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Here is an update to the Dead Porn Star List for Nancee Kellee.

Nancee Kellee died in November 1991.

The wife of "Twin Peaks" actor Jack Nance was found hanged in her Los Angeles home Sunday night, authorities said.

Kelly Jean Van Dyke-Nance, 33, also was the daughter of Jerry Van Dyke, co-star of the comedy series "Coach."

She was found in the bedroom of a suburban North Hollywood apartment she shared with her husband, said police Lt. Ron LaRue.

The body was discovered by family friend Lisa Loring, LaRue said.

"There was some information that she had spoken of suicide to her husband," LaRue said.

No suicide note was found, and no other details were disclosed.

The death was listed as a suicide, said coroner's office spokesman Bob Dambacher.

Nance portrayed Pete Martell, the owner of the sawmill, in David Lynch's quirky TV series, which ran on ABC and was partly filmed in Snoqualmie. Nance also starred in Lynch's cult movie "Eraserhead."

Van Dyke co-stars on "Coach" - also an ABC series - as the befuddled assistant coach Luther Van Dam.