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Subject: ECVS 2000; or...
Date: Sun, 01 Oct 2000 23:38:04

"One Way or Another, This Darkness Got to Give"

October 6, 1999, 7:30 pm

"There's no way in hell we're going through THAT again next year." http://www.rame.net/ecvs/sj.html

When Shuttle America decided they'd rather ruin my fun at a porno party than crash into the Atlantic, little did they know they were doing me a favor (well, two, if you count not killing me in a fiery plane crash). As part of their apologies for cancelling our flight, they gave us each a free flight (one-way of course....can't have everything). So we had half of the trip in 2000 all set....now how do we do the other half? We could fly both ways, but in addition to the ticket home, we'd need a rental car for a couple days....why not just rent a car here, drive down to AC, drop the rental off at the
airport and fly home? Problem solved.

March 21, 2000, 12:30 am

OK, so we've planned our own little trip to AC...part vacation, part dry-run for ECVS (OK, I'm a bit obsessive). Spacewoman is on the phone with her father, getting a last-minute pep-talk from the family Atlantic City expert. She tells him we're on our way to bed, and we'll be leaving in the morning. Her father flipped on her, saying we'd get stuck in serious traffic in NYC if we left as planned. He suggested we leave within the next couple hours, thereby getting through NYC before rush hour(s), and sure, we'd get there a bit early, but we can gamble or whatever until a room is ready. "Fuck," I said, "I haven't slept yet...." No biggie. I used to do all nighters all the time in high school and college (10 to 15 years ago, too). So we leave around 2:00 am, and aside from blinking my eyes and catching myself driving down some stairs somewhere in Connecticut, we had a rather nice drive. We did have to wander around the Boardwalk and casinos for a while until our room was ready (which gave me extra time to get even more tired/stupid...I remember humming along with the "Ding Ding!" of the slot machines for about 20 minutes...), but everything went great once we got our room. We had a great time, and the drive home was very easy.

September 25, 2000

The big day! We've got everything ready. I worked 8 to 4, Spacewoman picked me up, picked the kid up at pre-school. Went home, changed, relaxed for a bit. Drove the 45 minutes to the Hertz near the in-laws' house and picked up the car. A 2000 Ford Contour....it's a nice car, but it ain't the Grand Marquis we had last year (I guess the good folks at Mercury don't read RAME...I never got my free car for last year's review <g>), but as long as it has a deck for the CD player adapter and air conditioning, I'm happy. We dropped Spaceboy (there's 2 Spacecats...don't ask) at the in-laws', drove our two cars to the airport, dropped off ours, and headed home (and we haven't even left for AC yet! <g>). We got home around 9:30pm and I went to bed. Woke up at 12:30am, showered, grabbed some dinner (forgot to eat all day Monday <g>)/breakfast, and we headed out at 2:45am. Realized we forgot CD's. Turned around, grabbed CD's. Headed out for real at 3:00am. Stopped off at the 24 hr CVS for film, and we were off!

The 2 1/2 to 3 hours I had slept helped to offset any chance of me driving into
someone's pool, and aside from the leftovers of the hurricane that passed over us as we drove proving to us that the rental did indeed need new wipers, we had a great drive. We pulled into the Sands around 10:00, and went wandering until we could check in. Most of our time was spent on the Boardwalk, even though it was still raining and quite windy. We walked along the beach, getting soaked and windblown, but we were tired, and the rain was waking us up. We ate at the food court in the mall, and finally were able to check into our room. The Madison House is a nice old hotel...it seems Atlantic City was built around it (for all I know, it was). Our room was nothing special, but it was cheap and literally attached to the Sands, where the party was to be.

Spacewoman and I got cleaned up and into some clean, dry clothes and headed out to the convention center. Before we left, I noticed that the room was a bit stuffy, and turned the air conditioner up a bit. I also noticed that the windowsill was a bit wet, but hey...a hurricane (or remnants of) had just blown through, and this hotel is like 400, 500 years old (give or take)...what's a little water? We left without a second thought.

Our cab dropped us off at the New, New Atlantic City Convention Center and we headed on in. Contrary to last year's convention from hell, we had no problem getting in at all (probably because we did things right this time <g>). Our missions for Tuesday: 1) Find Luc Wylder and/or the Fallen Angel booth to verify location of party, 2) Find Jim Gunn and say hi, and 3) Find Juli Ashton because we're the king and queen SFB's when it comes to Juli :-) After doing a few laps around the convention hall, we hadn't completed any of our missions. I realize it's going to be harder to find Jim Gunn than I thought, since I don't think I've ever seen him before. Finally I see someone that looks vaguely familiar, and zoom in on the name tag. Yup...that's Jim Gunn....I guess I have seen him before :-) I introduced myself to Jim, and we chatted for a bit, and I double checked the party info, since it didn't seem like I'd ever find the FA booth. We left Jim and continued on our missions. When we found Juli, she said that she would be at the party that night as well (<Homer> Woo Hoo! </Homer>). As we went around the hall and got a few autographs (for the store....no...really<g>), we realized that almost EVERYONE said they were going to be at the Sands' 2nd floor bar that night. We never did find Luc or the FA booth (we walked PAST it a million times, we found out the next day), but we had gotten enough independant verification. I took a few pics, but Jeff is right...it felt kinda weird. http://www.geocities.com/spacemanj2000/ECVS005.jpg (That's Max and Rob Black shaking hands, BTW...the blur is unintentional <g>)

Coral Sands: http://www.geocities.com/spacemanj2000/ECVS006.jpg

And the infamous Vanessa Del Rio

We caught a shuttle bus back to the hotels and headed back to our room.

We had planned to sleep between the convention and the party, but we figured that if we did sleep, we'd sleep right through the party. We ended up flipping through the TV channels for about an hour. While flipping, I noticed it was still stuffy in the room. I checked the AC, and saw that all the water that had come in during the rainstorm had caused the AC unit to freeze over, rendering it useless. We were fairly settled in the room by this point, though...and really didn't want the hassle of moving to a different room, since we were only staying the night.

Party time was approaching, so we ran to grab a bite of dinner, and strolled into the bar around 8:30....the place was packed. As soon as I got in, I recognized Jeff and Peter from last year's soiree, so after we got our drinks, we sat next to them. Jeff sat with us, as Spacewoman had borrowed the ashtray from their table, and we alternately chatted and gawked at the steady stream of pornstars walking by our table. All of a sudden, the room shook (even harder than it shook when The Hedgehog walked through). Someone had the bright idea of having the local classic rock station broadcast from the bar (good idea), and telling them to play it as loud as the speakers could handle (bad idea). It quickly became impossible to have any sort of conversation. Spacewoman and I did a few laps around the bar trying to mingle/chat but there was too much noise to even think straight. http://www.geocities.com/spacemanj2000/ECVS032.jpg All the noise, coupled with the smoke of a thousand pornstars, made it imperative that we get outside for some fresh air and quiet.

As we got to the lobby doors, a woman's voice piped up behind us. "Excuse me...Excuse me! Does anyone know where the bathroom is? We turned around and it was Tera Patrick. http://www.geocities.com/spacemanj2000/ECVS013.jpg She was running around the lobby asking people where the bathroom was in a giggly voice. Then we noticed why she was so giggly. She was topless. Not exactly top*less*, cuz she did have a top on. It was just hiked up around her neck, and her boobs were flying free. She went up to a few old men and asked them for the bathroom, making them either squirm or walk away in a huff (Old geezers). After the joke was over, she and her entourage walked outside, howling with laughter. Of course, I forgot that the whole time, I had a camera in my hand...sorry guys.

Spacewoman and I walked on the beach for a bit, letting our ears re-adjust. It was actually warmer at night than it was earlier that day. A few minutes (and a joint) later, we headed back into the bar. Nobody from the RAME party was there anymore (Fuckers went up to another party without telling us....well....next year i'll just have my own party! Nyah, nyah, nyah!<g>). We just figured that since the party was scheduled to end around 10:30, and it was after 11:00, everyone left (Hey...it made sense to us...we were "tired" <g>). We grabbed a couple drinks, and sat with Juli, Serenity, and a couple people we didn't know, and watched them do shots until the bar ran out of Jagermeister. We said goodnight to the few people we knew and left. We played the slots for half an hour, got our second (third? fourth?) wind and bored at the same time, and decided to go back to the bar. When we got to where we were sitting with Juli earlier, we didn't know anyone there, so we called it a night and went to bed.

The next day was basicllay SVSC (Slavering Video Store Clerk) day. I took a bunch more pictures, as well as getting some more autographed slicks (for the store....no, really). I will say it's much easier to ask for a pose when they're making out a slick already. I felt stupider trying to get "candid" shots on Tuesday. Best looking (IMO) were Jewel D'Nyle http://www.geocities.com/spacemanj2000/ECVS040.jpg ,

Bunny Luv, http://www.geocities.com/spacemanj2000/ECVS033a.jpg (the happy looking dude is me <g>)

Devinn Lane, (Photo came out crappier than most...sorry) http://www.geocities.com/spacemanj2000/ECVS034.jpg

Alexandra Silk, http://www.geocities.com/spacemanj2000/ECVS035.jpg (She turned her head...but the outfit makes the difference)

Tricia Devereaux, http://www.geocities.com/spacemanj2000/ECVS045.jpg

and Kira Kener. http://www.geocities.com/spacemanj2000/ECVS052.jpg

I was also surprised to see how pretty Monique's smile is (considering how hideous the
rest of her face is (again, IMO)).

We hit as many booths as we could, but we were rushing for time a little, and probably missed a few. We checked out the mainstream side of the show for a few minutes, but it was boring. On our way out, I tripped over something very small (Scotty Schwartz? Max?). When I steadied myself, I found myself looking into the eyes of Voyager's very own sweetie, Temptress. I had her sign a poster (for the store....no, really), and as she finished it, she looked at me as if to say "Anyting else I can sign for you?" Since my wife was next to me, I had her sign another poster, this one made out to Voyager, so that could have something to drool over if the warden takes away his day passes (in the mail this week, Voy!). I snapped one last picture of her as she signed it, http://www.geocities.com/spacemanj2000/ECVS051.jpg

and we were on our way.

Outside, waiting for the shuttle back to the hotel, we walked by a two women talking. One of them was wearing a low cut boustier and jacket (filling the boustier to the very very top, too!) and a long black skirt, slit all the way up the side. I had seen her in the convention center, but couldn't place the face. As we walked by her, I glanced at her name tag. " 'Chase Masterson'....I know that name....Is it Chayse Manhattan spelled very badly?....No......How do I know that name?" I could feel the Rolodex in my head flipping through names until it hit me...Deep Space Nine! (OK, I'm a Trekkie....fuck you<g>). She played the large-breasted waitress that married the Ferengi toward the end of the show's run..anyways, she was a regular on the show. http://www.users.wineasy.se/stoff/images/leeta3.jpg

We stopped and chatted with her for a bit, she was there promoting some direct-to-video thing she did
(not porn). She was gracious enough to take a picture with us and right after that, the shuttle to take us home arrived.

We pulled out of the parking lot a couple hours later, having lost a little more on the slots, and headed up 95 towards Trenton. We got to the airport 3 hours before our flight, so we just relaxed in the waiting area reading until our plane left. We landed at 9:20pm, picked up Spaceboy from the in-laws and were home and in bed by midnight.

All in all, a great time, waaaaayyy less hassle than last year. Now if only I could figure out how to get the rental car free next year.....

Oh...I almost forgot, the best picture of the show, is my wife, Spacewoman A, and a couple of cocks-


See you next year!

Spaceman J


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