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Subject: (GAY) Mike Henson dies
From: "Tim Evanson" <tevanson@earthlink.net>
Reply-To: tevanson@earthlink.net
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 00:13:36 EDT

Mike Henson, the legendary veteran porn star of the 1980s, died two days ago from a drug overdose. Henson had a long battle with drugs, which led to his first departure from the porn world in the late 1980s. He made a come-back of a sorts in "Powertool 2," but never was able to regain his status (largely because the years of hard living had taken a horrible toll on his good looks). Henson fell back into drug use and got clean a number of times, and had been clean for a long time. But, close friends say, he decided to "celebrate" his sobriety by doing some drugs. And he mis-calculated, and overdosed.

More information later.


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This was posted to the Mike Henson Fan Club by David Forest.


FROM THE DESK OF DAVID FOREST                             SEPTEMBER  24,  2002

Kenneth Seymour aka MIKE HENSON died of an accidental heroin overdose this past Friday, September 20, 2002 in Western Pennsylvania. According to his brother, Bobby Seymour, who I just spoke with in Sacramento (where Kenny's family resides),  Kenny was at the home of his longtime army buddy and boyfriend, Dennis, who was at work, at the time of his death.  Dennis came home to find Kenny's body, with a bible in his hand.  Bobby told me that Ken had recently begun studying the bible more and more.  The authorities feel that Kenny probably died instantly, due to the amount of heroin found in his system.  He had been HIV+ for many years, but his death was NOT AIDS related, according to officials.

The Seymour Family had Ken's body flown back to Sacramento over the weekend and a private funeral was held yesterday.  Kenny is survived by his Mother, Father, Brother and Sister.

MIKE HENSON had been an active member of the Forest Family of Stars from 1987 thru 1996 ... working regularly through the "Brad's Buddies" program, appearing in a few special XXX movies ("More of a Man," "Powertool 2" and "Score 10")  and handling a lot of our computer programming and software maintenance.  He was a 1994 graduate of the UCLA School of Computer Sciences.

In recent years Kenny was an "honorary" member of the Forest clan.  He put together the computer that I'm working on right now. He spent hours helping me fix glitches and problems that occurred with my software. He was in and out of drug rehab programs ... living in L.A., Sacramento AND back East ... but he always kept in touch with me.  We had a very close,  personal relationship that I'll simply never forget.

The gay XXX world will long remember this classic star.  His performances were some of the finest ever filmed.  He was one of the most versatile, sexy, "real" male stars that ever worked in our industry.  AND ... in real life ... he was just the sweetest, nicest, happy-go-lucky, "boy-next-door" you've ever met.

We will all miss this wonderful young man.  They just don't make 'em like MIKE HENSON any longer.  He was simply a one of a kind.  May he rest in peace!