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Subject: FW: Sparky O'Toole's Manshots Obituary. Date: Fri, 24 May 2002 18:27:45 -0700

I thought you may be interested to see Sparky O'Toole's obituary from Manshots magazine:

Donald Keith Paton, who appeared in thirty-nine gay adult videos as Sparky O'Toole, died of AIDS complications in August, 1999 in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, where he had been living with his mother and step-father since July, 1995. After he retired from films, due to poor health, and dropped out of sight, premature rumors frequently surfaced that he had died. His parents have now confirmed his death, however, and said that his body had been cremated.

Born on June 8, 1967 in Long Beach, California, Paton frequently said that his career in videos was probably the major accomplishment if not the high point of his life. According to friends, he often told of being dropped on his head as a six-month-old infant, and thereafter he suffered from grand mal seizures and epilepsy. Because of poor reading skills, he dropped out of the Anaheim, California, school system and left home at fourteen.

By his own admission, he was nicknamed "Sparky" at the age of thirteen because he smoked pot. By 1995, he had tested HIV-positive from sharing infected needles. This brought an end to his video career, which began in 1987. His final tapes, among them Sparky O'Toole's Excellent Adventure, featured him in solo performances.

During the last four years of his life, spent in Mechanicsburg, he did landscaping at his mother's church and continued playing backgammon, at which he was a whiz.

In addition to Sparky O'Toole's Excellent Adventure, Paton also appeared in Angelo Loves It, Battle of the Bulges, Big Boys of Summer, The Big One, Bubble Butt, Butt Darts, California Dreamin', California Stud Pups, Camp YMAC, Commercial Sex, Danny Does 'Em All, Frat Brats, Full Load, Hard Rock High, Hard to Be Good, Hawaiian Heat, In Deep, Inside Expose, Larger Than Life, Las Vegas Orgy, Love Muscle, Mountain Fever, Mustang Ranch, My Best Friend, My Brother/My Lover, Orgy at the Fun House, Pretty Boys, Real Men Wouldn't Leave, Ride the Swell, The River, Show It Hard, Sizzle, Spring Clean-Up, Swim Meat, Tasting Mr. Goodbar, Three-Way Cum, Top Man, and Young Cadets.