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Inari Vachs Stars in Film Based on Kristine Heller

Paul Thomas says he's got a movie out which he thinks is the best thing he's done since The Masseuse. Inari Vachs plays a character based on a girlfriend Paul Thomas had in the '70s. Though it's based on real life events, Thomas says the film is not a period piece.

"Remember a porno actress named Kristine Heller? Remember the movie [Alex deRenzy's] Baby Face? The girl in the swing? That was Kristine Heller," Thomas says. "She was my girlfriend in the '70s. She had a big problem between her Catholic upbringing, and her thing in porno. I hadn't talked to her for years and found out she committed suicide about 10 years ago."

Thomas concedes he took some liberties in telling the story, and that Bobby Vitale will play him in the film - perhaps the biggest liberty of them all. "It's a cautionary tale," said Thomas. "Beware that deciding to go into pornography is a serious decision in your life. I don't want to get too heavy, but it's the most emotionally true movie I've ever done."