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From: brandy@kamikaze.xxx (Brandy Alexandre)
Subject: Re: Megian Leigh info.
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 98 00:46:00 GMT
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In article <rame.902725206p28982@bash>, BittePlz@my-dejanews.com wrote:

In a story that appeared in the 'Los Angeles Times' reference was made that apparently Megan was trying to reconcile with her family, specifically her Mom. They were not thrilled at her chosen career, and her Mom apparently was very alienated because of Megan's porn activities. Megan apparently had bought a beautiful house for her Mom, trying to reconcile and win her over. The mother rejected the gift, and Megan apparently went over the edge as a result. The end came soon after. Indeed a shame. But, the story also reported that Megan had commented to others that she felt she had 'done it all' including sex of all types, drugs, notoriety, money, etc., and there couldn't possibly be anything left for her to try or improve on. Obviously, not all her lights were blinking in unison. Blame it on porn ? Sure, why not, everyone else does.

That's almost the way I heard it from within the industry with minor corrections. Her mother, and RN, actually encouraged Megan's career because she profited and was indulged in creature comforts by it. The more Megan gave (presumeably buying mother's love, but not a necessity born of her involvement in porn, just one of those tragic dysfunctional relationships), the more mom wanted. At mom's urging Megan engaged in more and more kinds of sex in order to get the parts to get the money to get stuff for mom.

No doubt not feeling very good about herself for compromising her personal porn standards she decided to cut mom off. The only real way to do that was to cut the cash cow off.

Even though Megan used a gun, the autopsy revealed a lethal dose of Valium in her stomach. Either she was impatient, or afraid she might be rescued.

Brandy Alexandre
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