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Jim Brams contacted us recently to make some corrections to this article:

Date sent: Tue, 09 Mar 1999 14:58:38 -0500
To: FAQ@Rame.Net
From: MDS...
Subject: Steve Fox

I just discovered your database "Dead Porn Star List", and the correct death date for my former partner, Steve Fox/Rommel Hunt, is October 23, 1997. (In your list, death date is "unknown".)

He was 31 when he died; I erronously gave Southern Voice a birthdate of 1965 when it should be been 1966.

Thank you for correcting this information.

Jim Brams

From: kevrules@aol.com (KevRules)
Subject: Steve Fox dead at 31, a suicide
Date: Wed, 05 Nov 97 14:00:08
Organization: AOL http://www.aol.com

From Atlanta's Southern Voice newspaper:

Rommel E. Hunt, 31, who has appeared in a number of gay-oriented adult films, died Oct. 23 in Atlanta after a two-year struggle with mental illness, according to his life partner, Jim Brams. The DeKalb County coroner has ruled the death a suicide.

Under the stage name "Steve Fox," Hunt acted in seven adult films and starred in four, Brams said. His credits include "Secret Shore Leave," "Flashpoint," "Compulsion" and "Buttbusters."

Hunt was born July 4, 1965, in Alabaster, Ala., and moved to Atlanta at age 6 with his family. A graduate of Druid Hills High School, he attended Oxford College of Emory University.

A memorial service was held Oct. 26, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported. In addition to Brams, Hunt is survived by his parents, a sister and a brother.

<note to those who are good at math ... I will try to confirm that he was actually 32, as the dates indicate. Perhaps he was born in 1966...>