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Brett Ford (real name: Todd Michael Rice; aka Joey Pagano) died on Christmas Day, December 25, 2001, of complications related to AIDS. He was 31.

Rice was born May 25, 1970, in Lexington, Kentucky, to Granville Douglas and Lana Rae Plummer Rice. He made his video debut in 1991, but in 1992 he made an astonishing 19 films and almost single-handedly helped Mack Releasing become a (short-lived) powerhouse. Although not a classic beauty in the face, Ford had a lithe, hard body and an exceptionally large penis which he used to very great effect in every film he made. He topped and bottomed with equal ease, and seemed to relish his sex work. He made the leap from low-grade Planet Group hack-work to Falcon Studios films immediately -- which was the best testament to his work that can be made. He retired from porn in 1999, after making a film for Catalina ("Flesh and Fantasy 2") and working with the legendary Wash West in "Technical Ecstasy" (Odyssey Men). He moved to Palm Springs in 2001, where in the last few years he had performed at the Rainbow Cactus Bar, the Palm Canyon Theatre and the Top Hat Playhouse.

He is survived by his companion of five years, Kevin Crawford of Washington, D.C. He is also survived by brother Douglas Hetzel of Somersville, S.C.; brother Scott Rice of Dallas, Texas; brother Grant Rice of Chicago, Illinois; brother Jason Rice of Palm Desert, California; sister Lisa Avrett of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida; mother Lana Rice of Palm Desert; and his father and stepmother, Grant and Delores Rice of Palm Springs. He was buried on New Year's Eve in the Palm Springs Mausoleum in Cathedral City, Calif.

The family has asked that anyone wishing to honor his memory make a donation to the Desert AIDS Project in Palm Springs.

Desert AIDS Project
PO Box 2890
Palm Springs, CA 92263-2890
Phone: (760) 323-2118
Toll-free phone: (866)-331-3344 [only outside 760 area code] Fax: (760) 323-9865

Brett Ford Filmography

All Man, Hard As Steel (Vivid, ????)
Badlands (Planet Group, 1992)
Bar None (All Worlds Video, 1998)
Bedroom Eyes (Winners Media Group, 1994) Beginnings (Another Video Company, 1991) Blowout (Vivid, 1992)
Boot Black (HIS Video, 1994)
Butt Munch (All Worlds Video, 1998)
Choose Me (Mustang/Falcon, 1992)
Dickted (Mack Releasing, 1992; re-release by Jocks/Falcon) Dirty Pillow Talk (Minotaur, 1995; re-released by Studio 2000) Elements of Passion (Planet Group, 1992) Fighting Dirty (J.A.B. Group, 1992) Flesh and Fantasy 2 (Catalina, 1999)
The Fluffer (Malibu Sales, 1994)
Hardbody 2000 (Odyssey Men, 1998)
Hot Pursuit (Falcon, 1992)
Idol Dreams (Catalina, 1994)
The Initiation (Vivid, 1994)
Knight Gallery 2 (Vivid, ????)
Long Play (Triple X, 1995; re-released by Video 10) The Lure (Metro Home Video, 1996)
Man to Man (HIS Video, 1995)
Midnight Sun (Mustang/Falcon, 1992)
My Cousin Danny (Mustang/Falcon, 1994)
An Officer and His Gentleman (Sierra Pacific, 1995) One and Only Dominator (Planet Group, 1992) Original Sin (Metro Home Video, 1995)
The Other Side of Hollywood (Mack Releasing, 1992; re-release by Jocks/Falcon)
Playing With Power (Cougar Studios/Video Resource Group, 1992) Playing With Size (Jet Set Productions, ????) Ranch Hands (Jocks/Falcon, 1997)
Ryker's Revenge (Odyssey Men, 1998)
Sex in Wet Places (Catalina, 1992)
Sex Invaders (Thor Productions, 1998)
Sex Posse (Odyssey Men, 1991)
Sexpress (Catalina, 1992)
Soaked (Jocks/Falcon, 1998)
Songs in the Key of Sex (HIS Video, 1992) Splash Tops (Mack Releasing, 1992; re-released by Jocks/Falcon) Stockade (Metro Home Video, ????)
Stud Ranch (HIS Video, 1993)
The Swallowers (Mack Releasing, 1992; re-released by Jocks/Falcon) Technical Ecstasy (Odyssey Men, 1999)
These Bases Are Loaded 2 (Catalina, 1994) Time Cops (Centaur Films, 1998)
To Protect and To Serve (QT Productions, 1992) Toolkit (Mack Releasing, 1992; re-released by Jocks/Falcon) Uncle Jack (Studio 2000, 1998)
X-tasy (Video Resource Group, 1992)

Note: Although Ford is pictured on the box of "Dreams Come True" (Planet Group, 1992), he is not in the film. While I believe this is a complete filmography, there may be omissions and errors. Corrections are welcomed.

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