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Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2003 21:01:36 -0500
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Veteran retired gay porn star Christian Murphy died of an overdose of crystal meth on January 23, 2001. He was 34.

Murphy, who had a long-time drug habit, had been mostly clean and sober for several years. But as his health deteriorated from AIDS, Murphy told friends that he "wanted to go out with a bang" and began using again. It was this final spasm of drug use that led to his death.

Murphy appeared in only a few films, including fairly decent performances in "Bull Pen," "Deep End" and "Demolition Man." He also directed several films, including the decent "Manhattan Skyline" (which he also wrote). Murphy said he never felt comfortable being in front of the camera, which is why he moved on to directing and writing and eventually left the industry. Once he was out of the adult business, Murphy started a furniture store with friend and fellow gay porn director Crystal Crawford, but they had a falling out over money (Murphy accused Crawford of stealing from the company; Crawford said the business failed due to poor management).

As late as last spring, Murphy was in good health. He and his lover both said they wanted to return to the gay porn business, and even talked about doing a scene together. But drugs and HIV got in the way.

Drugs had always been a part of Christian Murphy's life. He had overdosed before, and gone clean in the mid-90s (occasionally returning to his old habits). But he continued to hang out with Crystal Crawford and other porn friends, many of whom continued to use drugs. Murphy was one of the people to be with Joey Stefano when Stefano died. Indeed, only a day or so before Stefano's death, Murphy found Stefano unconscious from shooting up "Special K" (the hallucinogenic horse anesthetic, ketamine) in the shower in the home Murphy and Crawford shared. Murphy and Crawford were the two who found Stefano in a motel room, dying from another overdose. Murphy's own brother overdosed on cocaine two years ago, and his friend and fellow gay porn star Jon Vincent committed suicide in 2000 by purposefully ODing on heroin.

Murphy had had HIV for a number of years, and worked for Labor Day L.A. as a fund-raiser. However, he began taking anabolic steroids to improve his body-image, and his health began declining. In the late fall of 2000, he relocated to Texas with his lover.

Christian will be very sorely missed. He was one of the truly decent human beings in gay porn, even if he himself didn't always know it.

Christian Murphy filmography:
Bull Pen (Mustang/Falcon, 1995)
Deep End (Mustang/Falcon, 1995)
Demolition Man (All Worlds, 1997)
Hidden Agenda (Bacchus Releasing, 1995) Playing Dirty (Millennium Studios, 1994) Coverboys (HIS Video, 1996; non-sexual role)

Directed by Christian Murphy:
Down in the Dirt (HIS Video, 1995)
Fame and Flesh (HIS video, 1995)
Manhattan Skyline (HIS Video, 1995; he also wrote it) Stud Valley (Odyssey, 1994) --
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Date: Sun, 27 May 2001 01:08:00 -0400
From: Tom Byron Fan
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Subject: Chris Murphy: Add To Dead Porn Stars List

Got another one for you guys. I stmbled upon this little bit of grim news while reading Mickey Skee's February 10, 2001 edition of the Hardcore Diaries.

Gay pornstar, Christian Murphy died on January 23, 2001 of a heroin overdose in Texas.

This is from Mickey's column; "He(Chris Murphy) was dying of AIDS, taking a turn for the worst, stopped taking his meds and decided to end it on one last high, says his friend of the past 15 years, Crystal Crawford... Chris was a big activist with the Labor Day LA fundraisers for AIDS causes, but he did steroids to beef up his body even though he was HIV positive, and that's a dangerous mix. "

Years after collaborating on several adult film projects including Hot Laguna Knights and Manhattan Skyline, Murphy and Crawford had a serious falling out. The night before he ended his life, Murphy called Crystal Crawford and apologized.

Some of Chris Murphy's films include;
Bi-laddin (1994)
Bi Wicked (1994)
Fame And Flesh (1995)
Hot Laguna Knights (1995)
Initiation (1994)
Intensive (1995)
Ruthless (1995)
Sinderella She-Male (1994)
Manhattan Skyline (1996) (wrote, co-directed and starred in)

Christian Murphy's Sinderella She-Male is one of the three vids targeted in the 1999, Cincinnati, Butler County video store obscenity trial.