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SUBJECT: Jon King - Rest in Peace (GAY)
DATE: Fri, 09 Aug 1996 00:13:35 GMT
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The following is the obituary for Jon King (1963-1995)

John Nelson Gaines who appeared in gay adult films and videos during the 1980s as Jon King, died of AIDS complications on March 8, 1995 at Hope House Hospice in Santa Fe, New Mexico it has recently been learned.

King was born January 12, 1963 in Jacksonville, Florida. After graduating from high school in Atlanta, Georgia, he moved to West Hollywood, where he attained overnight stardom at nineteen in his first movie, Brothers Should Do It, opposite J.W. King to whom he bore a remarkable resemblance, although they were not related. He made several other films in quick succession, returned to Florida in 1983, then went back to California a year later to resume his career.

From 1981 through 1990, King was seen in The Best of Jon King, The Biggest One I Ever Saw, Biker's Liberty, Bore 'n' Stroke, Boys of West Hollywood, Fade In, Fade Out, Getting it, Giants I, Gotta Have It, Hot Off the Press, Hot Shots #1, #3, and #4, Hotel Hell Inevitable Love, Main Attraction, Members Only, Kip Noll, Superstar, Perfect Summer, Printer's Devils, Screen Play, Star Shots #2, Studhunter(as narrator), These Bases are Loaded, Trick Time, Tyger Tales, Wide Load, and Wild Oats.

A short-lived comeback attempt in 1993-1994 produced two final films, Wild Country for director John Rutherford, and These Bases are Loaded II for director Chi Chi LaRue.

When he first retired from his film career, King went to Atlanta and attended culinary school for two years while working in restaurants there, satisfying a lifelong interest in gourmet cooking.

After deteriorating health forced his retirement from the workplace in 1994, he moved to Santa Fe and was cared for by a friend, then spent the final five months of his life at Hope House.

Memorial services were held in Santa Fe as well as Jacksonville, when his ashes (and those of his pet dog, Bucky, who had been run over by a car two weeks prior to King's death) were scattered in the Atlantic Ocean. He is survived by his parents and a sister.