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The 2001 East Coast Video Show is being held on October 9 - 11, 2001 at the Atlantic City Convention Center.

Gathering Info

Hello friends and prior RAME gatherers!

Sorry for the delay in getting this info out folks, I had hoped to get this e- mail out a little earlier...

Last year, we met in the Copa Room in the Sands which at the time seemed like a good idea, but really wasn't all that conducive to talking. So this year, we're back in a suite at the Showboat.

It seems like all systems are set to go (lightly salted rice cakes are standing by) for Wednesday night; 8 PM at a suite at the Showboat.

Call the desk at the showboat and ask for Luc Wylder/RAME Hospitality Suite." It's on the 22nd floor.

  • Check the phone message board. They usually have a message board set up outside the convention near where you get your badges; I'll try and post the info there.
  • Check the RAME web page. As soon as I find out the info, you'll be able to find it at http://www.rame.net/ecvs
  • Stop by the IVD booth and talk to Alexandra Silk on Wednesday. She should have an idea about the details since she and Luc are once again being so very generous in helping us find a space to hang out.
  • Find Peter. He'll be milling about the show floor on Tuesday and Wednesday (I'll be getting there midday Wednesday). He may not know the details at the time, but you can put a name to a face and find him on Wednesday afternoon when he might have a better idea. :-)

That's about all I have to offer right now... details to come.

Further details about ECVS can be found at http://www.homeentertainmentevents.com/


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