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FROM: Tim Evanson <tevanson@erols.com>
SUBJECT: Brandon Wilde...his films
DATE: Sat, 08 Feb 97 21:57:38
ORGANIZATION: Tim Evanson's Home Page (coming soon!)

Hi everybody...

Gay porn actor Brandon Wilde was murdered in late winter in 1996 in Pensacola, FL, where he was living. "Manshots" magazine ran the following list of his videos. I was wondering if anyone had seen them, and what they thought of his performances... And which of these would be Wilde's top vids.

  • Battle of the Bulges
  • Big Shooters
  • Blonds Do It Best
  • Blue Movies
  • Body Scorchers
  • Buck's Execllent Adventure
  • Cat Burglar
  • Cruising West Hollywood
  • Dreaming About Dick
  • Fantasy Bytes
  • Getting It
  • Getting Off Campus
  • Hard to Hold
  • Health Club Gigolo
  • Heroes
  • Hot Splash
  • In His Corner
  • Ivy League
  • Last Good-Bi
  • let Me Be Your Loverboy
  • My Sister, My Brother
  • 976-CUMM
  • Rodz: Boys in the Band
  • Seven Card Stud
  • Studvision
  • Team Mates
  • Totally Awesome
  • Windows

I remember seeing Brandon dance at the Follies here in DC, and he seemed so nice and friendly. As usual, he had hours of downtime between performances (shows are 12 noon, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm, and 12 midnight). It was late on a Saturday night, and the club was emptying. He and I had talked about the DC music scene in the front lounge, and he seemed sweet, intelligent, and knowledgeable.

Later, I was wandering around, and he was in the maze in the rear, being blown by a magnificent muscled hunk. The blond stud had stripped off his shirt and tossed it in the corner, and lowered his cut-offs to his ankles. This blond demi-god with the 9" scimitar-cuved cock knelt before Brandon (whose real name was Will), and was slurping on Brandon's cock. Brandon was pinching his own nipples and his head was thrown back in ecstasy--he clearly close to cumming.

I walked past, for some reason bashful at seeing my new friend sweating in the heat of the club, his nuts tight to his body--ready to explode.

Brandon opened his eyes, and as I walked past he held his arm out and snapped his fingers at me. I stopped, and he motioned for me to come over. He leaned towards me, and gently kissed me on the lips. He grinned, and I smiled back. As I walked away, I heard the blond moan as he jacked himself off... And then, louder, I heard Brandon cry out once and I knew my friend and shot in the blond musclestud's mouth. I never saw Brandon Wilde ever again. I'm not even sure if he was just visiting DC and had gotten Joe (the manager) to let him strip, or whether he was on tour, or what. He just seemed very nice.

Although I'd always wanted to check out his movies (as I have for other stars who've come from the DC area), I just never did. And then... he was gone. I'd appreciate any help you could offer.

See ya...

Tim #1