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From: brwi@ix.netcom.com (Brad Williams)
Subject: Re: Wendy O. Williams dies.
Date: Wed, 08 Apr 98 08:14:05
Organization: MindSpring Enterprises

That's too bad. I remember seeing Wendy O shooting eggs out of her vagina in the "Candy Goes to Hollywood" flick and then seeing the Plasmatics perform the next week(they were awful except for the theatrics).

I heard on the radio she shot herself in the head. She was 48 years old.


On Wed, 08 Apr 98 05:15:30, Steve De Rose wrote:


I just heard on the radio here (WGN-AM, no less) that Wendy O. Williams; lead singer of the porno-punk group *The Plasmatics*, and who appeared in "Candy Goes To Hollywood" & "800 Fantasy Lane" [both 1979] and the cult film "Reform School Girls" [1986] (where none other than Sherri Stoner is stripped nude and `branded') has apparently killed herself. Her body was found outdoors near her house in Connecticut.

Steve "Pudgy" De Rose