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Porn Stars and their Stories...

Are there any famous porn people on-line?

Are we taken seriously by the industry professionals?

Who is Paul Thomas and why don't we like him?

Was PT really in Jesus Christ Superstar?

Have any porn stars died?

Is Nikki Dial or Joey Silvera or Hypatia Lee or Tiffany Minx Lana Woods or Talia James or Patti Petite or Taija Rae dead?

How did Savannah die?

How did Joey Stefano die?

How did Michel Richaud die?

Who is Traci Lords and why is she famous?

Where can I get Traci Lords' movies?

How come Traci's movies are available in Quebec?

Was that Ashlyn Gere on The X-Files?

Are there other crossovers from porn to movies?

Is there a crossover from porn to politics?

Is Teri Weigel famous for something other than humping?

Are there other crossovers from Playboy or Penthouse to porn?

How about Playgirl to gay porn?

Did Tiffany Million ever wrestle?

Alexandria Quinn -- legal or not?

Are there other underage porn performers?

Was Nikki Charm underage?

Did the same thing happen to gay star Jeff Browning?

Has Victoria Paris or Traci Lords or Candi Evans or Nikki Dial ever taken it in the ass?

Does Linda Lovelace hate porn?

Did any other porn stars denounce the business?

What's the deal with Peter North?

Have any het male performers done gay porn?

Does Janine Lindemulder just do girls?

What movie has that ice dildo scene?

Who are Rex Borsky and Jackson St. Louis?

What does Greg Dark do on his days off?

Are there any other porn directors who do mainstream work?

Speaking of the Dark Brothers, why did they break up?

Are Ginger Lynn and Amber Lynn sisters?

Are there any other siblings in porn?

Have any siblings performed sex together on-screen?

Is that legal?

Is Candi Evans married to one of the American Gladiators?

Who is in Anabolic's Gang Bang Girls series?

Why can't I find Gang Bang Girl #20 anywhere?

Speaking of gangbangs, are there any gay gangbang movies?

I read that Kylie Ireland was in "Strage Days." Where was she?

Is John Stagliano HIV Positive?

Is Tricia Devereaux HIV Positive?

Whatever Happened To Jennifer Stewart?

Table of Contents

Porn Stars and their Stories...

Here's the low down on some of porn's biggest (and most infamous)stars...

Are there any famous porn people on-line?

Why, yes there are! In fact, there are quite a few, and more and more are getting hep to the 'Net. I maintain a list of people who have come and gone. You can find it at the r.a.m.e. reading room. The FAQ is undoubtedly going to be out of date, so check the web site.

But here's a quick list of people who have been around for a while and are still active:

Brandy Alexandre (brandy@kamikaze.org)

Adult film star of the late eighties and early nineties. Perhaps the Usenet's most controversial porn personality.

David Aaron Clark (a/k/a boneshard) (dacxxx@aol.com)

He did the review column in Screw, and contributed to Adam Film World and The Spectator in Northern California. Now he makes movies like Asianatrix.

Dirty Bob (dirtybob@dirtybob.com)

Reviewer for Video Xcitement and AVN. Producer and director of the softcore delights known as Dirty Bob's Xcellent Adventures.

Jim Gunn (jimgunn@jimgunn.com)

Principal producer for Pleasure Productions. Shoots mostly on the east coast. Famed series: Strap-on Sally, East Coast Sluts

Rodney Moore (rodney@rodneymoore.com)

One half of the Cumm Brothers, Rodney is a pro-am favorite with such series as "How to Make a Model" and "Rodney Moore's Northwest Pecker Trek."

Patrick Riley (p_riley@usa.pipeline.com)

Patrick writes the excellent X-Rated Star Index books along with the X-Rated Video Review...

S. Andrew Roberts (shamu@kincyb.com)

Adult movie editor with sections in the FAQs and regular contributor to the newsgroups.

Mike South (msouth@mindspring.com)

Pro-am director. His "Southern Belles" series was nominated for many awards. Hates shooting g/g scenes.

Are we taken seriously by the industry professionals?

I think we are taken as seriously as fan mail. Well, allow me to let Bill Majors, a real live industry professional, comment:

The answer is that they DO read this news group. However, IMHO, most of us tend NOT to regard things here as the bottom line. We all have one other form of research that works even better -- it is called the marketplace. That is what we pay VERY close attention to.

Examples? Many here have been vociferous about natural tits and NOT wanting big ones. The results? Sorry -- when a gal gets bigger, so does her pocketbook and that of the producer. Anal scenes? Some like them some don't, but the marketplace right now is very hot for them.

I could go on, with complaints about boxes not representing what is inside them. But when the producer makes a dud, and we all do from time to time, the glitzy box has been shown to sell the tape and recover investment. These are just everyday practical considerations for those of us in the business.

I enjoy reading what you and yours write. However, I don't think I would allow it to replace the business judgement that over 20 years has placed our firm pretty much at the top of the heap when it comes to the specialized product that we produce.

Yet, some studios and performers do review what goes on at RAME to keep misinformation to a minimum. For example, after several posters contributed to a list of studios and their divisions, Brush Creek studios (a gay studio) corrected some of the information contained in the posts. In a more infamous example, after RAME posters discussed the Jeff Browning underage acting controversy, Browning contacted several posters by email to warn them against libel and slander -- even tho no was libeling or slandering him by reporting the facts. :-).

Who is Paul Thomas and why don't we like him?

Paul Thomas (also known informally as PT), a big star in 70's porno and the main director of 90's adult video powerhouse Vivid, has often been a target for derision in this group for his efforts. The accusation is that his films are pretentious and unexciting, and that more frequently than not he appears to forget he's shooting a porn flick and not some cheesy daytime soap.

Hart Williams has this to offer:

FYI: Paul Thomas writer/rewriter, Mark Weiss confided to me several times that "PT thinks he's Francis Ford Coppola." Mark needed the money, and ended up writing and rewriting scripts that were 4 and 5 times longer than ANY OTHER SCRIPTS in the industry(!!?!)

As a previous poster perceptively pointed out, the plot-heavy element in PT's work DOES make R-rated cable sales to SPICE, et al, easier, and thus, PT has a niche for himself, but not one that most will probably desire to contribute money to.

However, to be perfectly fair, PT is in fact *very* popular among experienced porn fans for his Golden Age exploits and that he HAS actually directed some very good movies ("Justine", "Steamy Windows" and "Beauty and the Beast" being the ones more frequently lauded). The hostility against him most probably stems from frustration from contemplating what might have been if he had utilized the resources available to him (gorgeous actresses, great technical support, large budgets) more effectively.

Was PT really in Jesus Christ Superstar?

Yes. Paul Thomas appeared in the film version of the Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice musical, Jesus Christ Superstar. He was a principal actor in the film, playing Peter the disciple.

Have any porn stars died?

Sure. Time marches on and people pass away. Sadly inevitable, death. A comprehensive list of performers who have died is far beyond the scope of this document. However, we maintain a separate list which can be found at http://www.rame.net/faq/deadporn/ There's also the USENET group alt.dead.porn-stars but it doesn't get a lot of (useful) traffic.

Is Nikki Dial or Joey Silvera or Hypatia Lee or Tiffany Minx Lana Woods or Talia James or Patti Petite or Taija Rae dead?

No. Rumors of these stars deaths appear every so often, and as far as we know are all still alive and well and doing their own thing, where they want to.

If we know someone is dead, they'll be on the Dead Porn Star List.. If there's a well-known rumor, that person will be listed as "Not Dead" on the Dead Porn Star List.

How did Savannah die?

The short answer is she shot herself with a 9 mm handgun after she got in a car accident.

Full details can be found by following this link.

How did Joey Stefano die?

Tim Evanson was nice enough to write this account of Joey's death. The full text is available by following this link.

The short answer is drug overdose.

How did Michel Richaud die?

Michel Richaud, one of Europe's top porn directors of the last decade (most recently known for his work for Private Film), died while shooting a feature in the Seychelles for Private. He was standing on a rock, overlooking the scene he was shooting, when a wave knocked him over, killing him.

Who is Traci Lords and why is she famous?

Traci Lords is famous because she entered the business (and made many movies) when she was underage.

When her true age was revealed, videos made when she was underage were taken off the shelf. (Some movies were later re-released, with Traci's scenes cut.) To my knowledge, nobody has had to go to jail because of her.

There are a few legal movies of Traci around, which were made after she became of age. (Notably: "Traci... I love You."). Her earlier videos may still be available in Europe, where they have a lower age of consent.

Most recently, Traci has been trying to move away from porn, into the mainstream. She has made appearances in "Married... With Children", and in several straight-to-video movies. She has had mainstream TV success, appearing on "Roseanne", "Melrose Place" and "The Profiler"

She has also released a dance album titled "Control."

Where can I get Traci Lords' movies?

Except for Traci I Love You (and the compilations made from that film), legally, nowhere in the United States. However, they are very legal over in Europe and also in Quebec, and if you have such a desire to see them you could always go there!

However, remember that her first movie came out about 12 years ago and her last movie was released around 9 years ago, so her titles may not be easy to find, even if they are legal.

Of course, there is a black market for everything, but I wouldn't know about that.

It is considered bad net.manners to come from an American site and ask for Traci Lords movies over the net, mostly because they *are* illegal in America, and asking for them could be considered a criminal solicitation by some overzealous bible- thumping law enforcement officer...

So please spare us all the requests and don't ask for copies. Of course, if you're posting from Europe, where TL is readily available, don't gloat about it! :)

How come Traci's movies are available in Quebec?

Alain Bourassa tells me that ONLY the original releases are legal due to the fact that they were approved for distribution back when they were released. Once a movie has been approved, only the provincial movie board has the power to take a movie off the shelves; to make it illegal. Since they didn't do it back then, the movies remain legally available.

However, no re-release of those movies could be done due to changes in the rating system which now must include a viewing by the movie review board for approval.

Was that Ashlyn Gere on The X-Files?

Sure was... One of the producers of the show is an X-Rated Movie Fan(tm), and he likes Ashyln's "talents" so much, he offered her a spot on the show. You can check out the group alt.tv.x-files for more info on this cool show. Ashlyn appears as Bonnie McRoberts in the episode called 'BLOOD', the 3rd episode of the 2nd season. She is billed as "Kimberly Ashlyn Gere."

Brief synopsis:

A bunch of people are dying out in rural Pennsylvania. Mulder is called in to the scene to work up composites on the killers. Ain't so easy since no one had any sort of violent history.

Ashlyn has a pretty small part, and has maybe 5 minutes of screen time. She goes berserk and kills a guy with an oil tap (spout) to the gut.

Ashlyn, for what its worth, started out in horror movies billed as Kim McKamy. Her horror films include "Evil Laugh" (1986) "Creepozoids" (1987) "Dreamaniac" (1987) "Angel III: The Final Chapter" (1988) She didn't evn do a nude scene in any of these. From horror to porn and porn to the X-Files. She also appeared in "Fatal Instinct" (1991) which may be also be a crossover...

The producers (well, Christ Carter, at least) of the X-Files liked her so much (being porn fans and all) that they extended to her a recurring guest spot on their doomed Fox series, "Space: Above and Beyond."

She appeared as an android with wacky contact lenses. She showed up for a few more episodes as different models of the same android. She was billed as Kimberly Patton.

She also appeared on Chris Carter's other show, Millenium... and I bet if his "Harsh Realm" lasted more than two episodes, she'd have been on that too. :-)

Are there other crossovers from porn to movies?

Well, it depends upon how you define "movies."

If a "movie" is anything you can find in your video store, the answer is yes. If a "movie" is something that played in many theatres across the country, then not so much.

Traci Lords and Ashylyn Gere notwithstanding, having a porn past is detrimental to your mainstream movie acting career. Television executives are slightly less skittish about hiring the adult film veteran; but Hollywood executives will rarely, if ever, cast a porn performer in a major role.

That being said, a lot of porn starlets have gotten their SAG (Screen Actors Guild) cards and done a lot of direct-to-video/direct-to-cable work.

One poster says that Roxanne Blaze now appears in B-Movies as Sara Bellomo. " Beach Babes from Beyond " is an example of her post porn work.

The film "Killer Looks " (directed by Toby Phillips , er, Paul Thomas) also features Lene Hefner, Janine Lindemulder, and Dyanna Lauren (Billed as Diane Hurley... (a good example of "it's who you know")

Also Jamie Summers appears in "Night Rhythms" directed by Greg Hippolyte a/k/a Greg Dark.

Devon Shire a/k/a Jennifer Peace appears in "Secret Games II" (not to mention some photos of OJ Simpson pal, Al Cowlings)

Barbara Dare (billed as Stacy Nix) and Madison billed as Madison Stone) appear in " Evil Toons ".

Marilyn Chambers has become a cottage industry playing either a former porn actress somewhat like herself, or hosting a series of somewhat banal "erotic" thrillers that show up on Showtime or hotel pay-per-view. Perhaps her largest role was as the mother (the lead) in David Cronenberg 's " Rabid ."

Wade Nichols was an established hetero porn star before he crossed over in 1975 in BOYNAPPED, after which he changed his name to Dennis Parker, cut a disco album for Casablanca Records, and then became a performer on the TV soap opera "Edge of Night"

Tim adds, "several gay porn stars have had bit parts in movies, notably Gregg Araki's " The Doom Generation ." However, Kevin Kramer had a somewhat substantial speaking and acting part in Bruce LaBruce 's " Hustler White ."

There have been other porn stars who have appeared in mainstream movies, almost always B-grade ones e.g. Harry Reems, Candie Evans etc. To indulge yourself, search through the listings at the Internet Movie Database and enjoy mostly schlock horror. :-)

Is there a crossover from porn to politics?

Imperator says: "Funny you should ask! Of course, in the more enlightened Old World :-), being a porn star can actually do wonders for your popularity outside the shady world of porn fans.

Case in point being Ilona Staller, a Hungarian born Italian lady who, under the stage name of Cicciolina, became so popular she finally managed to win a seat in the Italian Parliament (and we mean the *real* parliament, not some porn spinoff :-)).

Her election was most probably a cute joke played by the Italians on their politicians; Ms. Staller never attempted to get re-elected and when fellow pornstar, the late Moana Pozzi, attempted to emulate her she failed miserably -- and that despite Ms. Pozzi being an infinitely better porn performer :-)"

Cicciolina, by the way, is more than just a (former) member of Italian parliament, Cicciolina is also the subject of a pop song called "Touched by the hand of Cicciolina" by Pop Will Eat Itself which, I am told, was the unofficial anthem of the Italian World Cup matches in the mid-90s.

She is also the subject for quite a few (explicit-ish) works of art by her now ex-husband Jeff Koons.

Is Teri Weigel famous for something other than humping?

Teri is "famous" for being Playboy's April 1986 playmate and then going to a life of porn when big wads of cash were waved in front of her...

She is known in the porn world for her mega-screaming during sex. Hell, she seems to scream even before stimulation. In the "straight" world, she appeared on Fox's Married with Children a few times as Al's Shoe Fantasy girl.

She now divides her time between dancing on the road and hooking at the Bunny Ranch in Nevada.

Are there other crossovers from Playboy or Penthouse to porn?

Sure. Most of them come from Penthouse. Traci Lords, Janine Lindemulder and Racquel Darrian (posing as Kelly Jackson) all got their start in Penthouse. Playboy as a corporation frowns on their Playmates getting involved in porno, so they really haven't really churned out the porn starlets so much other than the aforementioned Teri Weigel.

Playboy used to semi-regular features on the porn industry and its performers, but has since stopped that practice. However, in the March 1996 issue, they did feature Juli Ashton ("Ashton") and Racquel Darrian ("Kelly", the down-home Kansan) in their pictorial on strippers. In fact, they now seem to have contractual provisions which forbid their models from going hardcore.

For an excellent reference of stuff of this ilk, check out raincoater.net -- BritPOP has taken over the list that RAMEGuy started which documents the Playboy/Penthouse crossovers. rame.net also has an old mirrored copy of RAMEGuy's pages.

How about Playgirl to gay porn?

Yep, much to Playgirl's chagrin, a good number of their models have made the leap into gay porn. Tim Evanson maintains a list of these models. The list is archived in the reading room.

Did Tiffany Million ever wrestle?

A fellow FAQ-keeper passes this along:

In a word, yes, Tiffany Million has wrestled professionally. She wrestled for the short-lived GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) promotion. GLOW was long on T&A and short on actual wrestling. She also did a lot of work on the indie circuit. While wrestling for GLOW, she wrestled under the name Tiffany Mellon.

If you are interested in finding copies of Ms. Million/ Mellon wrestling, you might want to pop over to rec.sport.pro-wrestling, snag a copy of the FAQ (or e-mail rspw-faq@Data-IO.com for a copy) and find out how to subscribe to the r.s.p-w tape trading mailing list. Folks there will almost certainly have copies of what you are looking for.

Alexandria Quinn -- legal or not?

Well, half and half...

Like Traci Lords, Alexandria Quinn made a bunch of movies when she (by US standards) was underage. However, unlike Traci, she also made a bunch after she was of age, so her underage stuff is not so sought after (though possession of her early stuff in the US is still considered kiddie porn). So you're safe with anything past 1991.

Are there other underage porn performers?

In addition to Traci Lords and Alexandria Quinn, there are a few porn performers who have indeed been "caught in the act" while still under the age of 18, the legal age for performing in adult videos in the USA. France has a similar restriction, but it is considered "Corruption of a Minor."

Lydia Chanel started in France and made some 15 videos before she turned 18 (which is OK by European standards). She admitted this in a French pro-am video she did called GANG BANG POUR SALOPES DECHAINEES, from STARCHILD PRODUCTIONS, France 1992. Also performing underage in France was Tabatha Cash. (Thanks to Alain Bourassa for these pointers)

Also, Rene Summers, Kristara Barrington, Ali Moore and Christiana (from the original Buttman Goes to Rio) all supposedly performed while underage. We have no confirmation on any of them.

Phil Goldmarx, a former reviewer for AVN has this to say:

"For the record, Nikki Charm was never under age when she began. She has appeared in the last year or two at the CES and VSDA, hanging around the Vivid booth (her old "roost"), She denies doing a "Traci".

Years ago, Paul Fishbein responded to a letter in AVN about rumors of others having been underage (this rumor surfaced in the late 80s, prior to Alexandria Quinn) also confirming that while then looking younger than Traci Lords, Nikki was (and of course, still is) in fact several years older.

Ali Moore, was however, underage when she began, and there were attempts to remove some of her tapes, although the police never seemed quite as interested in her as they were in Traci. Moore told everyone her real name was Dawn Levine, when in fact it was Erin Marie Scott. (She pretended to be Jewish as well as an adult)

BTW, Moore was quite chummy from the outset with Intropics director Richard Mailer, who also directed Traci in her first feature-length video, "What Gets Me Hot!" Is Mailer's real name Humbert Humbert?

Kristara Barrington's status was never resolved.

Was Nikki Charm underage?

For a long time, it was thought she was, though no evidence supported it -- she just looked so damned young. However, in the October 1999 issue of Adult Video News, they put the question to her:

I planned it from March 1983 until I came into Reb's office in May of 1984. I knew I needed to be 18 because my brother's fiancee, Mercedez Perez, was working as an actress in the industry. I waited and prepared. I worked out two hours a day, tanned my body and came into Reb's office at 18 ... At that time Reb was really excited. 'Watch out Ginger Lynn!' He verified my age at the time.

So there you have it, right from horse's mouth, so to speak.

Did the same thing happen to gay star Jeff Browning?

Bob Martin sums it up pretty well:

Jeff Browning began acting in the gay porn industry when he was 15 or 16 years old. According to posts in RAME, his proof of age, which it appears all producers reviewed as required by law, was or was not the greatest (I seem to remember one post in which it was alleged his proof wouldn't pass muster in an LA bar -- but isn't the drinking age in California 21?).

Nonetheless, it appears Jeff Browning went out and acquired this phony proof of age and then presented it, more than one time and to more than one producer/production company, in order to act in gay porno flicks.

He has a number of titles "under his belt" (yes, pun intended); he was not a one-shot, flash in the pan who did a tape and then disappeared. There has been no report that someone put a gun to his head, got him addicted to drugs and then made him perform for fixes, kept his favorite sibling/pet hostage and required him to perform, etc. I don't think I've ever seen a Jeff Browning flick; I rent a lot, but I've been to his web page, and I have to admit I don't find the picture there all that appealing. In any event, I haven't seen any posts that Browning looked like he didn't enjoy what he was doing, or secretly wrote "Save me" on his feet, his cheeks, his forehead, etc., in an effort to escape gay porn.

Tim Evanson continues the story:

Gay porn star Jeff Browning (or someone using his email address, which can be found on his Web page at http://www.jeffbrowning.com) has sent out numerous e-mails to almost everyone on RAME who posted about his recent run-ins with the law. Browning may be facing jail time for his exploits, so Los Angeles television reports, and he is cooperating with the U.S. Justice Department.

The AVN article describing the scandal (along with Browning's rebuttal) is archived at the reading room.

Has Victoria Paris or Traci Lords or Candi Evans or Nikki Dial ever taken it in the ass?

None but one...

Victoria has managed to take a finger up the ass every now and again.

There was an aborted attempt by Peter North to anally penetrate Traci in the film "Future Voyeur" but that's it.

As far as we know, nothing went near Candi's ass...

However, Nikki got it up the butt at least three times. Check out her scene in Bubble Butts #7, BreastWishes #7 and Rumphumpers #1. Her scene from Rumphumpers is duplicated in Deep Throat Girls #1. She also has an anal scene excerpted from one of the three previous movies in the recently released "Nikki Dial's Secret of Sexcess."

When in doubt, check the IAFD and filter the list on "anal"

Does Linda Lovelace hate porn?

Linda Lovelace (real name Linda Marsciano, who starred in such movies as "Deep Throat") may very well have been misunderstood. She claimed (both in her book "Ordeal" and in a special government committee) that she was forced into the business.

Hart Williams tells me that:

Nadine Strossen (currently the President of the ACLU) in her new book called DEFENDING PORNOGRAPHY (published by Scribner, Feb. 1995) points out on pages 182-183,

"The violence and coercion that Marchiano [Linda Lovelace] suffered were outrageous. Yet her own account does not support the inference that producers of pornography generally inflict such violence and coercion upon the women who pose for them, for two reasons. First, in Marchiano's own case, it was not the participants in the porn industry who raped, beat and forced her to take part in the movie, but rather, her own husband, Chuck Traynor, who had no other connection to the pornography business. Marchiano's autobiographical writings not only make clear that she experienced no abuse or force at the hands of participants in the porn industry; her writings also show that her career as a "porn star" gave her a welcome, if temporary, refuge from her husband's brutality.

In ORDEAL, Marchiano describes the sense of freedom she felt on the set of DEEP THROAT, and how she enjoyed the company of her costar, Harry Reems ... Marchiano's autobiography underscores that her subsequent contacts with the pornography industry, after she had escaped from her abusive husband, were completely voluntary."

Here's a little porn-trivia tidbit from Peter van Aarle: In 1969 Linda made a loop featuring first anal sex with Eric Edwards, and then, after Eric leaves, Linda and a dog. The loop was called Dogarama, and has never been available on video in the US (but I've seen a video in a store here in Holland year ago which included that loop. Never watched it though). She also did loops featuring golden showers, fisting, and even a foot insertion loop. Linda made another dog-loop at the time with Jamie Gillis (if I remember right) and a dog. (BTW, I even know a guy who says he has those loops as well as her fisting and 'footing' loops on video but he doesn't do duping :-/ )

Linda Lovelace has her fair share of friends and enemies. Anti-porn zealots use her as an example of the common horrors occurring in the pornographic business. Perhaps she is just out to make a quick buck. Maybe she's telling the truth, but her situation is extraordinary in the business.

Did any other porn stars denounce the business?

The "I Hate Porn, even though I was a Star!" syndrome has struck former actress Holly Ryder. Holly Ryder has started a fund to fight pornography.

Ryder showed up in ASM/RAME at some point in the past and tried to make nice, so it seems she may have softened her stance a little, but quickly faded back into the woodwork. I am told that Luke Ford's bio of Holly is pretty accurate account of her activities (go figure.) Stacey Donovan allegedly testified before the Meese Commission. Her testimony is alleged to be not flattering about the industry. I have no other info on this, so if any researchers want to forward something along...

What's the deal with Peter North?

Peter is the subject of two long running debates in the group. The first is how he can cum so much. There has been no acceptable answer other than "He's a genetic freak..." The second is his appearance in gay porn.

It has been widely rumored that hetero porn stud Peter North has made homosexual videos, and the rumors are true. North began his career as a flexible gay porn star who topped and bottomed, but in left gay porn in 1986 to pursue a heterosexual porn career, changing his name to Peter North.

North has often claimed that he never took a cock in his ass, and that scenes in which such seems to occur were stunt-assed, electronically altered, or masked somehow. However, North clearly has done so, as is evident in the film THE BIGGER THE BETTER where North is clearly fucked by gay porn star Rick Donovan.

North recently returned to his gay porn past, using the nom de plume Matt Ramsey again in the bisexual film VALLEY OF THE BI DOLLS.

A list of Matt Ramseys films can be found in the r.a.m.e. reading room.

The website at http://www.peternorth.com seems to have absolutely nothing to do with him.

Have any het male performers done gay porn?

A variety of heterosexual male porn stars have also done gay porn, either as tops or bottoms. Among them are the above mentioned Peter North, Marc Wallice, Jack Wrangler, John Holmes and Eric Price/Charlie Stone. Many hetero actors have done solo jackoff films aimed at the gay market; among them have been TT Boy, Randy Spears, Sean Michaels, Cal Jammer, and (though he's not a het porn star) MTV VJ Simon Rex.

Does Janine Lindemulder just do girls?

In a word, yes. On film anyway. According to a faithful asm reader, I am told that Janine has a son and, near as our poster could tell, he must have teleported out of her womb.

Peter van Aarle passed along a tidbit he recently read. On a recent Howard Stern show, Howard mentioned that she was hooked up with a construction worker (as opposed to a millionaire, as was previously suggested [by herself?]). Apparently Stern bugged her about how she could have done better than a construction worker.

In its March 1995 issue, AVN reports that while promoting Blondage on a Los Angeles radio show, Janine said "If I'm gonna sleep with a man, he'd better be prepared to fall in love with me -- or at least buy me dinner. (She laughs) Being with a woman is kind of like a slumber party. For guys, I have to have a relationship."

Quick Note: This is not to say Janine does not have sex with men, and she does not videotape these sessions for her private amusement. In fact, one of these tapes, when she was fucking Vince Neil of Motley Crue, made itself public. Does this make her a hypocrite? Probably. We don't know if she had a "relationship" with Vince Neil or not, bus since they seemed to have gone on vacation together, we have to assume something was going on -- after all, where was Mr. Lindemulder? As far as not screwing guys "on camera", (a) she didn't anticipate the video being made public, so I don't see what she did wrong and (b) it's obvious that she defines "on camera" as commerically produced porn. It's her choice. Deal with it. In an interview with Vivid Video (no longer available on their free website), Janine answered the following questions about her lovers and her on-screen relations with them:

Q: You said earlier that you now have a boyfriend?

JANINE: Yes, for seven years now.

Q: What does he do?

JANINE: He works construction and he is also a musician, therefore I pretty much support the household as I am the bigger bread winner in the family.

Q: What about a girlfriend?

JANINE: Yes, Julia (Julia Ann, adult film actress and her partner in Blondage), for six years now, but my boyfriend doesn't really know what kind of relationship she and I have.

Q: How do they feel about your career?

JANINE: My boyfriend hates it, of course, he doesn't want to hear about it but he accepts it as it is part of me. For him, I've agreed to not perform with men on film and even offered him the opportunity to perform with me, which he is considering. As for Julia, she is part of my career, we dance together always and occasionally act in movies together.

Phil Noir, a director over at Vivid, as this to say:

Just to clarify things, Janine said (to me) that the reason she didn't want to do B/G yet is because of the "emotional investment...girls are just dessert." She really has to have some sort of liking for the guy; it's a very sensitive issue with her.

Of course huge $$ may factor into her ultimate decision, but as of last year this time (while shooting Body language) she was clearly not into it for any amount of money. It was very difficult to get her just to neck & tease St. Croix, but what you see on screen is literally as far as she wanted to go. And Steve, she liked.

As far as the "boyfriend" angle goes, N.P. Trist did a little detective work -- the old Lexis search on the public records trick (ah, to be a law student and get it all for free...) -- and found out that Janine was actually married and has filed for divorce from her husband.

And in her on-line question and answer session which used to be at Vivid's web site (http://www.vividweb.com) she was asked:

Q: "Do you have a boyfriend?"
A: No, I'm completely single, and looking for Mr. Right.

You decide.

What movie has that ice dildo scene?

Old FAQs never die, I guess. This question hasn't been asked since 1995 or so, but it remains here, immortalized in the FAQ, because it is impossible for me to edit anything out.

Chances are, that would be Andrew Blake's "Hidden Obsessions" with Janine giving the cold finger to Julia Ann (not Melanie Moore). There are a few MPEGs of this scene floating around. Janine/Julia also had some ice work in Blondage, if I am not mistaken.

Heretic is quick to point out that a far better ice dildo scene can be found in New Faces, Hot Bodies 15. Also, Buttslammers 5 had a clear dildo in the last scene as did Sex Academy 4.

Frans Postma jumps in with Buttslammers #1 -- the scene with Tiffany Mynx, Rebecca Bardoux, Melanie Moore and Lia Baren (scene 2). "In this scene, they use this electronic device which is partly made from transparent plastic. In scene 3, they use this device as well, gives a nice 'inside' view <evil grin>"

Bob Mosely mentioned an old Swedish Erotica loop where two gals cast a popsicle mold of John Holmes' member and proceeded to use it in novel ways ;-)

There are other scenes of this type, but to continue the list is beyond the scope of this document. Perhaps someone is interested in compiling an "ice dildo scene" list...

Who are Rex Borsky and Jackson St. Louis?

A long time ago there was a brilliant director named Alex DeRenzy. Some notable films of his include "Babyface 1 and 2", "Wild Things 1 & 2", "Two Women" and others that don't readily spring to mind. He was known for making hot product in the Golden Age.

At about the same time, there was another brilliant director named Henri Pachard. Some notable films of his include "Devil in Miss Jones II", "Sexcapades" "Great Sexepctations" and countless others that don't spring to mind (I don't have a big database like some others do.... ;-). He was known for making hot product (that almost always had a scene in the bathroom) in the Golden Age.

Peter van Aarle quoted AVN when he passed this along: "Borsky (as video detectives have pretty much gathered by now, is Alex DeRenzy), together with director Jackson St. Louis and Mike Rubinstein formed Rosebud in March 1991...". They also write "Borsky/DeRenzy" a few times more during the article.

Adam Film World's 1993(?) issue confirms that Jackson St. Louis is just another name for the man known best as Henri Pachard.

DeRenzy and Pachard realized the days of high budget sex flicks were gone, and settled into their niche of filming wall-to-wallers under the names Borsky and St. Louis hoping to capture some of the heat they once had while totally sacrificing plot.

Rosebud has since split up; Mike Rubenstein formed "Devil's Films" and DeRenzy has gone to work for Evil Angel, tho his output there has been minimal. Pachard continues to freelance.

What does Greg Dark do on his days off?

He directs straight-to-video erotic thrillers under the name Gregory Hippolyte. His former Dark Brother, Walter, an executive at VCA, sometimes produces his films under the name Walter Gernert.

Premiere Magazine did a piece on Dark/Hippolyte in its August 1996 issue (with Travolta on the cover) while he was casting Animal Instincts 3.

Dark has also made the move into music videos, many clips he directed have enjoyed heavy rotation on MTV.

Are there any other porn directors who do mainstream work?

Sure. Porn is often only a supplement to other directing gigs. Besides Greg Hippolyte/Dark, the "erotic thriller" genre also has Toby Phillips a/k/a Paul Thomas; Edwin Brown a/k/a Edwin "Every Woman Has A Fantasy" Durell; and Hal Freeman. Chuck Vincent made a bunch of R-Rated movies with such X-stars as Veronica Hart, Henri Pachard(!) and Jerry Butler ... filmographies and biographies are available the Internet Movie Database (http://www.imdb.com)

Speaking of the Dark Brothers, why did they break up?

The short (disputed) version is Walter was dating porn starlet Heather Hart, then Greg stole her away, married her, and made her retire. So Walter left the team and became a VP or some higher-up at VCA... and then left VCA to do some sort of work in Brazil. Walter still does seem to do a fair amount of mainstream producing.

Are Ginger Lynn and Amber Lynn sisters?


Amber Lynn *is* Buck Adams' sister, however.

Are there any other siblings in porn?

Sure. The most often pairs asked about (and I do not intend this to become canonical)

Buck and Amber; Paula Price and her sister Brittany; and Tami Monroe and her sister Tara Monroe

Have any siblings performed sex together on-screen?

Yep, though it is far more prevalent in the gay arena than the het.

Patrick Riley says: "there are some movies with sisters "doing" each other. Brooke and Taylor Young were a pair of identical twins (quite attractive too) who have a long g/g scenes in Sweet Cakes (1976), Teenage Twins (aka Twin Tarts) and Double Your Pleasure (1978). In the latter movie they also do an unerotic and choreographed four way with a pair of male identical twins called the Hartman brothers. There is another pair of female twins around the same era but the name escapes me (help, Peter!).

"The amateur video A&B #056 has, according to the box, a brother screwing his sister. I saw this in about 1990 and they're rather ugly people--the girl had a big zit on her butt--and there's no way of proving they're related. On the other hand, A&B have yanked the tape and they've also yanked the Linda Lovelace haggard hound loop they used to sell."

On the european side (and available in USA) you could find Magma's movie "Dirty Twins" with the infamous pair of identical french twins who are so hot that they do mutual fist-fucking together. They where also featured in a Private movie

On the het side, there were Chrissy Ann and Christy Ann, the Anal Twins.

Patrick Kelley tells us that there is a recent set of sisters performing.

"... I don't have much on them, not even both of there names. One is named Sophien. I have these titles listed for them, I'm sure I've seen them in more.

John Dough's Dirty Stories 5
Prima 13: Dr. Max Returnes to Budapest
World Sex Tour 4, Anabolic's

If you haven't seen them, they are very nice brunettes. They are good in these videos. I wish I could tell you more.

On the gay front, Tim Evanson says:

"Comrades in Arms," has the Otov twins--they only jerk off together, but they do also hug and touch.

Falcon's Christy Twins, identical twin brothers who would fuck one another on screen. One is married now, the other disappeared. They would not touch anyone else BUT themselves. They did several loops for Falcon.

The Rocklands (Hal and Vince) in SADDLE TRAMPS 1, but they didn't have sex.

I thought Kip and Scott Noll did a film together (well, at least Kip and one of his real relatives). But I can't think of the title.

Gage and Blue Blake had sex together on screen, but I can't name the title.

Lest we forget, there were also the Otov twins, and Luis and Carlos Mendez are brothers, as well.

And if they were true cousins, you can also list Rick Donovan and his more hugely huge (but just as limp) cousin in "Think Big", Seabag, 1989.

Brothers having sex used to be SUCH the trend in the 1980s. It was almost a competition between studios to find real-life brothers and cousins to fuck and suck on screen. I wonder why it stopped...

Is that legal?

David Austin says:
Tim Evanson asked: "Have there been any prosecutions brought based on incest or obscenity laws against films for showing real or fantasy incest?"

I replied to the "prosecutions brought" part as best I could (not at all well) in a previous reply, and promised to see what I could find out about the "laws against" part. Here's what I found in a LEXIS/NEXIS search:

I found no state statutes specifically citing incest as a special factor contributing to obscenity.

In several court cases, incest seems to be a contributing factor in sustaining judgments of obscenity, but it is not unique in this respect. See US v. THOMAS, 74 F.3d 701 (1996), SMITH v. DONOHUE et al. 1992 U.S. App. LEXIS 25066. In the latter case, the court rejected "the plaintiff's argument that only materials portraying homosexuality, bestiality, incest, or sex with children can be deemed 'obscene.'"

A key question seems to be:

Is sexual activity involving a child described or depicted?

If so, the standards for judging child pornography are applied, [ILLINOIS v. LERCH 134 Ill. App. 3d 643 (1985), FORDYCE and AEROS ENTERTAINMENT v. INDIANA 569 N.E.2d 357 (1991)].


"Plaintiff has also alerted the court to a series of photographs depicting incest. * * * these are merely photographs of adults engaged in a variety of sexual acts consistent with those found not obscene by other courts, and do not violate the Miller/Pope test."

Of course, lower courts whose records are not included in LEXIS/NEXIS may have had other things to say, and an experienced FA trial attorney, like Jeffrey Douglas, would likely know of any significant cases. It may be significant that no law review articles, legal newsletters or journals or ALR notes on LEXIS/NEXIS mention incest as a special factor in characterizing obscenity.

Is Candi Evans married to one of the American Gladiators?

Yep. She's married to Laser, has two kids and apparently is living in Orlando where Laser is involved in some kind of Gladiator Dinner Theatre.

A reader passes this along:

"The last time I saw Candy (over a year ago) I tried to get an autographed photo. I waited till Laser was clear across the room (it was at a wedding) and I seized my opportunity. I didn't know how to broach the subject with her, so I just asked ....'ever get fan letters from the old days?"

She started to cry and said that she wants to put those days behind her and that the only reason she did it was because her siblings were all overachievers and she had to find something she could excel in. I decided that might not be the appropriate time to ask for an autographed Candy Evans photo."

Who is in Anabolic's Gang Bang Girls series?

Normally, I would not put a cast list in the FAQ, but this is asked so many times, I feel it is appropriate. A special thanks to N Smith (and some others) for gathering this all up in one place, so I didn't have to.

In the list when I use "and" instead of a comma, it means the performers are in the scene together (where I know it to be true).

  • GBG #1 & #2 - Trixy Tyler
  • GBG #3 & #4 - Debbi Diamond
  • GBG #5 & #6 - Ashley Nicole & Heather Heart
  • GBG #7 & #8 - Selena Steele
  • GBG #9 - Tabitha Cash, Natasia, Carol Nash
  • GBG #10 - Sharon Kane, Lydia Chanel, Tina Tyler
  • GBG #11 - Deborah Wells, Berlin, Monique
  • GBG #12 - Sierra, Crystal Wilder, Kitty Yung
  • GBG #13 - Beatrice Valle, Maeva, Francesca Le
  • GBG #14 - Vanessa Chase and Rebecca Lord, Anna Malle
  • GBG #15 - Nici Sterling, Alex Dane, Kimberly Kummings
  • GBG #16 - Alex Jordan, Deborah Wells, Bambi
  • GBG #17 - Missy, Chloe, and Tricia Devareux
  • GBG #18 - Sabrina Johnson, Dina Pearl, Nikki Brantz
  • GBG #19 - Careeena Collins, Suzi Cat, Kathy Divine
  • GBG #20 - Erica Bella and Mercedesz, Tyra Olsen
  • GBG #21 - Nici Sterling, Alice and Alexandra Nice
  • GBG #22 - Dina Jewel, Caroline and Eve
  • GBG #23 - Oceane, Heaven Leigh and Teri Starr
  • GBG #24 - Inari Vachs, Layla Jade and Maren
Personally, I feel the series was best when it was one performer over two tapes (though it would have been best one performer one 2 hour, 20 min tape...) All of the gangbangs end with big facial finishes, except Ashley Nicole demurs and lets Heather Hart take all the facials; Ashley didn't take any (!!!). N Smith liked #14. The Tina Tyler scene from #10 was great, I thought; but then again, I dig Tina Tyler.

Why can't I find Gang Bang Girl #20 anywhere?

Eric Dew wrote in RAME:

That's the Harley-Davidson video. The first scene has Erika Bella and [Mercedesz] in a Harley shop (actual shop in Marina Del Rey in LA area) being GB'ed by the usual crew of Gang bangers.

H-D filed a cease and desist sorta letter, requesting that all copies be destroyed, and copies shipped to stores be returned, etc., etc. Frankly, I think the video would do more for H-D's bottom line than not. It certainly would do Anabolic's bottom line good, but H-D probably doesn't care about that, I guess.

Some people found it ironic that in the 60s, when Harley riders were mostly outlaws and not yuppies, that this is the kind of thing that Harley would be proud of...

Speaking of gangbangs, are there any gay gangbang movies?

Sure! Tim Evanson passes along this list (which is not meant to be canonical):

The Gangbangers, Lukas' Story 2, The Journey Man, Black Balled, Gang Bang Rich Boy, Getting It, Outlaw Bikers, Sex, Quest, Backwoods, Black Gang-Bang, Download, Gang-Bang Moving, Boy, Hot Cops 2, Ram Jet, Le Sex Salon, Boy of Honor (in French: Garcon d'Honneur), Spokes 2

I read that Kylie Ireland was in "Strage Days." Where was she?

Asia Carrera said in RAME:
Kylie is sitting on a bar stool, with matted dredlocks, next to a girl who looked like it could have possibly been Dru Berrymore. Ralph Fiennes gives Kylie one of those mind-altering thingys, and then Kylie and Dru have a few quick girl/girl snippets. The dredlocks really alter Kylie's appearance. I wouldn't have guessed that was her in a million years if she hadn't told me to watch for it.

Is John Stagliano HIV Positive?

Yes he is. He picked it up, he says, from unprotected sex with a transsexual in Brazil.

Is Tricia Devereaux HIV Positive?

Yes she is.

On Wed, 04 Feb 98 19:08:08 in rame, she wrote:

Thanks for your concern for me.

At this point, please know that I have had three or four tests come back inconclusive or positive. I am currently waiting for DNA results to come back the middle of next week.

Everybody in the industry has been very supportive for me, so I feel very lucky.

I'm looking at this as a chance to return to the life that I had before I started doing porn. My family is also really going to help me out with this.

As of November 1999, she was living with John Stagliano, doing production work with him and occasionally doing some nude modelling.

Whatever Happened To Jennifer Stewart?

Genaro says:

Supposedly someone who didn't like her left some of her videos on her parents doorstep, who didn't know what their daughter was doing. Thus, she left the business. I liked her alot, due to her girl next door appearance, and enjoyed her performances.

(To MOD: How about putting this in the FAQ since it gets asked a lot)

Your wish is my command. :-)

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