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From: Tim Evanson [mailto:tevanson@erols.com]
Sent: Saturday, May 12, 2001 1:42 PM
To: rec.arts.movies.erotica
Subject: (GAY) Robert Kirsch, R.I.P.

I am very sad to report that Robert Kirsch, former gay porn star and co-founder of gay porn studio Titan Media, died last week of non-AIDS-related cancer (lymphoma).

Kirsch (he used his real name in porn, rather than a pseudonym) had a short career as a Falcon porn star before leaving the industry. Kirsch joined the Falcon production staff, and eventually became production manager for the studio. In 1995, he left Falcon to form Titan Media with director Bruce Cam. Kirsch left Titan in 1999 after a heated disagreement with Cam over management of the studio. He became a manager at a mainstream Web and ad agency, and began devoting himself to his music (gay Christian music).

I'm not clear as to whether his death was HIV-related or not, but the initial word is that it was not.

Kirsch was a strong propopent of "natural men" -- gay porn stars who don't shave themselves to within an inch of their life. His insistence on using gay men as talent rather than straight-trade also went strongly against the grain in gay porn. His and Cam's determination to make the "masculine man" the industry standard was almost unheard of in an industry where femmy, shaved, steroid-built, Falcon car-washed boytoys ruled. Yet, by the time Kirsch left the industry, he and Cam had revolutionized gay porn, and the "masculine ideal" was back (if not quite dominant).

I knew Bob Kirsch somewhat. He was extremely intelligent, honest as can be, sweet, compassionate, and committed to libertine sexuality -- not just because his cock was hard, but because he firmly believed in it as a philosophy and way of life. His presentation at the World Pornography Conference in 1999 was a high point of his life, a chance to stand on the soapbox and tell it like it is.

Robert Kirsch is going to be very sorely missed.

Tim #1

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