
PO Box 1476
Fyshwick, ACT 2609
06 239 2044 Inquiries
06 239 2232 Fax

No, it's not a typo, there are heaps of these companies located in Fyshwick. (Whew! Thanks, John!)

John also says "there are also a couple of Australian internet sites selling smut through mail order.

IDSN: http://sextoys.idsn.com/

I've bought stuff from these guys, so I know they deliver. They were very helpful with questions and the like. They also sell internationally, but Australians take note -the site is Australian, but their prices are in US Dollars.

Blue Marlin: http://www.bluemarlin.com.au

Haven't bought anything from them, but have conversed with them in email, and they were quite helpful.

Where can I find porn in North America?

The short answer is: It changes frequently. It seems nearly every time this FAQ gets an update, the programmers move channels, add channels, change formats, and just about anything they can think of to obsolete our FAQ effort. 8-(

There is currently a number of adult programming channels available to the North American home dish or cable subscriber. The actual number depends upon where you live and whether you have a little dish or a big dish or both, or cable. Of those available, no less than four true hardcore XXX channels are on 24 hours per day, plus the less explicit channels. Here's the channel list as of this writing, early July 2001:

Big Dish
Big Dish
Mini DishCable
ETCsemi-soft -availabl?availableavailable
Extasyhard available-availableavailable
Freshhard available---
Hot Networksemi-soft --availableavailable
Hot Zonesemi-soft --availableavailable
Playboy TVsoft & semi-soft availableavailableavailableavailable
Pleasuresoft -availabl?availableavailable
Spicesoft -availableavailableavailable
Spice 2soft -availableavailableavailable
TENsemi-soft -availabl?availableavailable
True Bluehard available---
Vivid TVsemi-hard --availableavailable
Xcubedhard available---
hardexplicit; little or no content editing
semi-hardno anals or gapes
semi-softno cum or anals or gapes
softstandard, fully sterilized cable pablum

Hardcore Channels on Satellite

The Erotic Networks (TEN) supply three hardcore channels:

  • Extasy - Telstar 4 C-band Channel 04 on BUD.
    Also on Dish Networks & some cable systems.
    Variety. Mixture of recent releases, non-releases, and compilations.
  • True Blue - Telstar 4 C-band Channel 05 on BUD.
    Advertised as "All Amateur", but mostly "proam", "newcommer", & "amateur" titles, few of which are 100% amateur cast, most of which are actually compilations, and many of which are compilations made from compilations.
  • Xcubed - Telstar 4 C-band Channel 01 on BUD.
    Gonzo-oriented features and compilations, but with some content type overlap with Extasy & True Blue.

TEN's non-release features are mostly exclusive, disguised compilations. What they call "double features" run about 80 minutes and consist of approximately 40 minutes cut from each of two feature movies and siamesed for play in their standard 90 minute, PPV-friendly time slot. They similarly siamese features without calling them double features, editing the same way as for those they do, but simply using the IAFD title of the first of two in a sequence. An ex ample of this was joining Rain Productions' "White Panty Chronicles 5" and "White Panty Chronicles 6" using the IAFD title "White Panty Chronicles 5" as the program title for airplay originally in April 2001. Movies they assemble this wa y usually omit all credits except the federally required recordkeeping compliance statement, so knowing who it is you are watching onscreen takes an extraordinary amount of effort if you are interested in finding or avoiding more of the same.

All three TEN channels allocate only 90 minute program periods, which means most feature titles are edited for time, even if they run under 90 minutes in the video or DVD release. IAFD listings will generally show a longer run time and more performers than you'll see on TEN channels. In the case of longer running titles, like the 130 minutes or longer that is typical of Elegant Angel or Extreme Associates, near ly half the footage of the DVD or video release will not be shown. Often these chop-jobs are subjected to retitling. An example: Elegant Angel's "Cumback Pussy 17" is listed as 133 minutes in the IAFD, but played originally only 70 minutes as "Dirty Sex 17" in December 2000.

TEN also edits compilations. Naturally, two, three, four or more hour compilations won't fit a 90 minute time slot, so TEN uses the Metro or Sin City compilation title for a portion, then tacks a "More" on at the beginning and plays a different portion of the compilation released on VHS.

Ramers will recognize titles from such companies producing and/or distributing videos as Adam & Eve, Dreamland/Erotic Angel/Midnight Video, Elegant Angel, EVN, Heatwave/Sterling Pictures, Hustler/Larry Flynt Productions, New Sensations, Odyssey, Wicked Pictures, and, very conspicuously, Sin City and most of the Metro fleet, including ToxXxic, Cal Vista, Intropics, and various compilation, "amateur", and proam series. Some titles won't be found in the IAFD, as some sources either provide them with alternative titles for the under 90 minute editions, or, for compilations, split a longer title into parts that fit in under the 90 minute limit. Until this recently, their program guide listings were about 99.7% accurate as to start times and respectable as to titles. Now they are 100% inaccurate on start times, starting every movie about three minutes later than the published schedule.

Until early 2000, shortly after the purchase of these channels from their originators by New Frontier Media, Inc., about three minutes before the start of each feature, they scrolled the channel's actual upcoming program schedule. Then, right before each feature started, they listed three titles that would air the following program day. This feature is missed, as it was convenient and more accurate than the web site or program guide listings. Interstitial time (advertising between programs) varies from as little as under a minute to over 30 minutes.

Those who don't like frequent repeats will find that TEN is among the worst if not the worst. Advertised titles don't repeat any more often than on other channels, but because they make "double features" using titles previously played, th e actual content is heavily repeated. Worse still, most of the "double features" are made from features first played by them within 12-18 months prior. Since TEN gets most compilations from the same sources as most of their features, they are heavily loaded with individual scenes from the very same movies shown in the previous year or two. During June 2001 these three channels combined debuted 113 titles. Of these, 78, 69% of the total, were compilations. On Extasy, TEN's flagship channel, 36 titles debuted in June 2001. Of these, 20, or 55.6%, were compilations. Unless you don't watch very often, the repeating will annoy.

Basic cable channels without logos overlaying the program material have become common over the past several years. The absence of these logos has been one distinguishing characteristic of most premium channels. Playboy was the first exception, displaying a logo periodically for several seconds during shows, but not constantly. Extasy displays a logo most of the time other than during interstitials. Several now-defuct adult channels were the first premiums to brandish logos constantly, but Extasy has broken new ground by being the first channel to display the logo in the lower left instead of the lower right, apparently so as not to obscure the logos in the traditional lower right location of their Metro compilations.

Fresh Networks

This single channel network started in February 2001 on Telstar 4 C-band channel 08. It has no web site and makes no schedule available to the program guides. The one thing they do right is play entire unedited movies start to finish. Unfortunately, its l ibrary consists 99.7% of Filmco productions, including Hollywood Video and Totally Tasteless Video. This means most movies are either poor reproductions of classic Hal Freeman productions from the 1980's, or recent Loretta Sterling stuff, mostly either Bo gas Brothers dreg, Horny Henry dreg, or 4-hour compilations made from Bogas Brothers and/or Horny Henry dreg. Repeats are abundant. Interstitial time varies from as short as zero to excruciatingly long and filled with 900 ads and antique adult cartoons.

"Fresh" is definitely not a word to accurately describe this channel's programming. It is not the stuff one envisions as a fruit of a satellite dish investment.

The hardcore channels run eight movies per day each in blocks of twelve hours (TEN), or four to eight movies in blocks of twelve hours (Fresh). The block repeats make it really nice to time shift and/or FF to the good parts with your VCR. The cost per year on BUD is in the $69.00 to $149.00 range per service if you are interested in merely one. Most of the time, TEN advertises a bundle of all three of their channels for $169 per year. This is extremely reasonable considering that money can get you up to 125 movie titles per month for under $5 per month per channel.

Minidish rates are much higher. One less-than-90 minute PPV movie is typically $8-10, and $20-25 per month per single service is typical on the minis.

One final comment about the hardcore channels: None carry anything from Vivid. Vivid limits satellite/cable distribution to Playboy and its subsidiaries, one of which is Vivid TV. If for whatever reason you must have explicit Vivid, you have no TV choice but DVD or VHS.

Non-Hardcore Channels on Satellite

Playboy TV is on Galaxy 5, C-band channel 02, and on several channels on the various minidish systems. Nearly all Playboy "porn" titles are satellite/cable "premieres", very recently or un-released on video. Some movies shown on Playboy prior to video release are known to have had their video release delayed by up to three years. Occasionally Playboy titles are either slightly doctored from the title used for the video release, or entirely different. "Porn" titles shown on Playboy, which are commonly shot on film, make up roughly half its program lineup. Playboy directly or indirectly produces the remaining portion of its lineup, which is comprised of a wide variety of non-hardcore, adult-oriented entertainment.

The rest of the channels in the channel chart above show essentially all porn feature movies or movie clips, but which are edited for content to varying degrees, with an occasional compilation here & there. The amount of editing and their interstit ial styles, and what the provider of service to the equipment you use actually offers, are about all there is to really distinguish one from another.

Air Times and Schedules

It can be difficult to obtain listings of movies and times of play for many of these channels. Program guides don't intermingle them with family fare. The web site of TEN gives you two choices for accessing their schedules: program log by date, and download of the whole month's schedule in your choice of one non-universal file format. The whole month download can be somewhat more convenient, allowing you access without requiring you to be online, but each program day will print on a separate piece of paper, up to 93 pages per month. Playboy & Spice offer only partial current month or day information, and skip the downloadable file option. The others aren't much different.

"OnSat" lists only Playboy. "Satellite TV Week" and "Orbit" omit the XXX channels from their grids, providing only a separate alphabetical listing, making the answer to the question, "what's on when I want to watch", a difficult one to answer. The best source of adult programming information is probably the monthly "Satellite Entertainment Guide", which has an entire section devoted to adult programming complete with grids and times. Availability at newsstands isn't what it used to be. You may be lucky to find it other than via their web site.

Sources for Adult Programming Purchase on Satellite

Bell ExpressVu - mini
Bigdish - BUD
DirecTV - mini
Dish Network - mini
Netlink/Superstar/TurnerVision - BUD
Sat2000 - BUD
Satellite Programming Service - BUD
Star Choice - mini
The Erotic Networks - BUD

Lyngsat provides a reference of what channels use which transponders on which satellites. It can help you locate what has changed since this edition of the FAQ was last created.

Snuff Flicks are real, right?

Um, no. In the interest of space I have snipped the extensive proofs as they are available on the web, but everyone from the FBI on down says they don't exist.

The good people over in alt.folklore.urban have debated this one to death, and maintain a small shrine to the question in their archives at: http://www.ur banlegends.com/classic/snuff.films/

Special thanks go to Jason Heimbaugh (jason@heimbaugh.com) for bringing this to my attention.


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Website problems: e-mail webmaster@rame.net

Questions about adult movies should be posted or mailed to the newsgroup rec.arts.movie s.erotica. The staff at the above addresses cannot answer your questions; the folks in the newsgroup probably can.