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From: Tim Evanson <tevanson@erols.com>
Subject: William Hunter, R.I.P.
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 98 23:28:00


It is with a sad heart that I report (via porn colunist J.C. Adams) that gay porn director and producer William Hunter passed away. Hunter, who directed such films as "Badlands" (with my all- time favorite, Johnny Rahm), "Force of Nature" (which contains one of Eduardo's HOTTEST scenes IMHO), the outrageously funny "Santa's Coming" (another Rahm film), "Tricked" (excellent film) and "Hotter Than Life" as well as produced films like "Chain of Desire" and "Rent-a-Fantasy" (a very decent little film with newbie Steve Pierce as a hippie college student's whore for the night), was a long-time veteran of the porn industry who had a penchant for plot-driven porn and twinks. Although Hunter worked for a number of studios, his primary body of work was for HIS Video. Most of his recent work had been for Totally Tight Video and All Worlds. Hunter was quite well-known in the industry, but not to fans. He was very much liked among his peers, it seems.

I'm checking on cause of death and date, but it appears Hunter passed away in mid-June. He had told associates, however, that he did not want a big fuss made over his passing. It seems his wishes were honored.

Some of Hunter's films:

  • Alley Action (HIS Video)
  • Are You Being Served? (1995, All Worlds; director)
  • Badlands (1992, Planet Group; director)
  • Chain of Desire (1996, All Worlds; producer)
  • City Heat (All Worlds)
  • Craze (HIS Video)
  • Cybersex (1995, All Worlds; director)
  • Danger Alley (HIS Video)
  • Dare Devils (1993, Planet Group; director)
  • Deception 2: Hard Justice (HIS Video)
  • Delusion (HIS Video)
  • Dirty Laundry (HIS Video)
  • Dreaming of You (1996, All Worlds; producer)
  • The Drifters (1992, Planet Group; director)
  • Ebony Knights (1996, Adam & Co.; producer and director)
  • Elements of Passion (1992, HIS Video; producer)
  • Fast Company (HIS Video)
  • Flesh Den (HIS Video)
  • Force of Nature (1995, All Worlds; director)
  • Frat Pack (HIS Video)
  • Guys in the 'Burbs (HIS Video)
  • Haight and Ashbury (HIS Video)
  • Hotter Than Life (1997, All Worlds; director)
  • Latin Crotch Rockets (1996, Totally Tight Video; director)
  • Leather Angel (HIS Video)
  • Licence to Thrill (1996, Fox Studios; director)
  • Lights, Camera, Action! (HIS Video)
  • Love Stories (1997, Totally Tight Video; producer)
  • Mountain Passage (1994, YMAC/Avalon; director)
  • On Leave in L.A. (1996, All Worlds; producer)
  • One and Only Dominator (HIS Video)
  • Prison (HIS Video)
  • Rent-a-Fantasy (1996, All Worlds; producer)
  • Santa's Coming (1992, Resource Video Group; director)
  • Secret Admirer (1996, All Worlds; director)
  • Shiftin' Gears (1997, Sierra Pacific; director)
  • Special Delivery (HIS Video)
  • Steam Room (1996, William Hunter Films, director and producer)
  • Stiff As Nails (1995, All Worlds; producer)
  • Take A Peak (1997, All Worlds; director)
  • This End Up (HIS Video)
  • Tough Choices (HIS Video)
  • Tricked (HIS Video)
  • Video Head (All Worlds)
  • Workin' Hard (1992, All Worlds; director)

See ya...

Tim #1