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Mike Glassman aka "Ed Dinakos" died in 1992.

Dinakos/Glassman first arrived in San Francisco from New York City around 1978. His first appearance ever was on the October 1978 cover of "Drummer" magazine (#25). His cover phot was shot by the legendary Jack Fritscher. Soon thereafter, Dinakos/Glassman began taking steroids to turn himself into the giant bodybuilder everyone knows ad Ed Dinakos. He also began a heavy-duty escort career.

In the early 1980s, Dinakos/Glassman began working for Colt Studio under the pseudonym "Ed Dinakos." In 1991, he shot Colt's "Muscle Ranch" with his then-partner Jake Tanner, who was also a gay porn star (and soon to hit it big with Mack Studios and then Falcon Studios). Glassman/Dinakos died a year after the release of "Muscle Ranch."