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Jon was found dead at a friends apartment in NYC. He had overdosed on heroin, and they also found a large dose of valium that had not completely settled in his stomach. The NY coroner's office is going to rule this a suicide. He was in his late thirties.

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The actor real name is Jeffrey James Vickers. He was born on Dec. 17th, 1962 in New Orleans, LA Another source said that his death was ruled as an accident since there was no suicide note.
Jon was interned in his family mausoleum in Baton Rouge LA, next to his late father.
He played Triple A baseball for the Kansas City Royals in the early 80's, but got busted in a cocaine deal and was terminated. ("I broke my old man's heart.") He leaves behind a 19 yr old son.

I hope this information helps out any of your readers looking for more info on Jon. One other thing I might add which I will put at the end of this letter, is the address to where exactly Jon is buried. Jon will be missed by many who loved him.

"Life may have past but the memories never stop."

Jon is buried at:
Greenoaks Memorial Park
9595 Florida Blvd.
Baton Rouge, LA

Mausoleum location is:
Crestview South Exterior B6